Janhavi Desai

  1. 5 Steps You Need to Take Before Installing Decorative Lights

    So you’ve bought yourself a gorgeous new chandelier that’s the absolutely perfect piece for your home. The installation team is supposed to come in and put it in place so you can wow your guests with it this weekend. But at the last minute, you come to realize that your false ceiling is not strong enough to carry this chandelier and you don’t have the equipment to have it installed that day.

    And just like that, your plans go out the window!

    What a sad scenario!

    Unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think. Decorative lighting fixtures are not like regular tube lights that an electrician can simply come in and put up. They require some basic groundwork to be laid for the electricians (pun intended!)

    In this article, we will tell you everything you need to do before and during your decorative lighting

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  2. Small Balcony Ideas: How to Choose the Perfect Lights

    Small Balcony Ideas: 7 Simple Steps To Pick The Perfect Lighting

    Urban homes rarely come with an abundance of space, and most often, you end up having tiny balconies. But size is no barrier to creating a beautiful balcony space. You can always find creative small balcony ideas that can allow you to truly enjoy your outdoor spaces.

    Due to the trends and developments in recent years, people prefer spending more time indoors. And that is why it becomes quite essential to decorate your home the best way you can so that you can experience that greater sense of well-being in the longer run. For now, we will stick to decorating your balcony as that is one space you’ll find yourself spending time if you need that breath of fresh air. And decorating your balcony is not just about accentuating the aesthetic value of your living space. Decorating your balcony can have a profound effect on your lifestyle, especially your

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  3. Perfecting the Vintage Aesthetic for Your Home

    There’s an undeniable charm to vintage aesthetics that nothing else can quite replicate. It has so much to offer for your spaces that no other design style can do! 

    However, vintage design is easier to admire than to recreate. It is a complex style that requires you to know exactly what you’re heading into before you go about setting it up. But don’t worry! In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know to perfect the vintage aesthetic for your home or any other space you plan to decorate.

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  4. 5 Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas You Must Try

    ceiling light

    The ceiling is the most important part of any room, and yet, more often than not, it is also the most ignored. Most people don’t put much more thought into the ceiling than the colour of thōe paint that goes on it. Throw in a false ceiling with some recessed lights, and that’s that for most people!

    False ceilings with recessed lighting have a charm of their own, there’s no denying that. But ceilings have the potential to be much more than just a backdrop. When you are indoors, your ceiling is the equivalent of the sky – granted, it is much closer and much smaller, but it has the same potential impact on everything in the room.

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  5. 9 Amazing Redecoration Ideas with Outdoor Lights

    9 Amazing Redecoration Ideas with Outdoor Lights

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Nothing should come in the way of that - not even your hectic schedule! It’s the perfect time to turn your attention to the balconies, terraces, gardens or any other outdoor space you have access to. 

    If you have a terrace or garden that you don’t use much, it’s extremely likely that you don’t use it because the space does not feel welcoming. Naturally, you’re more likely to spend time in spaces that have an inviting aura. You will be surprised to see what even just a single outdoor light can do to transform a space. 

    In this article, we will cover three comprehensive things to consider while sprucing up your outdoor spaces. And find some felicitous recommendations for your outdoor space from the exclusive and extensive collection of The White

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