There’s an undeniable charm to vintage aesthetics that nothing else can quite replicate. It has so much to offer for your spaces that no other design style can do! 

However, vintage design is easier to admire than to recreate. It is a complex style that requires you to know exactly what you’re heading into before you go about setting it up. But don’t worry! In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know to perfect the vintage aesthetic for your home or any other space you plan to decorate.

  1. Identify Your Space & Extent

There is no point in scouring vintage home decor online stores before you know exactly what your endgame is. We say this because online shopping can be a labyrinth that you may come out of with a whole bunch of things you don’t need if you didn’t go in knowing what you want. So the first thing to do when you’re planning to give your spaces a vintage look is to figure out which rooms you’ll be redecorating and to what extent.

Extent defines everything. It begins with whether you’re willing to make architectural changes to your spaces to get the vintage feel right, and there’s no real end to it. You could add plaster accents to your walls or choose simply to introduce vintage home decor and art. Once you make up your mind regarding how far you’d like to go, you’re ready for the next step.

  1. Choose Your Era

Vintage essentially means something of high quality that was produced in the past and was typical of its time. It is also usually expected to have been the best of its kind in the time when it was made. This means that it is not restricted to a certain geographical area or a specific time in the past. For example, Victorian design is considered vintage just as much as the style and design of an Indian Maharaja’s palace. 

If you look up vintage design ideas online, you will find mostly European design influences, but keep in mind that vintage covers far more than that part of the world. When choosing an era, be sure to expand your horizons by looking into vintage designs from all over the world at different times in history. This will help you zero in on the exact look and feel you want your spaces to have.

  1. Pick Your Colour Scheme

Different vintage styles come with different colour combinations. For example, Indian Rajasthani vintage design will have a predominantly red and orange colour scheme, along with an incredibly varied set of colours. But Victorian design will not look so good if you use the same colour palette! 

No matter which design era you choose, there will be a predefined colour palette that typically goes with it. You can pick any combination of colours you like from within this palette.  

  1. Select Your Lights

The element that completes the whole look of your space is the lighting you use. Never underestimate what a pair of gorgeous decorative lights can do for your room!

In the arena of decorative lighting, you have unlimited options. In most cases, though, for vintage decor, the best thing to go for is a chandelier. Depending on the size of your room, you can either opt for one large chandelier or two or three small ones spread out over the expanse of the room. One large chandelier is recommended if you have a ceiling high enough to pull it off. Nothing compares to the majesty of a large chandelier! Take for example the French Restoration chandelier from The White Teak Company.


This chandelier will suit your needs even if you have chosen only to make surface-level redecorations to your spaces. Since it’s a Restoration-inspired piece, it will fit beautifully into a ballroom with vintage architecture and wallpapers as well as into a sitting room with modern architecture and monochrome wall paint.

If tall chandeliers are not an option for you, you can choose pendant lights that carry the classic beauty of vintage design. You will likely even find greater variety here than in vintage chandelier designs. For example, here are the Enchanted and Enamoured pendant lights, respectively.


The beauty of crystal allows it to bring the vintage vibe to modern as well as traditionally designed spaces. 

Apart from chandeliers and pendant lights, The White Teak Company also offers wall lights that can complete the vintage feel of your space. An excellent example of this is the French Restoration wall light that completes the set with the chandelier mentioned above.


  1. Find the Right Home Decor

Last but far from the least, home decor is the final piece of the vintage design puzzle. You could have a house with modern architecture and plain, monochrome walls, but throw in some vintage home decor, lights, and perhaps a painting, and voila! You’ve got the perfect vintage touch!

The Phantom Bride is a stunning piece that features a golden metal visor lowered alluringly on a black resin figurine. The ensemble is placed on a gorgeous white marble block that creates an eye-catching contrast that’s sure to elevate the vintage feel of your spaces.


Another fantastic piece of vintage home decor is the Rightful Heir. Its grey and gold combination gives it a powerful aura that will upgrade the feel of any vintage setup.