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Radiant LED fans to aurify your beautiful abodes

Give your home an unmatched touch of elegance with exquisite fans that can change the face of your home quite effortlessly. The White Teak Company’s extensive and exclusive collection of LED fans is simply out of this world and an absolute treat to look at. This colossal collection of ceiling fans flaunts a flawless symphony of form and function, and they’re simply the best ones you’ll find in the Indian design space. Each of our LED fans from the collection redefines luxury in its own way and infuses a distinct charm into your living space. These multi-functional designs are absolutely ravishing and paint your decor with their own story. 

Gorgeous LED ceiling fans flaunting the finest design languages and the plushest elements

The entire collection of suave and sophisticated LED ceiling fans from The White Teak Company is a testament to our unmatched design prowess. Every designer ceiling fan exudes its peerless panache into any space it graces its presence with, and it is truly a sight to behold. Each of our designs has been conceptualised by our in-house designers and brought to life by our exceptionally skilled artisans so that they can accentuate the aura of your living space and lend character to your beautiful abodes. 

LED fans oozing sheer resplendence and flaunting exceptional functionality

While these gorgeous LED fans are unmatched when it comes to their designs, they aren’t behind in the functionality front too. All of the ceiling fans from this collection are offered with a remote control that lets you dim the LED and customise your ambience. Along with that, these fans are incredibly energy efficient and will never trouble you with high electricity bills. And it doesn’t stop there, as both the ceiling fans and the LED panels they house are simply unrivalled when it comes to longevity. Visit any of our luxury stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad or Noida and witness the true prowess of our designer ceiling fans first-hand. 

Why choose LED fans from The White Teak Company?

The White Teak Company is one of the biggest names in the Indian design space, and one glimpse at our collection is all you need to realise that. Being India’s largest decorative lighting brand, we believe in striking the right balance between innovation and luxury and our LED fans collection is a testament to that. When you take home an LED fan from The White Teak Company, you don’t just become a part of our family, but you also take home a part of our legacy that epitomises luxury.