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Decorative Trays & Serveware by The White Teak Company: Elegance redefined

In almost every household, decorative trays and serveware have always played an important role in decorating the space. And many people still don’t realise that they are an integral part of home decor despite their dominant functionality quotient. The White Teak Company brings to you an alluring range of decorative trays and serveware to partly accentuate the visual appeal of your living space and partly change the notion that they are more than just functional accessories. Our gorgeous decorative trays can instantly change the ambience of your space, and they flaunt a fine symphony of form and function. An excellent and efficient way to elevate your space, no matter where these decorative trays are placed, they lend accent to your living space, in turn, lending depth and dimension to your decor. Feast your eyes on our gorgeous decorative trays online or at our exceptional experience centres.

Decorative trays and serveware designed to deck up your decor

At The White Teak Company, we believe that even the minutest details can make a lot of difference in your decor, and that is exactly what to led to the inception of our decorative trays and serveware collection. Like all our other offerings, our sleek and slender trays have been designed by our in-house team and brought to life by our exceptional artisans with absolute finesse so that they can transform your living space beyond your wildest dreams. Feel free to take a glimpse of our colossal collection of trays and serveware and realise the kind of change they can bring to your living space.

Trays and serveware specifically crafted for every part of your home

Our designers don’t limit themselves to a particular design style or any conventional styling norms, and that lets them create absolute masterpieces that can forever change your space. Our collection has a plethora of options that can be used to adorn any part of your home. Be it decorative trays for your car keys, decorative trays and ashtrays for your home bar or your lounge, decorative trays for your dining space, or carafes and flasks for your kitchen, we have it all. Take a closer look at our trays and serveware offerings and make the pick for your home to complete your collection and bridge the gap to your dream decor.

Why choose decorative trays and serveware from The White Teak Company?

As you embark on a journey of opulence with The White Teak Company, you open the door to an elegant and exuberant lifestyle that has transformed India’s effervescent luxury lighting and lifestyle space. As a company, our aim is not just to sell our products but to offer a lush and lavish experience to our clientele that is simply out of this world. Our decorative trays and serveware collection resonates with that exact thought and every time you purchase a product from us, you also take home a little part of our legacy that epitomises luxury. When you pay close attention to the detailing and the quality of our decorative trays, you’ll realise that it will be very difficult to find similar offerings in the Indian market. At The White Teak Company, you have the choice of buying our candle holders online, or you could visit our stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Chennai and Ludhiana to take a glimpse of our stunning decorative trays collection in all its glory.