1. Hottest Home Lighting Trends In 2023

    Hottest Home Lighting Trends In 2023

    We’re almost halfway through 2023, and the people have spoken. The lighting industry is bustling with fresh new trends that seem to have taken the spotlight in the first half of the year. Last year, we saw the revival of the Art Deco design style, which struck a chord with design enthusiasts across the globe. Matte black lighting designs were sharing the spotlight along with stone veneer fixtures. Looking at the pattern, it definitely seems like the focus was on form rather than function. However, the trends this year are suggestive of a much more balanced approach towards designing your lighting layout.

    The White Teak Company had gotten in touch with a few lighting designers and lighting experts just before 2023 began to understand the demand and the requirements in the industry and then figure out what would really trend this year. We saw nature-inspired lighting designs, geometric lights, Mid-Century lighting fixtures and maximalist lights trend for a while, b

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  2. Best Dark Home Decor Ideas In 2023

    Best Dark Home Decor ideas in 2023

    When it comes to designing interiors, nobody wants to go wrong and usually try and settle with the safest options. And that is why whenever anybody wants to design their space or give their home a long-due makeover, they can’t think beyond the neutral hues likes greys, beiges, whites and similar earthy tones. The world has been obsessed with light interiors for far too long and it’s time to look beyond those overwhelmingly gleeful hues. Swap the usual whites with moody greys and blacks to give your gorgeous abodes an invigorating and sublime touch.

    A dark decor is not one of the hippest trends in the design industry but it is definitely making a name for itself. A dark interior is a perfect choice for your space if you want to lend depth and dimension to your home and don’t forget about the drama you can lend to every nook and cranny of your living space. You might be a little sceptical about turning your decor dark, but the elegance these blacks and greys weave

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  3. Enhance Your Well-being With These Biophilic Lighting Ideas

    Enhance Your Well-being With These Biophilic Lighting Ideas

    There is absolutely no denying that humans are practically inseparable from nature. We have this innate and irrevocable need to connect with our surroundings, and it shows from time to time. When was the last time you were overwhelmed with joy with petrichor, and when did a gentle caress of a soft breeze bring a smile to your face last, or when was the last time you felt that pleasant sensation when warm sunlight fell on on your skin? If you’ve experienced these moments or something similar, you know exactly what we’re talking about. When we connect to the natural world, we always end up with a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment. 

    What we’ll be talking about with you today has a lot to do with nature and how our senses react distinctively to natural elements. Biophilia is a design concept that is slowly beginning to become a common sight in most households, and one of its components - biophilic light

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  4. Christmas Lighting Trends For 2022 You Simply Can’t Miss

    Christmas Lighting Trends For 2022 You Simply Can’t Miss

    Christmas is knocking on our doors, and we simply can’t keep calm about it. This is the time to embrace the festive season and give in to the festive spirit and make countless memories with our loved ones. Christmas isn’t merely a religious holiday now, it has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. And when you are celebrating something of this magnitude, you need to show it through and through. And what better way than to start with your own home decor? 

    Decoration is an integral part of Christmas, and every little detail symbolises love and eternal happiness. And lighting is that ravishing finishing touch that adds flavour and that bling to our Christmas celebrations. You may have heard many lighting experts talk about the warm fuzzies that we experience during Christmas. It is nothing but the gleefully overwhelming reaction of our minds to the bright and effervescent Christmas lights. Since lighting is

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  5. Inspire & Impress With These Enticing Lighting Trends For 2023

    Inspire & Impress With These Enticing Lighting Trends For 2023

    Nothing is ever constant in the design space. With the beginning of a new season, we always see a gush of new designs that take the lighting industry by storm and change everything as we know it. Each design or each trend has its own characteristics and charm, and each trend is a celebration of something new. We need to embrace these trends to breathe new life into the lighting industry, or we’ll seldom see the lighting domain evolve as we do now. 

    2022 has almost come to an end, and we did see some fresh and alluring trends take the spotlight and bring about a wind of change in the lighting space. We saw larger-than-life statement lighting fixtures take the spotlight while layered lighting made a comeback too. Mixing and matching lighting designs was another trend that followed that grabbed a lot of attention globally. 

    With 2

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