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  1. 5 Common Lighting Mistakes And How You Should Avoid Them

    5 Common Lighting Mistakes And How You Should Avoid Them

    Lighting is unarguably one of the most important elements of interior design. And it is one of the most misunderstood elements too. Lighting can have a profound effect on your decor, and it is essential to pay attention to the tiniest details in this particular domain. A perfectly illuminated space doesn’t come to life in an instant. Countless small decisions come into play when designing the lighting layout of your home. And even the smallest mistakes or misjudgements can take a toll on the aesthetics of your home.

    Most of us make very common mistakes when it comes to lighting and end up hampering the aesthetics of our seemingly gorgeous abodes. Lighting isn’t just about installing a couple of fixtures in the space and getting done with it. It takes immense planning and patience to put together a well-lit decor keeping in mind the minute intricacies involved.

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  2. Best Dark Home Decor Ideas In 2023

    Best Dark Home Decor ideas in 2023

    When it comes to designing interiors, nobody wants to go wrong and usually try and settle with the safest options. And that is why whenever anybody wants to design their space or give their home a long-due makeover, they can’t think beyond the neutral hues likes greys, beiges, whites and similar earthy tones. The world has been obsessed with light interiors for far too long and it’s time to look beyond those overwhelmingly gleeful hues. Swap the usual whites with moody greys and blacks to give your gorgeous abodes an invigorating and sublime touch.

    A dark decor is not one of the hippest trends in the design industry but it is definitely making a name for itself. A dark interior is a perfect choice for your space if you want to lend depth and dimension to your home and don’t forget about the drama you can lend to every nook and cranny of your living space. You might be a little sceptical about turning your decor dark, but the elegance these blacks and greys weave

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  3. Season Your Summer Decor With These Piquant Lighting Ideas

    Season Your Summer Decor With These Piquant Lighting Ideas

    It’s the time of year when we are past the winter blues and bid adieu to the soulful spring too. The days are getting longer, brighter and hotter, yet we find ourselves in those fleeting moments of bliss, which can only mean one thing. The summer has finally come knocking on our doors. Though some people find themselves resenting summer because of the notorious heat it brings into the picture and couples itself with the unwelcomed and unpleasant humidity, there is a lot to look forward to in this radiant season. This season radiates warmth and positivity and is truly a blessing in disguise. The idea of typical summer is reminiscent of the chaotic elements but nobody truly ponders upon the calm and peace that entails. You can bring the best out of your living space by resonating with the warmth and the sense of bliss this season brings and add an unparalleled stroke of zest to your gorgeous abodes.

    Compared to other seasonal transitions, this one is the most significant

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