How To Craft A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Room

Your dining room is truly the heart of your home, and this is where you make the best memories with your loved ones. This is the space where you gather with your family, this is where you entertain your guests most of the time and a dining room is meant to be more than just a space where you share your meals. This is where you truly connect with your family and friends, and this is where you gather on special days and occasions. And these are just some of the reasons why you need to make a statement with your dining room.

In most houses, it is very common to see a dining room neglected right from the design part to how the space is being utilized. Lighting is definitely one of the most important elements of any space and unfortunately, most homes treat it like an afterthought. Creating a one-of-a-kind dining room is not an easy task, but believe us when we say, it’s totally worth every effort you take. The dining room of your dreams should provoke intrigue every time someone takes a glimpse and it should reflect your personality and your lifestyle quite seamlessly. The aim is not to create focal points in your dining room but turn your dining room into a focal point itself.

The White Teak Company is here to tell you how can you create a symphony with all the various decor elements in your dining room and turn it into the space of your dreams. Here are all the tips that will work in your favour.

1. Creating Exclusivity With The Perfect Ambience

As we already mentioned, a dining room is a social space and the ambience of the area is integral to how you perceive the space and how you truly feel at this place. Any social space has to have a calming and relaxed vibe and it should offer an inviting atmosphere.

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Ambient lighting gives your gorgeous abodes a whimsical touch and this lays foundation for your layered lighting layout. To create a picture-perfect dining room with an impeccable ambience, you need to ensure an intimate setting for the space. If you have a separate dining room, then it won’t be an issue at all. But if you have an open-plan space, then you need to lend exclusivity to your dining space.

The best way to ensure an intimate space is by creating a zone using various decor elements. Lighting is the best way to distinguish between spaces and you can make use of ambient lighting designs like chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights to do the same.

Designs Featured In The Frame: Our Prime Time Chandelier beautifully complements the light colour palette of the room and brings its own contemporary flair into the space. The Ruthless Floor Lamp and the Blank Slate Table Lamp exude a sense of warmth into the space with their soft glow.

2. Determine The Functionality With Lighting

Different layers of lighting work in different ways and it is important to define the functionality of each layer of your dining room. The ambient lighting should be centred around the seating space so it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The accent lighting should be kept slightly away from the table to avoid any harsh glare on the occupants at all times. The task lighting can be placed right above the dining table or around the table if you have a lot of spare space.

And if you’re residing in an apartment or a similar compact space, the only way to bring the best out of your dining space is to use a lighting fixture that doubles up as an ambient lighting fixture and a task lighting fixture too. Our recommendation would be to stick with a chandelier as it can do wonders for your space and it will also determine the functionality of your space regardless of the purpose you use your space for.

Design Featured In The Frame: Our Mykonos Memories Chandelier, flaunting a fine blend of amber and gold, adds a blissful touch to this compact dining space.

3. Create Focal Points With Decorative Elements

Yes, the dining table has to be centre of attention of your dining space, but there are other ways too to make your dining space stand out. When the dining table is the focal point of your space, you and the other occupants of your home will feel more compelled to spend time there. But when you place more unique decor items around your dining table, they don’t just lend to the ambience but also become great conversation starters.

Complement and complete the ambience of your space by placing a painting around your dining table. Art has a way of lending depth and dimension to your living space like none other. You can also have a home decor around the table to create a visually rich space. If your space allows, fabric throws are a great option to lend a cosy touch to your home and you can definitely go with them.

Design Featured In The Frame: Our Bowled Over Pendant Light brings a distinct flavour to the space and beautifully illuminates the entire dining table. The Confer Couple Home Decor complements the contemporary space.

4. Place Your Lighting Designs Carefully

Placement of the lighting designs will have a profound effect on how the dining space looks and feels. The placement of lighting designs comes into picture all the time no matter how large or small the space is. But when you have a compact space, especially in an urban setting, then the placement of lighting could determine how your space looks or functions.

Be very mindful of the scale and proportion, as it can be detrimental to the ambience of your home. The height that the lighting fixtures are placed is extremely important as it could decide whether your space is warm and cosy enough for you and your guests’ liking. The idea is to create a cohesive dining space where lighting fits in beautifully in the area and gives you a space that is pleasing to the eye.

Design Featured In The Frame:Our Driver’s Seat Pendant Light adds depth and dimension to this compact dining space with its modern and sleek design.

5. The Furnishings Play An Important Part

We now know what kind of lighting fits in our dining space, we also know what elements complement our lighting and we know where exactly do our lighting fixtures get placed. Everything sounds perfect and complete but there’s still one big piece missing out of the puzzle and that is furnishing.

The dining table is obviously the key here, and the colour or the finish of your table should be complemented by the other furnishings in the space. That interplay between the lighting and the furnishings in your dining room has to be practically symphonic so that every second you spend here is nothing short of a memorable moment.

When it comes to colour palettes, nothing truly is as elegant and as zen-like like the dichromatic colour combination of beige and brown. A dining table with a brown finish doesn’t just look classy but it can also complement a lot of other hues in the space. You can go with a lighting design with a similar finish, you can also go with a rug in the space and try and match the curtains with the colour of the walls and just like that you’ll have the perfect dining space for yourself.

Design Featured In The Frame: Our Swiss Chalet Pendant Light adds an elegant yet rustic touch to your contemporary decor beautifully. The Carry My Heart Wall Light complements the pendant light and the lighter primary shades in the space effortlessly.

6. Let The Statement Piece Resonate With Your Personality

Every space needs that ‘wow factor’ that leaves a lasting impression on all the visitors. And our last tip here is just the final stroke that completes the beautiful work on the canvas. We’ve given you an idea on how to curate a wonderful space and now comes the best part. Every artist has their own unique signature and they leave a mark every time they complete their work and we want you to do something similar for your dining space. You have been the artist and you have to leave your signature by injecting your personal style into the space.

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And what better way to let your space resonate with your personal style than a statement piece. We’ve already told you about the symphonic interplay between the lighting and other parts of your decor. Choose a hanging light that binds everything together in your space and has a commanding presence that can completely transform your dining table when it’s lit up. Everytime you light up the statement piece, it should fill you with immense joy and exude a sense of bliss in the space quite effortlessly.

Designs Featured In The Frame: The Cupid’s Kiss Chandelier elegantly completes this Regency-inspired decor, while the Coffee Date Wall Lights add an eclectic touch to this dining space. With its captivating form, our Mapping The Realm Home Decor complements the space beautifully.

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