Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into A Resort-Like Retreat

There is absolutely no soul out there who doesn’t get excited by the idea of being on a perpetual vacation. The thought of being around a lush pool and a gorgeously illuminated backyard where you can laze around is so alluring. While it is difficult and not really practical to move around and keep finding resorts that can offer you a sense of bliss, you can take a good look at this well-curated list of ideas that can bring a resort-like feel to your own backyard. You can beat the blues whenever you want in your own resort-style oasis and enjoy every moment you have in your outdoor space. 

Sink yourself into the vacation-relaxation mode and bring the best out of your outdoor space with everything that we have for you. There are many factors that will come into play in transforming your backyard, but we are going to focus on the most important element, lighting. Lighting always plays a huge role in defining the look and feel of your outdoor space. Whether you’re hosting a party, or spending some time in solitude or simply want lighting in the space to enhance safety, outdoor lighting can be used for multiple purposes. While there are countless permutations and combinations of the way lighting designs can be used in your outdoor space, we bring you the most exquisite and magnificent lighting ideas that can transform your home beyond your wildest dreams.

Soft Lighting For Your Patio

Lighting experts always state that if you want to create a purposeful outdoor space, then you have to prioritise your seating space at all costs. And the lighting here has to be really apt so that it complements every bit of your patio. Soft lighting is key to this space, as you would want to create an inviting atmosphere in your patio by all means. Ambient lighting is the most important thing you can start with here. Add a table lamp or a floor lamp next to the seating space, and choose textures and finishes that go with your furnishings to create a beautifully uniform look in the space. 

If you have a sturdy structure next to your patio, then you can also consider going with outdoor wall lights, as they’ll create beautiful focal points in your yard apart from adding functionality to the space. If you can accommodate them in the space, then there’s absolutely no better option than going with pendant lights. Pendant lights can do wonders for the ambience of the patio, and they will create gorgeous silhouettes in the space, lending a sense of bliss to your yard. 

These are some stunning lighting designs from The White Teak Company that can lend an alluring touch to your patio…

Good To Glow Pendant Light: There can’t be a perfect pendant light for your outdoor space. This beauty has been designed to impress everyone who looks at it. The pendant light flaunts a sleek contemporary design with hints of rusticity that lend to its character. The pendant light comes with a bold and beautiful smokey grey frosted glass shade that is complemented by the svelte matte gold frame. 

Good To Glow Pendant Light


Bonfire Table Lamp: This stunning table lamp has been designed exclusively for your outdoor spaces. This piece of art exudes warmth and serenity like none other. The table lamp flaunts a resplendent golden body that graciously holds a clear glass shade. You can use this table lamp to complete your lighting layout or use it as a standalone in the outdoor decor. 


Add Dimension To Your Backyard With These Techniques 

Discreet lighting is one of the best ways to add dimension to your outdoor space, and it can be used to create a welcoming ambience in your backyard. The idea is to create stunning focal points that grab as much attention as they can. There can be more than one focal point in the space, but make sure you don’t create an overwhelming ambience for yourself or your guests. Now, when it comes to adding dimension to your backyard, start by illuminating the foliage in the space well. Not only does that add dimension to your space, but it also doubles up as landscape lighting. You can beautifully illuminate the greenery in the space and see your treeline work its magic every evening when it’s lit up.

Discreet uplighting is what you truly need to add depth and drama to your space. Uplights surrounding your potted plants, green cover, and furnishing can beautifully highlight these elements and add flair to your outdoor space. You can alternatively use string lights if you’re not looking for something permanent. Spiked spotlights for the landscape features will also add an intriguing touch to your outdoor decor. 

If there are any architectural features that you want to highlight in your outdoor space, then you can do it, by all means, using wall lights, track lights or spotlights too. Highlighting architectural features adds a rustic yet elegant feel to your decor. You can create a wall washing or wall grazing effect using the wall to further accentuate the aura of your backyard. 

Looking for the perfect architectural lighting designs for your home? Feast your eyes on this extensive and exquisite collection from The White Teak Company - https://www.whiteteak.com/architectural-lighting 

Illuminate Your Pergola Or Gazebo To Add Flavour To The Decor 

Pergolas or gazebos can become a ravishing focal point in your outdoor decor, and you can take our word for it. Pergolas, gazebos or pavilions are usually the most functional spaces after the patio. Depending on how you use this space, you can add a distinct flavour to your pergolas or gazebos with lighting. The only difference between pergolas, gazebos and pavilions is the way their roof is designed. Pergolas have a slatted roof, and gazebos and pavilions are entirely covered from the top. Now, pergolas are very simple and uncluttered, and you will need a lighting design that complements that character and the minimalistic vibe. And that’s why our suggestion is to keep it simple with an outdoor hanging light and LED strip lighting to outline the sturdy structure. 

When it comes to a gazebo or a pavilion, we would suggest going with cove lighting on the top, as it can add depth to the structure. Since there’s no natural lighting coming from the top, you’ll need a lighting design that can lend perfect illumination to the seating area inside the gazebo or the pavilion. An outdoor hanging light should do the work for you. And if you think you need something a little more fancier for the space, then consider going with glass pendant lighting, as it will beautifully illuminate every inch of your space. 

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some lighting designs that will light up every inch of your  gazebos and pergolas…

Top of The World Hanging Light: This is one of the finest designs from our outdoor hanging lights collection. This hanging light is simply perfect for your pergolas, gazebos and pavilions, as it creates a fabulous focal point with its elegant design. The hanging light comes with a bubbled glass shade that is encased in a rustic metal frame with a coffee finish. Top of The World is truly a sight to behold. 


Top of The World Hanging Light


Multi Tasker Pendant Light: This pendant light is just the refinement your outdoor decor needs. The pendant light is a sight to behold and adds a tranquil vibe to your gazebo or pergola. The lighting design flaunts an intricately textured cognac-tinted glass shade that is beautifully complemented by the golden accents on the body. You can use this pendant light in a cluster too. 



Enliven Your Outdoor Fireplace With Lighting 

An outdoor fireplace and add an elegant yet effervescent touch to your outdoor decor. This will be the space where a lot of conversations will take place, and a lot of memories will be made. This space has to be decorated accordingly. You obviously will have some natural lighting from the fireplace itself, so the best way to complete this space is with bistro lights. Bistro lights can splendidly complement the rusticity of the space and add an industrial vibe to the decor too. 

You can also turn your fireplace into an intimate zone by creating a soft perimeter using bollards. Bollards not only enhance the look and feel of your fireplace but also add safety to the area. And if you can accommodate them, then go for outdoor wall lights to accentuate the ambience of your fireplace.

Here are some alluring lighting designs straight from our colossal collection that would be a perfect fit for your fireplace…

Quasar Garden Bollard: This delightful lighting design is classy, resplendent and absolutely ravishing. The garden light features two hemispherical shades, one made of milky white acrylic and the other of clear acrylic, on top of a frame in matte black metal. This is perfect for illuminating your pathways, lawns and especially the space around your fireplace. 

Quasar Garden Bollard


Pulsar Outdoor Wall Light: The wall light flaunts a modern design with hints of vintage design style, bringing you the best of both worlds. Featuring a lantern-like design, this wall light beautifully complements your evening garden but looks equally ravishing in the daytime. The wall light has a black metal frame that infuses a modern charm into every nook and cranny of your fireplace. 

Pulsar Outdoor Wall Light


Head on to our homepage to feast your eyes on some of the finest luxury lighting designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Also, keep an eye out on this space for more such tips and tricks to transform your beautiful abodes.