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Exquisite LED Strip Lights to jazz up your accent lighting

If there’s anything that can make or break your decor, it is layered lighting. With our decorative lighting designs, we entirely focus on the first two elements of layered lighting - ambient lighting and task lighting - but we forget about the third and equally important element, accent lighting. The White Teak Company brings to you an elegant yet exciting range of LED strip lights that can redefine accent lighting and give your home the makeover you’ve always been looking for. LED strip lights have recently taken the spotlight due to their versatility and functionality, and they can add a distinct flair to your living space unlike you’d ever imagine. 

LED strip lights that effortlessly personify modernism 

Our sleek and slender strip lights have been designed and brought to life with finesse by our exceptionally skilled designers and artisans. Each of the variants from this exclusive and exquisite range is simply outstanding and would look absolutely stunning even if you choose not to conceal them in the decor. But given the intensity and functionality of the LED strip lights, it is best that you use them for cove lighting, decorating your false ceilings, joineries, cabinets, or whatever else you think deserves to take the spotlight in your living space.

Efficient and effective LED strip lights to change the face of your decor

All of the lighting designs from The White Teak’s architectural lighting collection are unmatched, and you’ll find no better LED strip lights for home decoration anywhere else. Our LED strip light collection flaunts designs with multiple vibrant colour options, each capable of infusing your space with its charm and aura. Along with that, our LED strip lights are highly energy efficient and offer best-in-class durability. You barely need to look after these lights as they are incredibly low-maintenance. And despite offering high luminous efficiency, these lights generate very little heat, making them the best choice for your home, workplace, place of business or more. 

Why choose LED strip lights from The White Teak Company? 

The White Teak Company is India’s largest decorative lighting brand, and now we’re out to achieve the same feat in the architectural lighting domain. Over the years, millions have entrusted us with the resplendent visions of their decor, and we have and continue to stand up to their expectations. Our architectural lighting range is practically unrivalled in the Indian design space, and none of the players in the market can match the build and the quality that our stunning lights flaunt, and our LED strip lights are a testament to that. Be a part of the White Teak family and take home a part of our legacy that epitomises luxury.