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  1. Beyond luxury: Larger-than-life Fixtures Are The Next Big Thing in Luxury Lighting 

    luxury lighting

    We have bid adieu to 2021, which brought along its own share of luxury lighting trends. The design space was keenly interested in particular trends like minimalist lighting fixtures, especially minimalist pendant lights. Contemporary porch lighting, crystal lighting fixtures, industrial lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures embellished with marble, retro lighting designs were some of the trends that took the spotlight in 2021. Though all these designs are evergreen, and you can always count on them to accentuate the look and feel of your living space, we already have some new luxury lighting trends waiting for us as we begin 2022 on a high note.  

    Everyone has started spending a lot of time indoors ever since the pandemic took over the world and that has given them a lot of time to focus on the spaces they come into contact with every day. And that is primarily the reason why everyone wants to go bold with

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  2. Is smart lighting the future of the design space?

    Lighting trends

    The design space in India has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, and the innovations in the space never cease to amaze us. Smart lighting is one such trend that’s taken the domain by storm and is currently enjoying its own spotlight in the industry. Smart lighting is the new hip as it’s not only very convenient for users, but it’s quite visually appealing too. Practical, efficient, versatile and customisable, smart lighting can be the key to completely revolutionising your living space. 

    But being a relatively new concept, it’s quite understandable that people may have their doubts about this particular innovation. And there’s one particular question that is currently looming over the entire design scene of the country, ‘Is smart lighting the way forward?’ 

    The question to be answered is simple yet complex at the same

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  3. Felicitous And Elegant Lighting Designs To Turn Your Home Into A Bibliophile’s Paradise


    If you’re a bookworm, you already know how important it is to light your home up the right way to avoid any potential health hazards related to your eyes. There’s absolutely no excuse to miss out on perfect illumination at your home, and that’s why you need thorough planning before you purchase the lighting fixtures for your home. Now, this part may appear slightly tricky, but we have you covered as we list out the most felicitous and the most efficient lighting designs to turn your home into a bibliophile’s paradise. No matter if it’s the living room where you feel like giving your current book a read, or if it’s the dining area, or if it’s your dedicated reading room, The White Teak Company’s lighting designs hold power to energize and amp up any part of your home. 

    All of our lighting fixtures are designed with finesse and are finely crafted to not only give your living space an opulent touch but up the functionality quotient too. When

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