1. How To Use Ambient, Task & Accent Lighting To Perfection?

    How To Use Ambient, Task & Accent Lighting To Perfection

    If you aren’t really familiar with ambient, task and accent lighting, you might find these terms slightly perplexing. But it is highly likely that you’ve incorporated all three layers of lighting into your homes. Simply put, ambient, task and accent lighting are three basic kinds of lighting that together form the design concept of layered lighting. Lighting affects the atmosphere around you, and ambient, task and accent lighting similarly dictate how your decor appears and the kind of energy your space projects. These three layers of lighting lend harmony to your living space, and the uniform lighting, in turn, creates a surreal atmosphere.

    Understanding ambient, task and accent lighting isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The three layers of lighting work in synergy to create a visually rich space with optimal illumination in every nook and cranny. You may question the importance of layered lighting when your home already looks good with those conventional lighting

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  2. 5 Steps You Need to Take Before Installing Decorative Lights

    So you’ve bought yourself a gorgeous new chandelier that’s the absolutely perfect piece for your home. The installation team is supposed to come in and put it in place so you can wow your guests with it this weekend. But at the last minute, you come to realize that your false ceiling is not strong enough to carry this chandelier and you don’t have the equipment to have it installed that day.

    And just like that, your plans go out the window!

    What a sad scenario!

    Unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think. Decorative lighting fixtures are not like regular tube lights that an electrician can simply come in and put up. They require some basic groundwork to be laid for the electricians (pun intended!)

    In this article, we will tell you everything you need to do before and during your decorative lighting

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