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  1. 2024 Interior Lighting Design Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss

    2024 Interior Lighting Design Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss

    2024 is here, and so is the new list of interior design trends and fads. We know how overwhelming it can be when there are so many people telling you about the “best home interior design trends” or “the finest home decor ideas” or the “home interior design ideas that will define this year” or “the 40 best home lighting designs that are currently trending”. We’re not saying they’re wrong or that you shouldn’t go for those.

    We just want to keep it extremely simple for you and keep the best five trends that have not repeated themselves into this year and are completely new to the list. We had our team of in-house designers and our partner architects go through the home decor trends thoroughly so that we brought nothing the best to you. So, here are The White Teak Company’s 5 interior design trends that deserve all your attention in 2024.

    You would also wonder why a lighting brand would come and talk to you about interior design. The White

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  2. Best Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Home

    Best interior design tips

    Interior design without proper illumination is incomplete. And it is something that most of us forget while designing our new homes or giving our old homes a makeover. Most people think interior design is mostly about the fabrics and furnishings in the space and try to add as much pop of colour into the space as possible. But that simply isn’t the right approach to designing your home, as lighting is what will make the elements stand out as beautifully as possible.

    Again, we’re not trying to say that interior design is all about lighting, but only trying to explain that there’s no way we should be lacking in this one department. The White Teak Company brings to you what we in our countless years of experience in the lighting and interior design industry believe are the best tips to decorating your home.

    Home: Mastering Visual Harmony Is The Key

    Creating a harmonious space is crucial to interior design. It’s like creating

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