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Exquisite & effervescent LED designer series just for your decor

Who says that architectural lighting always has to be bland and can’t flaunt a distinct flair to charm up your decor? The White Teak Company brings to you an exclusive and extensive range of LED designer series that can add a piquant flavour to your living space quite effortlessly. This exciting range of vivid lighting designs simply stands out in our architectural lighting collection not just due to their looks but their unparalleled functionality too. This beautiful LED series is just a joy to look at, and it can definitely make your jaws drop right at first glance. 

LED designer series flaunting a flawless symphony of form and function 

Our stunning LED designer series flaunts a fine amalgamation of the plushest design languages and the most luxe elements so that they can transform your living space and paint your decor with their own story. These beautiful lights can be perfect additions to your workspace, place of business or more. The LED designer series comes with multiple exciting variants that effortlessly embody the best of modern design style, contemporary design style, and minimalism, and there are some designs where you’ll see hints of industrial design style too. Each of these lights has been beautifully designed and brought to life by our skilled artisans with finesse so that they can give you space an aura that you never dreamed of. The collection flaunts designs with vibrant hues that can infuse your space with their radiant charm and make it stand out from the crowd with very little. 

Incredibly efficient and versatile LED designer series

It’s not just the appearance of these lights that will sweep you off your feet, the functionality of these designs takes everything up a notch too. These beautiful lighting designs offer high luminous efficiency, and paired with low-frequency flicker, these lighting designs simply become the best choice for your homes. Offering a pure spectrum and incredible energy efficiency, these lights are highly versatile and low-maintenance, and you’ll never have to think about them again once you install them. You’re highly unlikely to find better accent lighting fixtures than you’ll see at The White Teak Company.