ceiling light

The ceiling is the most important part of any room, and yet, more often than not, it is also the most ignored. Most people don’t put much more thought into the ceiling than the colour of thōe paint that goes on it. Throw in a false ceiling with some recessed lights, and that’s that for most people!

False ceilings with recessed lighting have a charm of their own, there’s no denying that. But ceilings have the potential to be much more than just a backdrop. When you are indoors, your ceiling is the equivalent of the sky – granted, it is much closer and much smaller, but it has the same potential impact on everything in the room.

Living rooms and bedrooms are the best places to experiment with the ceiling. The impact is immediate and these are both usually the largest ceiling spaces you have to play with. Whether you’re on the lookout for small living room ceiling ideas or ceiling décor ideas for huge living rooms, you will find creative and innovative ideas in this article.

Here are a few ideas you can try out in your living room to create different ambiances!

  1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be called the royalty among living room ceiling lights. If you already have a false ceiling with recessed lighting, then a chandelier is the perfect centerpiece for your living room. When we say chandelier, we don’t only mean the classic Victorian designs that we’re used to thinking of as chandeliers.

Crystal is a stunning material for any lighting project – it is grand, glamorous, and it drips with opulence like nothing else. If your space has a vintage feel in any form, a classic crystal chandelier is exactly what you should be putting up right in the middle of the room. If it’s more modern, though, you should consider options like the Enchanted and Enamoured collections by The White Teak Company. The size variants in these collections give you the option to pick one that fits your needs perfectly.



However, depending on the size, style, and colour scheme of your living room, crystal may not be your best bet. For a more modern look, you can consider LED chandeliers like the Bolt or any others you like from the Modern Collection. The designs are simple, elegant, and stylish enough to go with any modern setting.


  1. Wallpaper

Needless to say, wallpaper is typically used on walls and not many people think to employ it much beyond that. What’s often forgotten is that the ceiling is a wall, too! A number of options can go beautifully on ceilings in the form of wallpaper. 

You can consider using wall art stickers that are freely available online for a simple and artsy look. The right combination of colours and designs can radically transform the look and feel of your entire living room. You will need to pay specific attention to how simple or busy the stickers can make your living room ceiling design appear. It is a good idea to pair a sparsely-furnished space with a busy pattern and vice versa to avoid under-decorating or overcrowding the feel of the space. Keep in mind that the lighting in the room will be the make-or-break factor here – it will be what binds the look together, and if it doesn’t, the living room can end up having a scattered and messy feel instead. 

If your living room has the right amount of light and space, you can consider something more daring – a fresco-styled wallpaper. The style is famously elaborate and grand, so your furniture and lighting will need to go with it, too. 

In fact, you can use wallpaper to play with the space dynamics of your living room, too. It’s commonly known that mirrors are a good way to manipulate a room into looking and feeling larger than it is – the same can be done with wallpaper on your ceiling. However, it’s best to have this custom-made for you, because dimensions have to fit perfectly for this to work. 

  1. Pendant Lights

Sometimes even the most well-decorated living rooms can feel incomplete without the right set of lights in it. Having some lights is not the same as having the right lights, and you will be able to tell the difference immediately. The effect that ceiling lights have is miles away from what pendant lights will do for your spaces. The versatility of pendant lights is unparalleled when it comes to living room ceiling lights. 

If you have a relatively low ceiling, it doesn’t make sense to waste any space by installing a false ceiling. Instead, you can use a set of slender pendant lights like Second Glance or High Hopes to make the most of the space you do have. Depending on the pendant lights you choose, you can pick out colours or patterns to cover the ceiling in, that will go well with these lights. 


  1. Textured Ceilings

An unusual but absolutely stunning living room ceiling design idea is to use textures on the ceiling. There are a number of ways in which you can create a textured ceiling. Textured ceiling tiles are freely available in a huge variety of options. You can also use decorative ceramic ceiling tiles or ones made of porcelain. 

Plaster is a very popular medium to add textures to your ceilings not only in the living room but also in other spaces of your house. Since it is easier to manipulate and smoothen than building materials like cement, plaster allows for intricate designs to be etched into your ceiling. 

If you can find the right artists, you can use paint to give your ceiling a textured look even on a flat surface. This might prove to be a particularly good idea if you live in areas prone to dust because it’s much easier to clean up a flat-surfaced ceiling. 

  1. Linen Cloth

Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about using cloth on a ceiling. It’s not as crazy as it sounds, though – let us explain. 

A wispy and paper-thin linen material suspended in wave-like patterns across your ceiling can act as a diffuser for the lights concealed behind it. You can use as many colour variants as you like, or even introduce dye patterns to your ceilings so that it enhances the colour of your walls or the furniture in the living room. The best part about using linen on your ceiling is that you can create a whole different ambiance in your living room all by yourself, too! 

Using light and thin linen on your living room ceiling is a brilliant way to completely transform your spaces without renovation. If you’re concerned about covering up the electrical outlets, you can create a pattern using linen streamers interspersed with fairy lights. However, this may not provide sufficient illumination in the evenings and nights. A better idea is to choose pendant lights or small chandeliers that can be suspended from between the linens.

We hope this article has given you ideas that you want to try out immediately! Get a head-start on redecorating your living room with the gorgeous decorative lighting options available on whiteteak.com!