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Splendid table lamps on sale just for your decor 

The White Teak Company brings an astonishing and extensive collection of table lamps on sale to give your home an effortless makeover at unbelievable prices. We have always believed in offering our world-class designs at world-class prices to Indian consumers, and this collection resonates with that exact idea. Pick the finest of the finest table lamps in this collection before the stocks run out. 

The finest table lamp designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on

This exquisite collection of table lamps on sale flaunts the finest blend of designs that take inspiration from each and every design language out there. Each table lamp design offers a flawless symphony of the most fluidic designs and the plushest elements just to give your living space an effortless touch of elegance. The White Teak Company houses one of the finest crystal table lamps, antique table lamps, ceramic table lamps, marble table lamps, glass table lamps, brass table lamps and much more. 

A stunning table lamp for every part of your home

Every nook and cranny requires an elegant touch if you want your home to exude an unmatched aura. And that’s where you can make the best use of the stunning table lamp collection by The White Teak Company. Be it table lamps for the living room, table lamps for the dining room, study table lamps or bedroom table lamps, we have everything you need. 

Experience luxury like never before with The White Teak Company 

All of the luxury lighting designs from The White Teak Company are simply unmatched in the Indian design space, and one look at our splendid collection is all you need to realise it. All of our designs are created with a lot of passion, emotions and finesse put into the process to turn your living space into the house of your dreams.