2024 Interior Lighting Design Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss

2024 is here, and so is the new list of interior design trends and fads. We know how overwhelming it can be when there are so many people telling you about the “best home interior design trends” or “the finest home decor ideas” or the “home interior design ideas that will define this year” or “the 40 best home lighting designs that are currently trending”. We’re not saying they’re wrong or that you shouldn’t go for those.

We just want to keep it extremely simple for you and keep the best five trends that have not repeated themselves into this year and are completely new to the list. We had our team of in-house designers and our partner architects go through the home decor trends thoroughly so that we brought nothing the best to you. So, here are The White Teak Company’s 5 interior design trends that deserve all your attention in 2024.

You would also wonder why a lighting brand would come and talk to you about interior design. The White Teak Company, being India’s Largest Decorative Brand, has always believed in offering a holistic design experience to its clientele.

Interior design is incomplete without lighting and vice versa. We have always believed that lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Without it, you would never be able to create depth and highlight various aspects of your space like furnishings, home decor, flooring and more. Now, take a look at what we have for you.

1. Vintage Lighting Is Back

Vintage lighting refers to lighting fixtures from the past, mostly from the era between the 1920s and 1970s. Vintage lighting has simply been waiting to be part of the spotlight for quite some time now. They can belong to a number of design styles, including Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial and more. And these styles are back in all their glory.

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Designs Featured In The Frame: Juliet To Your Romeo Crystal Chandelier, Flame To A Moth Wall Light, Moonlight Rendezvous Floor Lamp and Love Club Pendant Lights.

Styling Tip 1: Don’t go for high-intensity lighting

Vintage lighting designs are always meant to lend a cosy and relaxed touch to your space. High-intensity lighting and vintage designs don’t go well at all. If you are flaunting an actual vintage design instead of a vintage-styled one, there are chances you could damage it with high-intensity bulbs.

Styling Tip 2: Avoid cold light bulbs at all costs

While cold light bulbs may not really cause any physical damage to your lighting fixtures, they are certainly damaging the aesthetics of your home. Although there isn’t a rulebook, warm lighting bulbs go best with vintage fixtures. Filament bulbs or old incandescent bulbs are the best choice.

Styling Tip 3: Complement the vintage light with other designs

Vintage lighting fixtures may not always be too bright for your space. You can have them as your primary lighting, but you have to use other designs in the space. The other reason is that you need lighting to highlight the vintage fixture itself.

Styling Tip 4: Mix design languages very carefully

A vintage lighting design goes best with interior design elements that consist of brick and tiles as they come from the same era. If you’re looking for something a little modern, use a Scandinavian backdrop.

2. Marble Never Went Out Of Style

If one had to explain why marble simply stands out from the crowd, it would definitely be the elegance and versatility of this timeless element. Marble is known to lend an element of luxury to your decor effortlessly. Over the years, marble has become a symbol of blending tradition and modernity, and it is just what you need to flaunt an edge in your space.

interior designing trends 2024 Designs Featured In The Frame: Caesar’s Palace Chandelier, RSVP Table Lamp, Ruthless Floor Lamp, Glow Getter Candle Holders and Old Flame Candle Holder.
Styling Tip 1: Use Marble Lighting To Create A Focal Point

Marble and lighting together? Trust us when we say there’s nothing more elegant than this combination. The way you use marble in your decor creates a certain impact and we assure you there’s nothing more impactful than marble-embellished lighting. Marble lighting adds warmth to the space without actually overpowering the setting.

Styling Tip 2: Monochromatic Marble Is The Perfect Pick

Monochromatic marble is magnificent in every possible way. Use it for flooring, furnishing, or simply as a backdrop for decoration, it is bound to bring some depth to the existing architecture. Monochromatic marble in a timeless black-and-white blend is simply unmatched in any setting.

Styling Tip 3: Match The Marble From Floor To Ceiling

If you want to experiment with your interior design and if you don’t mind adding a theatrical element to the space, then using a single floor-to-ceiling marble surface is the best choice. It will add that depth and drama to your living space like none other. You’ll need some complementing decor and lighting to complete this vivid yet exquisite look.

3. Wooden Decor To Set A Statement

Wood is a natural element and quite an exquisite one. This is the best way to add a natural touch to your space and also lend some much-needed texture. No matter how you use wood in your decor, be it furniture, flooring, beams, cladding, lighting or any other decorative element, it will always leave you in a state of awe.

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Designs Featured In The Frame: Positive Energy Pendant Light, Positive Energy Wall Light, and Keep Walking Decorative Box.

Styling Tip 1: Choose The Colour & Finish Carefully

Designing your new home or giving your existing space a makeover? Never go wrong with shades and finishes. There are various kinds of wood finishes like stained, varnished, dyed, polished, oiled and more. Wood also flaunts a plethora of hues like honey maple, dark walnut, provincial, chestnut, and many more. Use swatches to find the right shade for your home and accessorise your space accordingly.

Styling Tip 2: Use Neutral Colours With Your Wooden Decor

Neutral colours and wood are a match made in heaven. While it is not always the case, wood may sometimes look dull if not used properly in the setting. While the dullness may get overwhelming, you can always use neutral shades, preferably white and grey to breath some freshness into the space.

Styling Tip 3: Install Wooden Lighting Designs To Enhance Your Decor

There is something distinct about wooden lighting designs. Not only do these lighting designs keep you close to nature, but also lend unparalleled tranquility to your space. The texture, the clean lines and the sharper form make wooden lighting designs a perfect choice for your home. You can go with pendants, ceiling lights, ceiling fans and more with a wooden finish.

4. Adding Texture With Woven Materials

The best way to inject some texture to your home is by adding woven detailing. There are a plethora of options available out there. Woven fabrics, woven rattan, woven bamboo or some of the more elegant options you can choose. Why do you need texture in your space? It is to add some visual weight to your home and let it grab as much attention as it can.

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Designs Featured In The Frame: Country Roads Pendant Light and Rattan Rage Candle Holders.

Styling Tip 1: Bring In Some Woven Accessories

Objects like woven baskets, trunks, and boxes can be used to lend dimension to the space. Not only will they lend texture to your space, but baskets and boxes can give you added storage, making your space look organised and less cluttered. You will love the textural charm these accessories will bring to your space.

Styling Tip 2: Use Woven Pendant Lights For The Depth

Woven pendant lights are pretty traditional luminaires but they add a unique and quirky touch to your living space. There’s no doubt that they can add texture to your space, and they can even become perfect focal points. Simple in their silhouette, these fixtures can flaunt a beautiful interplay of light with the woven pattern that will be a treat to the eyes. Woven rattan lights and woven bamboo lights are pretty popular in the domain now.

5. Chrome Is The New Brass

Patiently waiting for its glorious return, chrome has made a much-deserved comeback. This bold and unique material is a wonderful addition to your decor. You would normally imagine shiny reflective surfaces, but you can also find brushed variations in chrome, and that doesn’t make it any less elegant. The best part about chrome is that it catches everything around it, be it the colours or the light, and it is simply a joy to look at.

latest interior designing trends

Designs Featured In The Frame: Dreamer Wall Light, Silent Treatment Table Lamp, Lose Yourself Home Decor and So In Love Chandelier.

Styling Tip 1: Use Chrome in Moderate Amounts

Too much chrome or any kind of polished metal surface can make the space feel cold and a little impersonal too. Just use a little bit of a high-shine look in the space without it overwhelming any other elements of your decor. You can play around with the versatility of chrome as much as you like and make it a ravishing focal point too.

Styling Tip 2: Chrome Lighting Fixtures Are a Great Choice

Chrome lighting fixtures might seem overwhelming at the first glance, but these ravishing lighting designs can create a masterpiece in the room quite seamlessly. If the lighting designs are the only chrome you’re using in your space then you’re lending that subtle elegance to your space that you’ve always sought.

As far as your home’s interior design is concerned, you’ll have questions and ideas that you would feel like implementing in the space. The White Teak Company can be your perfect companion in your home’s interior design journey and we can help out with all your lighting and home decor needs. Reach out to us at 1800-1030054 or chat with us on WhatsApp or simply drop us a mail at help@whiteteak.com. While we recommend visiting our stores for a more personalised experience, you can also do it at the comfort of your homes right here.