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Candle Holders by The White Teak Company: Instill unparalleled warmth into your beautiful abodes

Home decor is one of the most important factors in turning your living space into the home of your dreams. And we simply can’t emphasise the importance of accessorising your home enough. Even the tiniest decorative elements can make a huge difference in your living space each element brings its own aura to your decor. Keeping that in mind, The White Teak Company brings to you a decadent collection of candle holders that can change the face of your home quite effortlessly. We have been in the industry turning mere living spaces into homes for far too long and despite starting as a luxury lighting brand, we knew how important it is to accessorise a home. And that was the idea behind introducing our colossal collection of candle holders. Feast your eyes on our exquisite and extensive candle holders and see why they can be a perfect addition to your living space.

Passionately crafted decorative candle holders just for your home

You may feel like these tiny decorative candle holders may be inconsequential when you look at your home decor as a whole, but you’ll be surprised by the kind of impact they can have on your living space. Each and every candle holder at The White Teak Company has been designed to create an impact and steal all the attention with its design and functionality, regardless of its demeanour. All of our stunning candle holders have been conceptualised by our in-house designers and brought to life by our skilled artisans so they can bring the best out of your living space. Each product from our collection has been designed to exude unparalleled warmth into your space and create an exceptionally inviting space.

Ravishing candle holders and hurricane lamps for all types of candles

When our alluring candle holders were being designed, we did not limit ourselves to any particular design style or any conventional styling norms. As a result, we did not just have gorgeous-looking candle holders, we had an entire range of candle holders that flaunted a fine symphony of form and function. We have a plethora of options to choose from, and we have multiple candle holders for each candle type. Be it a traditional wax candle or a flameless rechargeable candle, our candle holders can beautifully complement them with ease. Whether it’s a pillar candle, tea light candle, votive candle, taper candle, floating candle, cartridge candle or more, we have a holder for them all.

Why choose candle holders from The White Teak Company?

With The White Teak Company, you have a chance to embark on an unmatched journey of opulence and open the door to an elegant lifestyle that has transformed India’s effervescent luxury lighting and lifestyle space. The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and despite luxury lighting being our forte, we wanted to offer our clientele everything that would turn their living spaces into the home of their dreams. Our candle holders simply stand out from the crowd, and you’ll realise it the moment you take a closer look at our collection. When you pay close attention to the detailing and the quality of our decorative candle holders, you’ll realise that it will be very difficult to find similar offerings in the Indian market. At The White Teak Company, you have the choice of buying our candle holders online, or you could visit our stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Chennai and Ludhiana to take a glimpse of our stunning candle holders collection in all its glory.