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  1. How To Craft A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Room

    How To Craft A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Room

    Your dining room is truly the heart of your home, and this is where you make the best memories with your loved ones. This is the space where you gather with your family, this is where you entertain your guests most of the time and a dining room is meant to be more than just a space where you share your meals. This is where you truly connect with your family and friends, and this is where you gather on special days and occasions. And these are just some of the reasons why you need to make a statement with your dining room.

    In most houses, it is very common to see a dining room neglected right from the design part to how the space is being utilized. Lighting is definitely one of the most important elements of any space and unfortunately, most homes treat it like an afterthought. Creating a one-of-a-kind dining room is not an easy task, but believe us when we say, it’s totally worth every effort you take. The dining room of your dreams should provoke intrigue every

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  2. The Only Room-By-Room Lighting Guide You’ll Need In 2023

    The Only Room-By-Room Lighting Guide You’ll Need In 2023

    Since you’re here reading this, you might wonder why we’re taking you back to the basics in 2023 instead of familiarising you with the lighting trends doing rounds across the globe. The answer is pretty simple. For long, lighting has been treated as an afterthought despite being one of the most important elements of interior design. Many of us fail to understand that no matter how much we splurge on our interiors, all that will go in vain without the right illumination. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in interior design never works. Every room in your living space serves a different purpose, and it is important to install a bespoke lighting layout in each area after careful consideration.

    Forget the ambience and the appearance of your home, lighting can have a profound effect on us too. Lighting affects our mental and physical well-being, and it is an essential ingredient of our beautiful abodes. Optimum illumination will lift your spirits, while a dimly lit

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  3. 5 Common Lighting Mistakes And How You Should Avoid Them

    5 Common Lighting Mistakes And How You Should Avoid Them

    Lighting is unarguably one of the most important elements of interior design. And it is one of the most misunderstood elements too. Lighting can have a profound effect on your decor, and it is essential to pay attention to the tiniest details in this particular domain. A perfectly illuminated space doesn’t come to life in an instant. Countless small decisions come into play when designing the lighting layout of your home. And even the smallest mistakes or misjudgements can take a toll on the aesthetics of your home.

    Most of us make very common mistakes when it comes to lighting and end up hampering the aesthetics of our seemingly gorgeous abodes. Lighting isn’t just about installing a couple of fixtures in the space and getting done with it. It takes immense planning and patience to put together a well-lit decor keeping in mind the minute intricacies involved.

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  4. Season Your Summer Decor With These Piquant Lighting Ideas

    Season Your Summer Decor With These Piquant Lighting Ideas

    It’s the time of year when we are past the winter blues and bid adieu to the soulful spring too. The days are getting longer, brighter and hotter, yet we find ourselves in those fleeting moments of bliss, which can only mean one thing. The summer has finally come knocking on our doors. Though some people find themselves resenting summer because of the notorious heat it brings into the picture and couples itself with the unwelcomed and unpleasant humidity, there is a lot to look forward to in this radiant season. This season radiates warmth and positivity and is truly a blessing in disguise. The idea of typical summer is reminiscent of the chaotic elements but nobody truly ponders upon the calm and peace that entails. You can bring the best out of your living space by resonating with the warmth and the sense of bliss this season brings and add an unparalleled stroke of zest to your gorgeous abodes.

    Compared to other seasonal transitions, this one is the most significant

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  5. Illuminate Your Home Library With Warmth & Splendour

    Illuminate Your Home Library With Warmth & Splendour

    For some, reading isn’t simply a hobby, it’s way more than that. For many out there, reading is an integral part of their lifestyle. And while the entire world is fascinated by e-books and e-readers now, there are a few who stick to a classic reading experience with a physical book. Probably for the latter, a home library has become a perfect option for them to nurture their undying passion for reading. A home library is the best choice you can make for yourself and your home if reading’s more than just a pastime for you. Considering the design perspective, a home library can become a gorgeous focal point in your living space and add just the depth and dimension to your decor. But if you look beyond that, a library can do much more for your home. A library can cultivate a culture of literacy for all the occupants of your home and open up new worlds every time you take a book in your hand.

    Reading is a multifaceted process that leaves you with an enriching experience

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