balcony lights

Urban homes rarely come with an abundance of space, and most often, you end up having tiny balconies. But size is no barrier to creating a beautiful balcony space. You can always find creative small balcony ideas that can allow you to truly enjoy your outdoor spaces.

When it comes to decorating your spaces, you should know that one of the biggest elements that build the ambiance of a space is its lighting. Without the perfect balcony lights, your balcony may end up remaining unused except when you put up festive decorations. Note that even in festive decorations, lighting tends to be the most prominent aspect!

In this article, we will discuss five steps to pick out the perfect lights for your balcony.

Step 1: Consider the Space Available

To do justice to the decor of any space, you need to understand what you can and cannot do within it. For example, if you have a balcony garden, installing average recessed lights in the floor would be a bad idea because there would be a high risk of water causing damage. 

So, the first thing to do while choosing balcony lights is to measure your available space and figure out which surfaces you can use to install lights. If there is a parapet available, you can use hanging lights for your balcony. But if you only have an awning covering the space, then you will have to stick with wall lights or floor lamps.

Don't forget to take floor space into consideration as well — and this should only include the amount of space left after any furniture or other outdoor decor is placed in your balcony. This will help you figure out which floor or table lamps you can use. Lights should be picked out after the furniture in any given space so that you don't end up limiting all your other options due to the lighting. 

The final factor regarding available space involves electrical connections. Before you can choose your decorative lights, you'll need to know if it's viable to install the necessary electrical connections for them. After all, you wouldn't want to buy a hanging light only to find out later that your balcony ceiling isn't strong enough to carry it! It may be a good idea to consult with a professional designer or electrician about this if you aren't able to determine this yourself.

Step 2: Choose Your Lighting Type

As mentioned in Step 1, the availability of space will do most of the work when it comes to determining which type of lighting you can go for. However, you may find that you've got multiple surfaces on which you can install lights. In such cases, you will need to make a choice.

Understand that the type of lighting you choose will affect what you can and can't do on your balcony. For example, placing the outdoor-friendly version of a lamp designed like The Angular Marvel on your balcony could mean that you won't have enough space left for a small table or desk, so fun things like playing board games will not be an option.


Similarly, recessed floor lighting can keep you from safely growing a balcony garden. So it is wise to figure out what you'd like to use your balcony for before looking at lighting options. The lights you choose should support what you want to do rather than limiting the options at your disposal.

If you'd like to keep your options open, the safest bet is to go for an outdoor wall light like Seventh Heaven. It features a sharp and sleek design that will go with almost any decor styles you may choose to decorate your balcony.


The best part is that all the lights in this range are made for outdoor use, so you don’t need to worry about how the elements will affect them. This brings us to the next step.

Step 3: Consider the Climate & Construction Style

This may sound like an obvious point, but there are nuances to it that you may not have thought about. Balcony spaces have varying construction styles that affect the degree to which your balcony is exposed to the elements of nature. Slightly older buildings tend to have more protected balconies - so much so that you only have to break down one wall to make the balcony a part of the attached room itself. Newer buildings, on the other hand, tend to have more exposed balconies that will require you to build more external walls if you want to extend the attached room.

Now, why does this matter when you’re looking at lighting options, and how does climate come into the picture? Let us explain.

Suppose your balcony is a modern, exposed one and you live in a humid region with frequent rainfall. You may carefully pick out lights that are water-resistant, but chances are that outdoor lights in these places will attract an annoying number of insects and flies that come out when it rains. If you want to use your balcony for pleasant evening reading… You get where we’re going with this, right?

The same situation changes drastically if your balcony is more conservatively designed. This is because it offers you the opportunity to easily install windows or mesh that will keep the pests at bay without ruining your view! Accordingly, you can choose hanging lights for balconies such as the Cocktails & Cake chandelier. It isn’t meant for use outdoors, but because your balcony won’t exactly be an “outdoor space” per se, you can still use it.


Moreover, climate and construction style are both factors affecting the brightness of light that your balcony needs. Some spaces need brighter lighting than others and for longer periods than others, as well. The more exposed your balcony is, the less luminosity you’re likely to require for shorter periods, and vice versa.

Step 4: Pick a Colour!

Finally, you need to choose the colour of light you want on your balcony. A majority of Indian households tend to be accustomed to white light, but a soft yellow tint has a touch of elegance and poise to it. However, neither will be perfect if you plan to make your balcony a tranquil and relaxed, meditative space. The same applies, perhaps, if you want to have a few plants and succulents growing there. To enhance either of these effects, you will be better served by blue, red, or green light.

Given the space constraints typical to urban homes, it might make a lot of sense to keep your options open as far as colour goes. To do this, you can choose Smart LED lights like The Love Triangle which allows you to change the colour as per your preference. We highly recommend that you contact us on 1800 103 0054 or write to us at [email protected] to check whether a given product is safe for outdoor use before installing it to ensure maximum safety and longevity of your decorative lights.