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Decorative Lighting

Experience the harmony of high-end designs that tie your home together and materials that complement your style. Embrace the thrill of a creative process that’s experimental in a lighting range that’s the star of your story.

Architectural Lighting

Recasting the natural in a new light, our architectural range matches the dial of time. It's always form-inspiring-function: offering choices in beam angles, colors and intensity, and a world of combinations.

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Buy Decorative Lighting And Revamp Your Ravishing Decor With India's Largest Luxury Lighting Brand

An exquisite and extensive collection of luxury lighting awaits you to adorn your beautiful living spaces and transform them beyond your wildest dreams. Embark on an unparalleled journey of opulence and experience luxury like never before with The White Teak Company.


We are a one-stop solution for all your luxury lighting needs and one visit to our luxury lighting stores anywhere in the country is what you truly need to see what you're missing out on. Over the years, The White Teak Company has established itself as one of the finest manufacturers and retailers of decorative lights, designer ceiling fans, and home decor, and now we flaunt an effervescent and sublime range of architectural lights too.

The White Teak Company is India's Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and one look at our resplendent collection of lighting designs will make you realise we're not exaggerating. For years, millions have entrusted us with their dreams, and we've always enabled them to realise their glorious visions of their dream homes. We know the emotions that go into adorning your fabulous abodes and lighting up every nook and cranny of your living space, and that is why we are with you at every step of designing the lighting layout of your home. The White Teak Company is here to bridge the gap to your dream home and we will stay by your side at every stage of designing the lighting layout of your space. Let The White Teak Company work its magic on your home, visit our decorative lighting store near you now. Or since you've made it till here, you can feast your eyes on the finest luxury lighting collection and home decor online.

Discover the finest collection of decorative lights only at The White Teak Company

The White Teak Company is the best choice you can make for your home and our gorgeous range of decorative lighting designs can seamlessly give your home the makeover of your dreams. The White Teak Company came into existence to counter the unorganised luxury lighting segment of India. The luxury lighting segment in our country is still at a nascent stage and many retailers end up selling decorative lighting with under-par quality at exorbitant prices. The lack of options in the market was one of the reasons why this has continued to happen in the Indian market. The White Teak Company transformed the entire industry with its revolutionary and innovative luxury lighting solutions and our brand has been instrumental in making luxury lighting accessible to the Indian consumers. Indian consumers don't have to settle for less than they deserve, nor do they have to purchase premium or luxury lighting from unreliable retailers.

Despite our extraordinary online presence, our ravishing decorative lighting showrooms have been designed to offer an exceptionally elegant and personalised experience to our clientele and any and every luxury design enthusiast that wants to witness luxury like never before. We've always believed in offering the finest luxury lighting showrooms to the people in India and we strive to offer luxury as an experience rather than a commodity. And that will be evident the moment you visit our resplendent lighting stores near you. Witness the sheer resplendence in person and be a part of our enormous White Teak family. Visit a decorative lighting shop near you and once you're done with that, we encourage you to pay a visit to any of our White Teak near you to see the colossal difference between the experiences you have at both places. The White Teak Company is undoubtedly the best choice for you because we want you to have an unforgettable experience that's synonymous with our brand - lush and resplendent. Visit our lighting showroom near you right now. We welcome you to set foot into our world of elegance and see what luxury truly means.

An Exquisite & Elegant Lighting Collection That Will Mesmerise You

The White Teak Company houses an effervescent lighting design that brings out the best of your living space effortlessly. The gorgeous lighting designs add a distinct charm to your decor and they will transform your living space forever. We offer a stunning range of lighting designs that can change the visuospatial perception of your space along with accentuating the aesthetic value and the functionality of your decor. If you've been planning to give your home a perfect makeover then you've found the right address.

You are highly unlikely to find an exhaustive decorative collection quite like The White Teak Company's across the country. We bring you an extensive range of decorative lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, outdoor lights, and more. Visiting any one of our luxury lighting stores near you, you'll get hands-on experience with our products, with their designs, with the cutthroat precision that went into their making and also the exceptional quality that we offer. All of our lighting fixtures are brought to life with extreme care and love so that they can add an unparalleled aura and charm to your beautiful abode. Not many luxury lighting and home decor stores in India can offer a build and quality quite like ours and that is precisely why we want you to witness The White Teak Company's expertise first-hand.

The White Teak Company is simply the best choice for you, even if you're looking for a modern yet practical range of architectural lighting designs to set up the foundation for your lighting layout. Our architectural lighting designs will add a contemporary flair to your living space, and they'll change the way anybody looks at your decor forever. We are the one-stop solution for all your lighting needs, and you'll find the finest range of lighting designs for your home, workplace or any kind of place of business that needs an effortless touch of elegance. We design every lighting fixture with absolute finesse and exceptional craftsmanship so that they can add unparalleled charm to your living space. Visit our decorative lighting and home decor store near you now to see exactly what we're talking about. We assure you that you'll find luxury lighting designs that you've never ever set your eyes on before and your understanding of luxury and elegance is bound to change. See you at our luxury lighting showroom soon.

Explore an extensive array of decorative lighting design styles with The White Teak Company

Our extensive and exclusive lighting collection flaunts the best blend of the plushest design languages and the most luxe elements. No matter what you like or what you prefer, you'll find the perfect designs for your decor in our vivid and effervescent lighting collection. We bring the finest modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, classical, rustic, vintage, industrial lighting designs and much more that will add a distinct flair to your living space.

At The White Teak Company, we love playing around with design styles to create lighting designs that add just the right poise and panache to your living space. While we do embrace the latest design trends, we give enough love to the modern design styles of yesteryears. LED lighting has transformed the global industry and we make sure that our designs use the technology to the best of our ability to redefine grandeur unlike any other. Make sure that you check out our Dimmable LED Collection and see how our LED decorative lights can transform the ambience of your home seamlessly. And it's just our contemporary designs that make use of LED lighting, we blend the technology with our modern fixtures too that are reminiscent of the design styles from the other eras. For example, you'll find the best LED lighting bulbs at The White Teak Company that resemble the incandescent and halogen lights that added an unmatched warmth to your living space. Now that is something you'll find difficult to get anywhere else. Our vintage LED lighting designs can add just the magic and class in your space that you've always sought.

Embark on an unparalleled journey of opulence with The White Teak Company

The White Teak Company came into existence back in 2016, and we have transformed the Indian luxury lighting space with our exquisite and innovative lighting designs. There's something distinct about our designs, and they're just the ones you need to give your home an effervescent touch of elegance. Visit any of our luxury lighting stores across the country and feast your eyes on the finest luxury decorative lights you've ever seen. Be a part of The White Teak family, and embark on this remarkable journey of opulence.

The White Teak Company is a name you can trust in the luxury lighting segment of India. We have become a household name in the luxury lighting industry because our enormous clientele has let us turn their dreams into reality. We will always be here to give a fine touch to your decor, and we'll help you lend an unmatched stroke of opulence to your home. This is your chance to experience luxury like never before. Visit any of our decorative lighting stores near you now.

Why is The White Teak's decorative lighting the best choice for you

Our journey started back in 2016 because we realised what a consumer truly wants and what the lighting stores in India couldn't offer. Despite an enormous demand for luxury lighting and home decor in India, our founders realised that luxury lighting is one of the most ignored aspects of interior design. And that is the key reason why The White Teak Company came into existence, to provide world-class lighting at world-class prices. One look at the ravishing lighting designs from The White Teak Company is enough to give you an idea of what we are capable of. Our lighting designs can beautifully adorn your living space and transform it beyond your wildest dreams.

Be it the exquisite designs, the effervescent collections, or the unbreakable trust, The White Teak Company will always be the best choice you can make for your home. Our lighting designs won't just be an investment that you make or an asset that you own, but they'll seamlessly blend into your decor to become a part of your home beautifully. You'll never find luxury lighting fixtures like ours anywhere in the market.

The idea behind The White Teak Company's enormous decorative lighting collection

Our company has picked its name from a very exotic and exquisite type of teak of the same name. White teak originates from India, and the wood and the artefacts made from it are considered a symbol of luxury and opulence in most parts of the world. And that is exactly what we wanted to replicate in our brand. No matter if you're trying to find elegant chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, ceiling lights or table lamps in India, The White Teak collection will definitely outshine other luxury lighting and home decor stores in the city.

Find any of our decorative lighting stores near you in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Ludhiana to lay your eyes on the best luxury lighting fixtures ever. The White Teak Company is always working on making your purchase experience as convenient as possible. And you'll find that pretty evident when you visit our stores. We offer an exceptional online shopping experience, and you'll find everything you're looking for here.

The White Teak Company is India's Largest Decorative Lighting Brand, and we're here to redefine luxury in the industry and help you stay ahead of the curve. India's luxury lighting market fails to keep up with the trends of the global markets, but that won't be an issue when you shop with The White Teak Company. At The White Teak Company, our limit is our imagination, which is exactly what made us one of the most favourable luxury lighting brands in India. Hope to see you at one of our luxury lighting showrooms very soon.

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