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Outdoor Lights by The White Teak Company

Who says your interior decor is the only one that can have fancy lights?! Show some love to your open-air spaces with gorgeous outdoor lights from The White Teak Company.

At The White Teak Company, we create all our products from scratch. Our in-house lighting experts create designs that combine utility with aesthetic perfection. We then manufacture these outdoor light designs in our factories, deliver them to your doorstep and also offer expert installation services to make sure that you have professional lighting assistance at your disposal at every step!

Our outdoor lighting collection is crafted with the choicest raw materials sourced from all over the world to bring you world-class pieces that will be the envy of the entire neighbourhood. From unique, one-of-a-kind designs to the crowd favourite classics, you will find the perfect lights to meet your needs!

How to Buy Outdoor Lights in India?

As an element, lighting is what brings together the look and feel of any given space and the case is no different with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights often end up being an afterthought, unfortunately, and therefore leave the place looking fragmented. So it’s important to invest in the right kind of outdoor light for the place you’re trying to build.

When it comes to buying outdoor light fixtures, making the right decisions is all about what purpose you want the lighting to serve. There are three major types of exterior lights - task lights, ambient lights, and accent lights. 

Task lights are installed to serve a specific purpose. For example, garden lights are placed to illuminate a pathway in your lawn and street lights are installed for safety purposes. In both cases, the light has a clear role to play, which makes it easier to pick designs that serve it. The more specific your understanding of this purpose is, the easier it will be to find suitable lighting options that serve it.

Ambient lighting is the kind used to brighten up the entire space so that it is visible and easier to navigate without incident. Outdoor hanging lights are usually used in spaces like gazebos where there is a roof to hang them from. Outdoor wall lights are used in spaces where it may not be possible to hang lights. The point of these is to cast a light bright enough to boost visibility without being unsightly or blindingly bright.

Finally, accent lights are used to highlight a specific part of the space or to create aesthetically pleasing visual effects. Accent lighting can be anything from a simple LED rope light running along the edge of a roof to a sophisticated wall light that casts ornate patterns of light and shadows around itself.

If you’re able to pin down what you expect your decorative outdoor lights to do for you, you’ll have a pretty good time exploring the many options in outdoor lights by The White Teak Company!

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Lights

       1. What is outdoor lighting?

  • Lighting is a critical part of the decor of any space, be it inside your house or outside. Outdoor lighting, also referred to as landscape lighting, is the art of using decorative lighting fixtures efficiently to create an aesthetically pleasing setting in outdoor spaces such as gardens, gazebos, lawns, terraces, balconies, poolsides, and any other spaces that may be a part of your home.

    2. How are outdoor lights different from indoor lights?
  • The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor lights is that outdoor light fixtures are designed to be protected from the elements of nature they may be exposed to if used in places with no shelter. Outdoor lights are built to withstand exposure to heat, sunlight, ice, rainwater, cold temperatures, snow, etc. This means that they won’t get discoloured, sun-bleached, molten, rusty, or otherwise damaged as easily as indoor lighting fixtures may get when exposed to the elements of nature. In short, outdoor lights are less prone to visible as well as electrical damage than indoor lights are.

    3. What types of outdoor light fixtures are there?
  • There are many types of outdoor lights including but not limited to outdoor wall lights, garden lights, outdoor wall sconces, outdoor hanging lights, and more. They are typically divided into categories based on how they are intended to be used. The three main types of exterior lighting are task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting serves a specific purpose such as illuminating a garden path, whereas ambient lighting illuminates a general area. Accent lighting is done to create visual emphasis on a specific part or feature of a given space.

    4. Do outdoor lights by The White Teak Company come with the same warranty as indoor lights?
  • Yes, all lighting products manufactured and sold by The White Teak Company are subject to the same terms and conditions. The warranty that applies to indoor lights is also applicable to outdoor lights irrespective of the type of fixture it is.