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Astounding Marble Collection table lamps from The White Teak Company

Marble decor has become an integral part of the design scene in India and lighting fixtures with marble have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Marble might appear quite unconventional to be boasted as decor, but it is one of the most versatile elements that can blend into any kind of decor, any kind of atmosphere and complement any kind of mood or occasion. And that’s why The White Teak brings to you the finest collection of marble table lamps in India. 

Amplify the aura of your living space with marble table lamps

Marble is an element that symbolizes purity and immortality and can add an immensely strong aura to your home. Now, those are pretty robust characteristics to embody in any lighting design, but our in-house designers have concocted exquisite designs embellished with marble to amp up the energy of your living space and also offer a plush look to your interiors. 

Impeccable table lamp designs to outshine your decor

Designing luxe and lavish lighting fixtures is our forte, and we have many pieces that will just sweep you off your feet. We are as passionate about your tryst with marble as you are, and we’ve done our best to bring to you the finest modern marble table lamps and even the flavour of the season, coffee brown table lamps. And we have made sure that it won’t be just the marble base of the table lamp that will get your attention, the lampshades are equally enchanting. 

Exquisite marble table lamps that lend a whimsical look to your homes

Marble lighting fixtures don’t just beautify your indoors but can also accentuate the ambience of your outdoor areas, be it a lounge or a deck. The look and feel are as mesmerizing on the outside as it is on the inside. Most of our marble table lamps come with golden bases embellished with marble and that definitely makes it look like a lighting fixture right out of fantasy-world. Shop with us today to have this extraordinary opulent experience.