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Sleek & slender LED Battens to amp up your space 

LEDs are the future of lighting, and there’s absolutely no doubt it. This is your chance to make the switch to one of the most efficient and clean lighting fixtures to ever exist. The White Teak Company brings to you an effervescent range of LED battens that can beautifully illuminate every part of your living space, workplace or place of business. These stunning lighting designs can lend optimum spot-free illumination to your space and create uniformity in the space. There’s probably no better way to light up your space than our extensive vivid range of LED battens. 

Create a beautifully minimalist decor with these radiant LED battens 

These magnificent lighting designs can beautifully complement a minimalist decor with their svelte demeanour, but they can complement a modern, contemporary, transitional or industrial decor equally well. In short, these LED battens can fit in any decor and bring the best out of it. Each of our LED battens has been extensively designed by our in-house designers and brought to life by our skilled artisans so they can effortlessly change the face of your space. Flaunting a simple design, these LED battens can be as subtle or as grand as you want them to be in your decor.

Why do LED battens need to be your first choice?

LED battens need to be your first choice because these lighting fixtures boast a plethora of advantages over every other counterpart available in the market. These lighting fixtures are not only incredibly energy efficient, but they are massively eco-friendly too. LED battens require less current than most other alternatives, and they generate very little heat too. Their luminosity is simply unmatched, and since they are flicker-free, you practically have nothing to worry about. These virtually no-maintenance lights also boast exceptional durability.