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Double Height Chandeliers

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Double Height Chandeliers by The White Teak Company

Easily the most majestic kind of chandelier is a double height chandelier. Built to suit rooms with very tall ceilings, these chandeliers can be anywhere north of 10 feet in height, making them a truly breathtaking sight to behold.

These chandeliers are meant for double height ceilings, or ceiling heights that are two times or more than the average apartment height of 10 feet in India. A rather uncommon sight in Indian homes, these chandelier lights are usually extremely heavy yet absolutely stunning.

At The White Teak Company, we have curated a collection of the nation’s finest double height chandelier designs just for you!

Stunning Chandeliers for Double Height Ceilings

Large spaces such as stairwells and living rooms of duplex apartments require more than the bright illumination of a regular chandelier. That’s where double height chandelier lights come into the picture.

Designed to provide extremely powerful illumination, double height chandeliers have one of two main design styles. The classic kind will usually have a single, massive frame of metal with multiple rows of lights at varying levels. On the other hand, modern double height chandeliers are designed like clusters of pendant lights cascading from a single, large ceiling plate.

Explore the nation’s largest collection of gorgeous double height chandeliers for tall ceilings!

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