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Resplendent new table lamps to amp up your fabulous decor

Table lamps can make or break your home’s ambience and that’s why they become instrumental for your lighting layout. There’s something distinct about these elegant yet practical designs that makes them stand out from the lot. Table lamps are an integral part of your decor, and you can completely transform your living space if you utilise their true potential. The White Teak Company brings to you an extensive and exclusive curation of our latest table lamps that can add an effortless touch of opulence to your living space. Our New Arrival Table Lamps Collection is simply a joy to look at, and it will sweep you off your feet right at first glance.

Zesty table lamp designs to spice up your decor like never before 

The White Teak Company houses an effervescent collection of table lamps, but the kind of flair our latest lamp designs bring to the table is simply unmatched. All of our new table lamps have been designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Each of these gorgeous designs takes inspiration from each and everything out there to give your beautiful abode an aura that you’ve never experienced before. Visit any of our entrancing stores to lay your eyes on some of the finest table lamps in the Indian design space. 

Fabulous table lamps flaunting a flawless symphony of form and function

Every table lamp has been designed with finesse and brought to life by our experienced and skilled artisans. All of our table lamps exhibit a fine blend of the most luxe design languages and the plushest elements so that you can experience luxury like never before. Be it modern table lamps, minimalist, rustic, vintage, industrial, or contemporary table lamps, you’ll find the best ones only at The White Teak Company. There are a plethora of options to choose from and go through our extensive and vivid curation to find the perfect one for your decor. 

Embark on a journey of elegance with our exquisite lighting designs

At The White Teak Company, you can experience luxury lighting like never before. One look at our suave and sophisticated collection will make you realise how our designs are simply unparalleled in the Indian luxury lighting space. Be it conventional table lamps, crystal table lamps, marble table lamps or metallic table lamps, you’ll witness our exceptional designing prowess in all of our enchanting designs.