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Interior design without proper illumination is incomplete. And it is something that most of us forget while designing our new homes or giving our old homes a makeover. Most people think interior design is mostly about the fabrics and furnishings in the space and try to add as much pop of colour into the space as possible. But that simply isn’t the right approach to designing your home, as lighting is what will make the elements stand out as beautifully as possible.

Again, we’re not trying to say that interior design is all about lighting, but only trying to explain that there’s no way we should be lacking in this one department. The White Teak Company brings to you what we in our countless years of experience in the lighting and interior design industry believe are the best tips to decorating your home.

Home: Mastering Visual Harmony Is The Key

Creating a harmonious space is crucial to interior design. It’s like creating a symphony with all of the elements playing their part beautifully right from the lighting to the furnishing, and the paint to the home decor. The first impression of your living space should always be that it is balanced and cohesive. And this should be the same for you or anybody else that visits.

best interior design tip to decorate home

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A balanced living space doesn’t just become visually pleasing but also creates that sense of calm, enabling your home to become a sanctuary. This relaxing and inviting atmosphere will set the tone for your entire home literally transforming it into what you imagine it to be and more. Now here are a few elements that you should be very careful about while designing the lighting layout of your home.

Mood Lighting: Simply put, lighting can either make or break a room. Mood lighting is the best way to create an intimate atmosphere in the space. We suggest going with a layered lighting layout so that you use all three levels of lighting - ambient, task and accent. You can simply turn your space into sanctuary with warm lighting, while cool lighting can make the atmosphere more energetic breathing life into every corner.

Colour Balance: Colour balance is also one of the most crucial aspects that you need to get right in any room’s interior design. You must have always heard about using primary colours in your home and even accent colours to make the scene better. But we have a different advice for you. We want you to use complementary colours as much as you can and see the magic happen. Now, we understand that complementary colours might be too loud for the walls, so why not go for them with the lighting and the home decor?

Statement Pieces: We have always believed in making your living space resonate with your personality and what better way to do it than statement pieces. You have a plethora of options to lend character to your space. You can go with lighting designs, paintings, home decor and so much more. These eye-catching items will not only make your space visually appealing but also lend depth and dimension to the space like none other. You can be as loud as you want with statement pieces. There’s a reason why they are called that.

Living Room: Balance Playful & Sophisticated Elements

When it comes to your living room interior design, you have to be very mindful of the elements you include in this space. Things are very different when you’re planning some room’s interior design and when you’re taking up your living room. When we say that we need to balance playful and sophisticated elements, what we’re really trying to say is that your interior design can be eclectic but it definitely needs that elegance.

interior design tip to decorate home

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Let’s use colours to explain this case. If you have a playful combination of beige and sandalwood, you need shades like black and white to balance it out lend some class and sophistication.

Mix Colours & Patterns: Use the lighting designs, the colours of the room, patterns on your walls to mix colours and patterns and make your living space look stylish and authentic. Your living room interior design can be as experiment as you want it to be.

Blend The Old & The New: A living room is the best place to use both old and new elements. The timelessness of the old elements and the freshness of the new elements creates a symphony in your living space that is pleasing and appealing to the eye. We recommend playing with wooden finishes, metallic finishes, crystals and glass with your lighting designs, while you can use textured finishes on your walls to start with your living room interior design.

Bedroom: Combine Strong Colour & Prints

It may seem a little out of place, but using bold and strong colours and prints is a big yes for your bedroom’s interior design. We definitely need rich colours, textures and prints to be captivated and what better place to try this than your bedroom? If your bedroom gets good natural light then that can also be a big advantage for this room’s interior design. If there’s less or no natural light in the space, then complement the space with enough lighting designs.

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Most people prefer a neutral palette in their bedroom and we see no problem with that either. There are ways to add colour to such space too. Start with your bed and you can use colourful prints and textures to add richness to the space. Place a coloured pendant light on either side of the bed to lend some depth to the room’s interior design. You can also use art to create intrigue in the space.

Let The Colours Pop: This is the only mantra we have for you while working with your bedroom’s interior design is using as much colour as you can. Be it primary shades, neutral shades, earthy shades, muted shades or anything, but don’t let it be bland at all. Go all out with the lighting and the paint.

Create Comfortable Layers: When we say layer your bedroom’s interior design, we mean using your flooring, windows, doors and walls to create subtle yet sublime contrasts that are pleasing to the eye. But while we are at it, we also mean that a layered bedding could add depth and style to your room. It will add a different dimension to your space, not to forget, the richness.

Kitchen & Dining Space: Embrace The Classic White

One of the most functional spaces of your home? Check. The place with the most functional lighting? Check. One place you absolutely can’t go wrong with the design? Check. We don’t intend to put a lot of pressure on you but your kitchen and dining room interior design can’t be done half-heartedly.

interior design tips for kitchen

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The absolutely best way to make this space complete is splashing white all over it. And we’re not even joking. White is the epitome of elegance and this is how you’ll make this space stand out. Nobody and nothing can beat a white interior design and we have science backing it up. White reflects light adding unmatched radiance to your space. White is the perfect backdrop for everything that you place in your kitchen or the dining room. Be it something as big as your dining table or something as little as home decor.

Go All Out With Lighting: A white backdrop is the best playground to experiment and play around with lighting designs. You can literally choose any and everything that you want in your space. One good thing about a white backdrop? The area will never feel cluttered.

Create Contrast With Accent Colours: We know that it is practically impossible to keep everything white in your kitchen’s interior design or your dining room’s interior design for that matter. And that’s when you’ll need accent colours in the space to create a contrast. Use furnishings, tiles, kitchenware, crockery, serveware or any kind of home decor to achieve this.

Home Office: Make It Your Personal Sanctuary

Many would argue that a home office is the most uninteresting place to design. All the more reason to complete your home office’s interior design? Working from home, despite its alluring nature, can be a daunting task. So we really want to help you create a place that helps you stay motivated and focused throughout your day and sometimes the late working hours.

interior designing tips for home office

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If you went about hearing or reading about a home office’s interior design, you would find people talking about illumination, natural light, organising things, putting up inspirational things and more of such things. We will cut to the chase and keep it simple for you. Keep it as personal as possible. We only have one mantra: if you turn your home office into your personal oasis, work might not bother you as much.

Choose The Colour Palette Mindfully: Your work can be intimidating sometimes but your home office not necessarily be the same. The idea is to create an office that calms and relaxes you the moment you enter and preps you for the day’s work. But at the same time, we don’t want loud and bright colours that will sometimes end up being annoying. Use a neutral colour palette or muted shades throughout the space. That symmetry will definitely be calming.

Keep The Office Interior Diverse: This is our only tip to turning your home office into your comfort space. Give it a nice personal touch with as many things as you can. Flaunt your favourite books on the shelf, place a plant that you like, use lighting designs that you absolutely loved at first glance, use home decor that truly resonates with your personality. With all this, your home office’s appearance will simply be unmatched.

As far as your home’s interior design is concerned, you’ll have questions and ideas that you would feel like implementing in the space. The White Teak Company can be your perfect companion in your home’s interior design journey and we can help out with all your lighting and home decor needs. Reach out to us at 1800-1030054 or chat with us on WhatsApp or simply drop us a mail at While we recommend visiting our stores for a more personalised experience

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interior designing tips for home office