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  1. Add Some Flair & Flavour To Your Home With Dramatic Lighting

    Add some flair & flavour to your home with dramatic lighting

    Homeowners often underestimate the true potential of dramatic lighting. Dramatic lighting has its own way of accentuating the aura of your living space, but apart from making your home extraordinarily beautiful, you need to truly understand the role dramatic lighting plays in your decor.  Whether you’re designing a new home or giving your existing place a makeover, you need to ensure that your decor resonates with your personality and taste. And lighting plays a huge role in giving your space a gorgeous twist if, so it automatically becomes the most important element in your home. Think very carefully before choosing the appropriate lighting fixtures for each part of your home, as they can influence many aspects, including the look of your space and how you feel when you spend time in that particular area. 

    Not many people understand this, but dramatic lighting has more to do with the depth and dimension

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  2. Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into A Resort-Like Retreat

    Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into A Resort-Like Retreat

    There is absolutely no soul out there who doesn’t get excited by the idea of being on a perpetual vacation. The thought of being around a lush pool and a gorgeously illuminated backyard where you can laze around is so alluring. While it is difficult and not really practical to move around and keep finding resorts that can offer you a sense of bliss, you can take a good look at this well-curated list of ideas that can bring a resort-like feel to your own backyard. You can beat the blues whenever you want in your own resort-style oasis and enjoy every moment you have in your outdoor space. 

    Sink yourself into the vacation-relaxation mode and bring the best out of your outdoor space with everything that we have for you. There are many factors that will come into play in transforming your backyard, but we are going to focus on the most important element, lighting. Lighting always plays a huge role in defining the

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  3. Inspire & Impress With These Enticing Lighting Trends For 2023

    Inspire & Impress With These Enticing Lighting Trends For 2023

    Nothing is ever constant in the design space. With the beginning of a new season, we always see a gush of new designs that take the lighting industry by storm and change everything as we know it. Each design or each trend has its own characteristics and charm, and each trend is a celebration of something new. We need to embrace these trends to breathe new life into the lighting industry, or we’ll seldom see the lighting domain evolve as we do now. 

    2022 has almost come to an end, and we did see some fresh and alluring trends take the spotlight and bring about a wind of change in the lighting space. We saw larger-than-life statement lighting fixtures take the spotlight while layered lighting made a comeback too. Mixing and matching lighting designs was another trend that followed that grabbed a lot of attention globally. 

    With 2023

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  4. Uber-Chic Industrial Lighting Ideas To Add Panache To Your Space

    Uber-Chic Industrial Lighting Ideas To Add Panache To Your Space

    The industrial design style is more popular than ever, and despite bearing slight similarities to the vintage and modern design styles, this design language has its distinct characteristics and adds an unparalleled edge to your gorgeous abodes. Industrial design is very intriguing and fascinating as it impresses with its rustic, casual, and unconventional old-world charm. Industrial lighting designs mostly use steel, iron, glass, wood and similar materials to create a stunning contrast with their raw appearance. And despite sounding too bland, you can trust us when we say that industrial lighting designs have their own way of adding cosiness to your living space. 

    Understanding industrial design style a little more will definitely help you integrate this vivid styling language into your decor with ease. The industrial design style takes inspiration from factories and warehouses from the early 20th century.

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  5. Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary With These Lighting Ideas

    Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary With These Lighting Ideas

    A bedroom is the most important part of your living space, and you can’t deny that. While designing your home, you need to ensure that this important space goes hand-in-hand with the most important aspect of design, lighting. If there’s no harmony between your bedroom and the lighting designs it houses, it can negatively influence a lot of things in your life. Now, you have numerous reasons to prioritise your bedroom when designing your home. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it is the space where you begin and end your day. Your bedroom is your escape from everything, and it is your soothing respite. It is essential that you enjoy and cherish every moment your spend in this space. 

    A sense of calm or tranquillity is something that everybody seeks in their bedroom, and that’s another reason why your ambience has to be carefully curated. Your lighting should complement your mood even when you’re full of zeal

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