1. Simple Yet Sublime Lighting And Home Decor Ideas To Jazz Up Your Abode

    Simple Yet Sublime Lighting And Home Decor Ideas To Jazz Up Your Abode

    It’s quite natural that your home or your decor particularly would start feeling monotonous after a while. And that’s the biggest sign that you need to revamp your decor. Even if things don’t get too boring, you can redecorate your space just for the change of scene and make things slightly more interesting. And if you’re someone who likes to keep ahead of the curve, then you need to make sure that your decor ideas aren’t too out of date. 

    We bring to you an array of design ideas that can beautifully transform your space and lend an effortless touch of opulence to your fabulous abodes. One good thing about the list that we’ve got for you is that each of these ideas is pretty easy to implement, and it’s not as time-consuming as starting the entire decoration process from scratch. Now, sit back and take a look at everything that we’ve got for you. 

    1. Add A

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  2. Soothing Ambient Lighting Ideas To Add A Calm Glow To Your Living Room

    Soothing ambient lighting ideas to add a calm glow to your living room

    The ambience is one of the most important factors, if not the most, that can define the lighting layout of your living space. One of three elements in the layered lighting design concept, ambient lighting can really change the way you or anybody looks at your space. Ambient lighting is essential for a lot of different reasons, but the most important one is that turn your home into a sanctuary. At the end of the day, your home is your refuge, and the way you light up your home can heavily influence your mood. Ambient lighting should infuse that calm and cosy vibe into your space and give you a warm embrace every time you enter your living room. 

    It is said that ambience can make or break your decor, and that’s very true. The ambience of your living room is essential in setting the tone of your home and determining the warmth that your beautiful home exudes. It is very important to choose the right ambient l

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  3. Flaunt A Chic Bathroom And Vanity Space With These Spellbinding Lighting Ideas

    vanity lights

    Every part of your home deserves to be the centre of your attention, and yes, that includes your bathroom and vanity space too. Bathrooms and vanity spaces are truly your sanctuaries if you think about it, and ignoring these spaces while designing your lighting layout can be a blatant mistake. Bathrooms and vanity spaces are used by everybody, and they can speak a lot about the way you actually decorate your living space. 

    When you go about decorating your living spaces, it is essential that the entire theme or design style resonates with your personality. Lighting plays a key role in giving a space its true character, and it is essential to choose the right fixtures for your bathrooms too. While people usually splurge when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for the rest of their homes, bathroom lighting is something that doesn’t really attract much attention. However, that is slowly changing, and now m

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  4. Elegant Lighting Ideas For An Exceptionally Luminous Kitchen 

    Elegant Lighting Ideas For An Exceptionally Luminous Kitchen 

    A kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in your home, and it’s necessary to lend perfect illumination here at all costs. Proper and purposeful lighting is a very significant element of your kitchen, and we can’t emphasise this enough. Most people leave the kitchen out of the overall theme they lend to their beautiful abodes, as they believe they could be compromising on the functionality with the aesthetics. But that isn’t true at all. A kitchen can and should exude the same warmth that the other spaces of your home do. 

    While planning the lighting layout of your kitchen, it is necessary to choose the type of lighting fixtures properly, but what’s more important is the placement of those lighting fixtures. You need to have a perfectly illuminated kitchen to ensure efficiency, safety and good visibility at all times. A kitchen is a multifunctional space, and the lighting has to be as versatile as poss

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  5. 5 Tips That Make Mixing & Matching Lighting Designs A Piece Of Cake

    5 Tips That Make Mixing & Matching Lighting Designs A Piece Of Cake

    Lighting is a very important, if not the most important, element of designing your home. Most of the projects have to begin by figuring out the lighting layout of your space first. The new-age homeowners have realised how important it is to get perfect illumination in their living space, and they’re paying extra attention to get everything right in the lighting domain and not leaving any stone unturned. Now, this can be a boon or a bane depending on how you handle the entire process. Planning the lighting layout yourself becomes a blessing because there are a plethora of options out there, but strangely enough, this is a curse too because the planning may get quite overwhelming due to the availability of so many designs out there. 

    The design space is ever-evolving, and there’s always a trend that steals the spotlight. And the latest trend is mixing and matching lighting designs in a particular space. The who

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  6. Interior Design: Entrancing ways to glam up your living room

    Interior Design: Entrancing ways to glam up your living room

    Tired of looking at the same living room over and over again? Have you been looking for that makeover for a long time and planning to get rid of your outdated decor and grotesque lighting fixtures? Then you’re at the right place at the right time. 

    While many consider the kitchen or the dining room to be the heart of the home, it is the living room that has slowly been reclaiming the title. A living room boasts a high functionality quotient, and it is used to carry out a lot of tasks. Ever since the world started spending a lot of time indoors due to the pandemic, a living room's purpose has completely been redefined. 

    Many elements go into making a perfect living room, yet the one that should always be your priority is lighting. Lighting is one of the essential elements that can either make or break your living room decor. The lighting fixtures you decide to flaunt in your living room c

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  7. The Suavest Lighting Trends For Your Fabulous Abodes In 2022

    The Suavest Lighting Trends For Your Fabulous Abodes In 2022

    People often underestimate the kind of effect lighting can have on their decor. Saying that lighting adds life to your beautiful abodes is definitely an understatement. Lighting is a crucial component when it comes to designing your space, and while the design styles and the build of the fixtures were previously key priorities, people are now inclined to focus on the functionality quotient too. 

    To understand the current trends in the Indian design space, we talked to a lot of lighting experts who have turned to many new concepts that add a distinct flair to all the spaces they design. We also got in touch with our clientele to understand what they expected when it came to planning their lighting layouts. Now, we have a clear picture of what is trending in the design space and how these lighting ideas can amp up every nook and cranny of your space. Sit back and take a look at everything you can do to get breathtaking

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  8. The Best Dining Room Lighting Trends In 2022

    dining room lighting trends

    A dining room is the heart of your abode, and it should be given all the love it deserves whenever you think about decorating your space, especially when it comes to lighting. Today’s dining rooms have become multifunctional, and that’s one thing you need to keep in mind before going ahead with designing the lighting layout of this space. Apart from setting the right ambience while you have your meals, your dining space should be equipped with lighting designs that perfectly complement your leisure time and give you the right illumination whenever you need the space to be slightly more functional. 

    Now, it’s understandable if you’re not sure where to start since there are a plethora of options and combinations you could go for your dining room. We bring to you the finest dining room lighting design trends that have taken the design space by storm and will continue to be in the spotlight for quite a while now. And modern lighting trends

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  9. Add An Elegant Flair To Your Fabulous Abode With Pendant Lights

    Add an elegant flair to your fabulous abode with pendant lights

    An overhead lighting design can do wonders for your living space, and for years, we have underestimated the potential of a simple yet elegant lighting design. Pendant lights can be the perfect addition to your home decor as they are the easiest lighting fixtures to install and can change the face of your living space quite effortlessly. 

    Many would argue that chandeliers are the best lighting fixtures to go for when choosing an overhead lighting design, but people often ignore the intricacies involved in installing and maintaining the charming lighting fixture. Pendant lights, on the other hand, barely boast such complexities and enhance the ambience of your space nonetheless. 

    There are a plethora of options that you can choose from when it comes to a pendant

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  10. The Ultimate Lighting Guide For Your Home

    The Ultimate Lighting Guide For Your Home

    Planning the lighting layout for your home is not an easy feat. Lighting is unarguably one of the most important elements to focus on, but you need to get everything in place before you can get going with the lighting part. There’s designing the space, giving the right colours and accents to the space and the lighting basically adds a flawless finishing touch to your home. Lighting is an afterthought in our interiors, which is sometimes quite evident in how we go about things. You need to plan a lot of things before making the slightest addition or changes to your lighting layout, as they can affect the aura of your space. 

    The White Teak Company brings you an ultimate lighting guide that can help you turn your living space into your dream home. Lighting is just as important as any other element that goes into your home, and there are many intricacies that are involved in getting your lighting l

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