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  1. Spice Up Your Home Lighting With A Tropical Touch

    Spice Up Your Home Lighting With A Tropical Touch

    There have been a lot of lighting and decor trends that have taken the spotlight over the years, but nothing is as hot as tropical lighting decor. Tropical Decor is bright and bold and adds just the flavour your gorgeous abodes need. Not only does a tropical decor add a larger-than-life appearance to your home, it adds a fresh touch to your decor with a bright and warm colour palette. Unbelievably comfortable and warm, a tropical lighting layout lends a graceful touch to your home with a heavy use of natural colours and textural elements. This design language is easy on the eyes and is never out of style. 

    Tropical design style became a craze in the 1990s and 2000s, and it has continued to stay in the spotlight ever since. Unlike most other design styles in the lighting industry, the tropical style has no particular origin as it takes inspiration from multiple design styles. The tropical design’s roots lie

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  2. Soulful Feng Shui Lighting Ideas For A Harmonious Home

    Soulful Feng Shui Lighting Ideas For A Harmonious Home

    If you go by the definition, Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your decor in a way that creates balance and harmony with the natural world around you. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, literally translates into wind and water in the same order. According to the practice, human life is connected to and flows with the natural environment around it. Feng Shui, in recent times, has left everyone in a state of awe and is now considered a tool for spiritual well-being and good design too. Over the years, many people have adapted the way of the wind and water and realised that if these two elements are in balance, then there’s no space for negativity to enter your beautiful abodes. Feng Shui also influences your lifestyle in more ways than you can imagine. It is proven to calm you down, bring more positivity into your life and also enhance the relationship with other people and your own self. In simple words, Feng Shui attracts love, peace and harmony within people. 

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  3. Enhance Your Well-being With These Biophilic Lighting Ideas

    Enhance Your Well-being With These Biophilic Lighting Ideas

    There is absolutely no denying that humans are practically inseparable from nature. We have this innate and irrevocable need to connect with our surroundings, and it shows from time to time. When was the last time you were overwhelmed with joy with petrichor, and when did a gentle caress of a soft breeze bring a smile to your face last, or when was the last time you felt that pleasant sensation when warm sunlight fell on on your skin? If you’ve experienced these moments or something similar, you know exactly what we’re talking about. When we connect to the natural world, we always end up with a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment. 

    What we’ll be talking about with you today has a lot to do with nature and how our senses react distinctively to natural elements. Biophilia is a design concept that is slowly beginning to become a common sight in most households, and one of its components - biophilic lighting

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  4. Christmas Lighting Trends For 2022 You Simply Can’t Miss

    Christmas Lighting Trends For 2022 You Simply Can’t Miss

    Christmas is knocking on our doors, and we simply can’t keep calm about it. This is the time to embrace the festive season and give in to the festive spirit and make countless memories with our loved ones. Christmas isn’t merely a religious holiday now, it has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. And when you are celebrating something of this magnitude, you need to show it through and through. And what better way than to start with your own home decor? 

    Decoration is an integral part of Christmas, and every little detail symbolises love and eternal happiness. And lighting is that ravishing finishing touch that adds flavour and that bling to our Christmas celebrations. You may have heard many lighting experts talk about the warm fuzzies that we experience during Christmas. It is nothing but the gleefully overwhelming reaction of our minds to the bright and effervescent Christmas lights. Since lighting is

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