Hottest Home Lighting Trends In 2023

We’re almost halfway through 2023, and the people have spoken. The lighting industry is bustling with fresh new trends that seem to have taken the spotlight in the first half of the year. Last year, we saw the revival of the Art Deco design style, which struck a chord with design enthusiasts across the globe. Matte black lighting designs were sharing the spotlight along with stone veneer fixtures. Looking at the pattern, it definitely seems like the focus was on form rather than function. However, the trends this year are suggestive of a much more balanced approach towards designing your lighting layout.

The White Teak Company had gotten in touch with a few lighting designers and lighting experts just before 2023 began to understand the demand and the requirements in the industry and then figure out what would really trend this year. We saw nature-inspired lighting designs, geometric lights, Mid-Century lighting fixtures and maximalist lights trend for a while, but as the seasons changed, so did the choices of the people.

We are back with a concise and mindfully-curated list of trends that are driving the lighting industry across the globe. The White Teak Company is here to familiarise you with these trends that can help you turn your living spaces extraordinarily beautiful, warm, cosy and, most importantly, functional.

Smart Lighting: Balancing Form & Function

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Smart lighting is a term that no homeowner wouldn’t have come across ever. Quite literally taking over the world and the design space in particular, smart lighting is at the top of everybody’s minds. Your conventional lighting fixtures, despite providing illumination on an everyday basis, simply vanish into the space after a while. The functionality is sometimes not enough to compensate for the missing aesthetics. And that’s where smart lighting comes into the picture. Smart lighting has become a way to enhance your decor in more ways than you can even imagine. If you take a look around at other trends this year or the trends from the previous year, you’ll find one common factor. And that common factor is bespoke lighting. Homeowners want to give each of their rooms a different touch, an individual identity, and smart lighting helps them do that quite effortlessly.

Smart lighting is simply a big umbrella that houses countless other elements under it. Some of the popular examples are voice-activated lighting, motion sensor lights, colour-controlled lighting and IoT-enabled lighting. A few experts that we got in touch with were very clear about the surge in demand for colour-controlled lighting this year. Colour-controlled lighting is the new definition of mood lighting, as it can be personalised at any time of the day to match your moods and needs. Many homeowners have been using colour-controlled lighting to mimic the natural progression of light to enhance their lifestyle and adjust their body’s internal clock. If this something that interests you, then consider giving our Biophilic Lighting tips a read:

Oversized Lights: Impeccable Focal Points

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Imagine entering a space and seeing that one eye-catching light that gets all your attention and simply sweeps you off your feet. This is something that most homeowners are seeking now. People want unique and unconventional lighting designs in their decor that simply grab all the attention they can and create maximum impact. Oversized lighting designs are definitely a daring choice but definitely worth it all. These show-stoppers can be perfect for lending your space an elevated look of visual interest.

lighting trends 2023

Consider consulting a lighting expert before choosing the right oversized lighting fixture for your space. It’s not just the size of the design that matters, you can also play around with the material, colour and the build of the lighting fixtures. Oversized lights might seem a little odd when you think about it, but this trend is here to stay. The more extravagant the light, the more elegant the decor.

Sculptural Lighting: An Unconventional Artful Touch

Lighting designs are now not just a primary source of illumination, but they’re also key to sculpting spaces and making an exceptionally bold statement. Lighting designs are used to add character to your space, depth and dimension to your decor, and lighting is literally one element that binds all your other decorative elements together.

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Sculptural lighting fixtures have the ability to define your ambience and transform your living space. And this approach to lighting has definitely impressed a lot of homeowners across the globe. Sculptural lights can beautifully add an artistic touch to your home. They’ve got that glitz and glamour, and softness to add to your decor with their fluidic designs. What truly seems to be making sculptural lighting stand out in the industry is a simple fact that they mimic our natural world. Resembling gorgeous organic shapes, sculptural lighting fixtures can help you create a tranquil atmosphere. Sculptural lighting fixtures feed your passion for aesthetics but, at the same time, augment the utilitarian factor.

Tropical Lighting: A Snazzy Burst of Colours

We got in touch with a number of homeowners, and most of them had the same idea of adding an eclectic, colourful touch to their decor. People want to create a space that feels more individual and rich with colour and texture. And we have already told you about how bespoke lighting is transforming the lighting space.

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Tropical lighting designs are back in the picture, and they have definitely received a warmer welcome than any of the other trends. It’s probably because of the recency or the higher relevance of these lighting designs given the season, tropical lighting has become a hot pick for homeowners.

The best part about tropical lighting is that you not only get to add an exotic colour palette to your space, but you also get to play around with the designs and the texture beautifully. Despite the burst of colours, tropical lighting designs can add an effortlessly cool and breezy touch to your ambience.

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