Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary With These Lighting Ideas

A bedroom is the most important part of your living space, and you can’t deny that. While designing your home, you need to ensure that this important space goes hand-in-hand with the most important aspect of design, lighting. If there’s no harmony between your bedroom and the lighting designs it houses, it can negatively influence a lot of things in your life. Now, you have numerous reasons to prioritise your bedroom when designing your home. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it is the space where you begin and end your day. Your bedroom is your escape from everything, and it is your soothing respite. It is essential that you enjoy and cherish every moment your spend in this space. 

A sense of calm or tranquillity is something that everybody seeks in their bedroom, and that’s another reason why your ambience has to be carefully curated. Your lighting should complement your mood even when you’re full of zeal and when you’re feeling foggy too. The lighting in this space can very easily dictate how you feel, and that’s why you need to pay enough attention to your bedroom and make sure it exudes just the warmth you’ve always sought. While all this sounds really intricate and too difficult to pull off, it really isn’t. When you start planning the lighting layout of your space, begin with getting the needs sorted. Every lighting fixture comes with its own characteristics, purpose and functionality, and the more combinations you try in the space, the better understanding you will have of what your space needs. 

One major advantage you have while decorating your bedroom is that you can let your imagination run wild. It isn’t really necessary to match your bedroom’s theme with the overall theme of your abode. And since this is the space you really would be spending a lot of time at, you should consider giving it a look that totally resonates with your personality.   

The White Teak Company takes you through some of the most efficient and effective lighting techniques to turn your room into your own sanctuary that exudes serenity like none other. Now take a look at all you need to do…

1. Unlock your bedroom’s true potential with layered lighting 

Layered lighting lends uniform illumination to your bedroom while effortlessly eliminating the daunting shadows in the space. Layered lighting is one of the simplest design concepts to understand and incorporate into your bedroom. This design concept adds an extra dimension to your bedroom and makes it much more alluring and appealing than you would’ve ever found it. While the visuals are definitely stirring due to layered lighting, the design concept also infuses much-needed warmth into your bedroom and creates an inviting atmosphere. 

Layered lighting consists of three elements - ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting - and each of these elements has a distinct characteristic and serves a different purpose. If done right, layered lighting ensures that there really isn’t any disturbance or distraction in the space, and the lighting is easy on the eyes too.  

Here are a few designs straight from the quintessential collection of lighting from The White Teak Company…

California Gold Chandelier: This tantalising chandelier beautifully emulates the warmth of autumn, and it exudes a sense of calm and joy into your space with its zesty colour palette. The chandelier flaunts a svelte matte gold frame that resembles autumn leaves and is embellished with an array of precision-cut crystals. This chandelier is just perfect for your bedroom as it creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere there. 


Unrequited Love Wall Light: This gorgeous wall light has its own way of adding panache to your living space. This wall light infuses a distinct charm into your space and adds unparalleled warmth to your decor. This marvellous wall light is just perfect to create a cosy ambience. The coffee-finished metal frame and hand-made glass shade with a wispy finish look truly ravishing. 

Unrequited Love Wall Light


2. Get the colour temperature of the fixtures right 

Before we delve deeper into this, it is important to get the basics right. Colour temperature can impact the look and feel of your space and influence your mood too. It is necessary to get this detail right. 

Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), and the lower the figure, the warmer the light becomes. Residential lighting usually operates between 2000K to 6500K. For a perfectly warm ambience, consider going with lighting designs that operate between 2000K to 3000K, as the warm white light would look absolutely gorgeous in your decor. If you’re looking for lighting designs to add functionality to your space, then go for fixtures that operate at 4000K and upwards, as you’ll find neutral white, bright white, and cool white up the scale.

Feast your eyes on some of these warm-lighting designs right here... 

Magic In Milan Chandelier: Reminiscent of the beautiful Italian city, this chandelier paints your decor with its own story. Regal, radiant and ravishing is how anybody would describe this masterpiece at first glance. This chandelier adds a warm golden yellow shade to your bedroom, turning it cosy in an instant. The chandelier flaunts a matte gold frame embellished with cognac-gold glass leaves creating a cascading effect. 


Ready Set Love Table Lamp: This graceful table lamp creates an inviting atmosphere in your space. With a suave and sophisticated modern design, this table lamp leaves you in a state of awe every time you look at it. The table lamp comes with a ceramic body finished in earthy tones that is very soothing, and it is beautifully complemented by the taupe fabric shade. 

Ready Set Love Table Lamp

3. Pick felicitous primary lighting designs for the bedroom 

Overhead lighting designs and bedrooms are a match made in heaven, and they can do wonders for your space. When we say overhead lighting designs, what comes to your mind first is a chandelier, a ceiling light or a pendant light. And you’re not wrong at all, as these are the most common overhead lighting designs. Chandeliers are gorgeous lighting designs, but when we say primary lighting, we’re referring to something that’s a bit brighter and more intense.

A ceiling light would be a flawlessly perfect design for your bedroom as this recessed lighting fixture would house an LED panel that would be bright enough to light up every nook and cranny of your living space. A pendant light would not be of much help here, even though the lighting fixture offers focused lighting. A pendant light can be used for much more particular tasks like lighting up your reading nook or anything like that. 

Go ahead and browse through our extensive collection of Ceiling Lights and pick the one that fits your space the best. 

4. Personalise your space with dimmable lighting 

Dimmable lighting has taken the industry by storm, and for all the right reasons. Dimmable lighting flaunts a stunning blend of form and function, and it becomes an easy choice to make for your space. There are various kinds of dimmable lighting designs available in the market. You’ll find some designs that can be controlled by your smartphone, while there will be some that would be paired with their own remote control. 

Dimmable lighting can do wonders for your ambience as you can adjust almost every aspect of lighting in your bedroom. It’s not just the look and feel of these lighting designs that make them stand out of the crowd, it’s their energy efficiency too that makes them a crowd-favourite. 

The White Teak Company houses some of the finest lighting designs you would ever lay your eye on, and don’t forget to take a look at our Dimmable Collection

5. Don’t forget your bedside lighting

Add a gorgeous finishing touch to your bedroom lighting layout with stunning bedside lighting designs. Now, a bedside light comes with a lot of advantages. These lights not just accentuate the aura of your bedroom but also enhance the convenience and functionality of the space. Enjoy your late-night reading sessions with these lights, and let your bedroom look absolutely ravishing too. 

There are a number of designs you can go for, be it table lamps, wall lights or even pendant lights. While choosing the design is totally your choice, we recommend lending symmetry to the space by placing identical lighting designs on either side of the bed, as that just adds an effortlessly elegant look to your resting space. 

Here are a few recommendations from The White Teak Company…

Thinking Out Loud Wall Light: A flawless symphony of form and function, this bedside wall light is meant to be a part of your bedroom. With an exceptional design and an extraordinary functionality quotient, you simply can’t miss out on this design. The wall light comes with a fabulous coffee-finished body and a cream-coloured fabric shade. The swingable arm and the downlighter are simply the icing on the cake. 


Never You Mind Table Lamp: Add a classy touch to your bedroom with this sleek modern table lamp. With its intriguing design and subtle colour palette, you simply can’t leave this one out. The table lamp flaunts the ageless blend of black and gold, and the white fabric shade completes the look beautifully. The dimmer switch adds a timeless touch to the design while adding to the convenience too. 

Never You Mind Table Lamp

Head on to our homepage to feast your eyes on some of the finest luxury lighting designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Also, keep an eye out on this space for more such tips and tricks to transform your beautiful abodes.