Add some flair & flavour to your home with dramatic lighting

Homeowners often underestimate the true potential of dramatic lighting. Dramatic lighting has its own way of accentuating the aura of your living space, but apart from making your home extraordinarily beautiful, you need to truly understand the role dramatic lighting plays in your decor.  Whether you’re designing a new home or giving your existing place a makeover, you need to ensure that your decor resonates with your personality and taste. And lighting plays a huge role in giving your space a gorgeous twist if, so it automatically becomes the most important element in your home. Think very carefully before choosing the appropriate lighting fixtures for each part of your home, as they can influence many aspects, including the look of your space and how you feel when you spend time in that particular area. 

Not many people understand this, but dramatic lighting has more to do with the depth and dimension it adds to your space. There’s absolutely no doubt that dramatic lighting creates an alluring ambience, but you’ll equally appreciate the functional element that comes with it. Dramatic lighting has the potential to change the visuospatial perception of your home, in simple words, this kind of lighting can make your space appear bigger. There are a lot of advantages dramatic lighting comes with, and we will take you through all of them with this well-curated list that follows. Take a look at all the ways you can add a dreamy touch to your beautiful abodes with dramatic lighting.

Dramatic Statement Lighting For That Visual Splendour 

Trust your statement lighting to do the job for you and create pompous and magnificent focal points in your space. Many lighting designers call statement lighting the ‘jewellery of the room’, and if that isn’t an indication of the drama it can bring to your space, then we don’t know what is. Statement lighting does more than you can even think of. The big and bold lighting designs set the tone for your space and lend uniform illumination to the entire space they are placed in. When it comes to the aesthetical value, you’ll be overwhelmed by the colours and textures statement lighting designs can bring into play. And with that comes the glitz and glam that can add a distinct flair to your living space. 

Now arises the most important question, what kind of statement lighting to go for? Statement lighting can literally be any lighting design that creates a striking and visually rich focal point in your space. As we mentioned before, a statement lighting design must resonate with your personality as it gives your guests an idea about who you are and your taste. The lighting design is just setting a statement on your behalf. Our suggestion would be to go with a chandelier, as no other lighting design can add depth and drama to your space as it does. And if you’re just planning to rejig your existing decor, you can go ahead with a table lamp, floor lamp, wall light, or a pendant light too. 

Feast your eyes on a few statement lighting designs from The White Teak Company that will be absolutely perfect for your living space…

Jewel Of My Heart Chandelier: This is your chance to go all out with your decor with this resplendent beauty. A true epitome of luxury, Jewel Of My Heart grabs all the attention it can get in the space. The intricately designed chandelier is a testament to The White Teak Company’s exceptional design prowess and ingenious innovation. The chandelier flaunts a ravishing matte gold frame that is beautifully embellished with precision-cut crystals. 

Drama Queen Chandelier: What’s better than a chandelier with drama in its name. Drama Queen is a suave and sophisticated design that literally shouts drama. The build, the design, and the aura it flaunts are simply unmatched. The chandelier has a sleek metal frame that boasts a timeless blend of black and gold. The frame gorgeously suspends metallic shades finished in matte white, adding a hint of tranquillity to your decor. 

Personalise Your Ambience With Dimmable Lighting 

How does dimmable lighting add drama to your living space? These lighting designs are customisable, and they can create different moods just the way you like. Be it a lively gathering or a sombre evening you decide to spend in solitude, your dimmable lighting designs can complement any given situation. These ingenious lighting designs can spice up your decor and add just the drama you need with their lighting-level controls. Dimmable lighting designs can very well create a stimulating atmosphere in your space and lend tranquillity to your space whenever you need it to. 

The only thing you need to figure out well is where you use the dimmable lighting designs and where it fits perfectly in each room. When it comes to your living room, don’t let the dimmable lighting design be your primary lighting fixture if there’s a lot of area to cover. Go with dimmable table lamps, floor lamps or wall lights instead. 

When it comes to your dining space, you can definitely pick a dimmable primary fixture like a chandelier, pendant light or ceiling light, as this space won’t be used much apart from mealtimes. For your bedroom, go with dimmable lighting designs on either side of your bed to add a cosy touch to the room. Dimmable primary lighting is a big no since this space has to be functional too. Moving on to your kitchen, the brighter the lights here are, the better. You can use dimmable lighting to complement the existing lighting layout to lend an ambient touch to the kitchen when it’s not in use. 

Straight from our effervescent and extensive Dimmable Collection, here are a couple of designs that deserve your complete attention…

Three Day Weekend Chandelier: Add a distinct contemporary flair to your decor with this gorgeous dimmable chandelier. This dazzler sweeps you off your feet right at first glance. The chandelier emits an opulent golden aura, and the gold-finished panels exude elegance like none other. This effervescent design can be customised with ease as it boasts three different changeable colours along with the dimmer setting. 


Glamjam Chandelier: Lend a stroke of luxury to your decor along with some glitz and glamour with this chandelier. Flaunting a fabulous contemporary design, this chandelier is a symphony of form and function. The chandelier comes with a svelte metal frame finished in matte gold that houses ten sleek goblets finished in milky white. This is a smart chandelier, and you can customise the colours of the fixture along with the brightness. 


Amalgamate Elegance & Drama With Cove Lighting

It is quite surprising that cove lighting is never in the picture whenever dramatic lighting is talked about. Cove lighting adds a gorgeous flavour to your space with its piquant style and unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Depending on the structure and the build of your home, you can use multiple architectural lighting designs to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. For a basic cove lighting setting, all you need is an LED strip light to light up the false ceiling’s perimeter. 

Indirect lighting sources like cove lighting are just perfect for highlighting the features of your room. You can use them alone, or you can use them to complement the other lighting designs in your space, either way, they’ll simply leave you in a state of awe. There are several ways you can use recessed cove lighting, be it in your false ceilings, wall panels, joineries, stairways, shelves and many more. You’ll be surprised by the elegance that cove lighting can add to your space. 

Perfect architectural lighting designs are all you need to create a gorgeous cove lighting layout in your space. And you don’t have to worry about finding them as The White Teak Company flaunts a colossal collection of architectural lighting designs that will add just the flair your need in your decor. Take a look at the entire collection right here - 

Breathe Life Into Your Space With Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is one of the most important elements of layered lighting, and it can beautifully bring the best out of your space. You can add some much-needed panache and drama to your home with accent lighting quite effectively and effortlessly. Accent lighting is mostly used to highlight or spotlight a part of your home or emphasise on something particularly important in the decor or, in some cases, become a focal point itself. There are a number of lighting designs that can be used for accent lighting.

A chandelier fan, or a fandelier as it is popularly called, is one of the most sought-after accent lighting designs in the design space currently. Alternatively, you can use a pendant light, recessed lighting fixtures, track lighting, or wall lights to achieve a similar effect. 

Here are a couple of accent lighting designs that are meant to be a part of your decor…

Thing For Bling Ceiling Fan: The name of this lighting design is enough to give you an idea of the depth and drama it can lend to your space. Thing For Bling flaunts a surreal design and gives you the best balance of utility and aesthetics. The entire body of this designer fan is finished in gold, and its lustre is simply irresistible. You can switch between speeds, colours and brightness with the ease of a remote. 

Thing For Bling Ceiling Fan


Aqua Downlight: With clean lines and a cleaner form, this downlight can create an ethereal visual in your space. The downlight can be swivelled, rotated, and tilted to create flexible beam angles, making it the perfect accent light to sport in your decor. The downlight is finished in matte white and infuses a distinct contemporary charm into your home. 

Aqua Downlight

Head on to our homepage to feast your eyes on some of the finest luxury lighting designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Also, keep an eye out on this space for more such tips and tricks to transform your beautiful abodes.