Inspire & Impress With These Enticing Lighting Trends For 2023

Nothing is ever constant in the design space. With the beginning of a new season, we always see a gush of new designs that take the lighting industry by storm and change everything as we know it. Each design or each trend has its own characteristics and charm, and each trend is a celebration of something new. We need to embrace these trends to breathe new life into the lighting industry, or we’ll seldom see the lighting domain evolve as we do now. 

2022 has almost come to an end, and we did see some fresh and alluring trends take the spotlight and bring about a wind of change in the lighting space. We saw larger-than-life statement lighting fixtures take the spotlight while layered lighting made a comeback too. Mixing and matching lighting designs was another trend that followed that grabbed a lot of attention globally. 

With 2023 almost knocking at our doors, it is time to move on and inspire and impress the world with new lighting ideas that personify luxury and embody elegance like none other with their charming characteristics and distinct flair. The White Teak Company has carefully curated a list of the finest lighting trends that will help you stay ahead of the curve effortlessly. These lighting trends will accentuate the look and feel of your fabulous abodes by lending an effervescent touch of opulence to your space. Now, take a look at everything that we have for you. 

A Plush Touch Of Nature-Inspired Lighting Designs 

Add a whimsical touch to your decor with nature-inspired lighting designs. One of the most sought-after trends in the contemporary design category can create surreal contrasts in your living space, and the beautiful lines and forms it brings into the picture are simply unparalleled. Lighting designs that take inspiration from nature have a way of adding a distinct and delicate charisma to your living space. Many lighting designers and experts also believe that nature-inspired lighting designs lend raw beauty to your living space exuding a zen-like aura into every nook and cranny of your home. 

The best thing about such lighting designs is that they take inspiration from everything around you, and there’s nothing better than flaunting such simplistic designs that add class and poise to your home. The refinement and grace these beautiful designs bring to your decor are simply unparalleled.

Impressed? Here are some ravishing lighting fixtures from the extensive collection of The White Teak Company that will impress you even more with their charming designs.

 The Magic In Milan Collection: This is one of the finest design families to grace the vivid and stunning collection of The White Teak Company. Be it the chandeliers or the wall light, each lighting design is absolutely ravishing. This collection’s signature is the intricately textured leaves that are simply out of this world. This collection has designs that flaunt two distinct colour palettes. One is a beautiful blend of teal and gold while the other is a resplendent cognac-gold. 


The Trance Collection: Trance collection is one of the finest design families that flaunts a fine blend of nature-inspired elements and modernism. The Trance collection has a number of ravishing chandeliers and wall lights that come with the signature design element of this collection, finely crafted glass leaves. The sleek blend of glass and gold is sheer resplendence, and it can beautify every inch of your decor effortlessly. 


Enchanted Collection: The Enchanted Collection beautifully recreates the aftermath of a light drizzle by emulating every tiny detail with perfection. The entire collection flaunts droplet crystals resembling the raindrops, and the beautiful shades are intricately textured to create the effect of water dropping down a surface gracefully. This entire collection is a joy to see, and it adds life to your decor like none other. 

An Ingenious Touch With Geometric Shapes 

Geometric shapes bring a distinct charm to your space with their richness, liveliness and dynamism. Geometric lighting designs have taken the spotlight for all the right reasons. Every design enthusiast knows that geometric shapes are absolutely mesmerising and that interplay of light and shadows they create is simply out of this world. How to nail this trend? Go for lighting designs that embrace and flaunt even the simplest of geometric shapes, be it round lighting designs, spherical, rectangular or anything that fits the bill. 

If this trend piqued your interest, then feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous geometric lighting designs straight from The White Teak’s colossal collection…

Lighting Up Lisbon Collection: All the lighting designs from this collection beautifully personify opulence as they pay homage to Lisbon’s charming yet soothing landscape at night. If geometric designs are your thing, then this is just the perfect place to find inspiration. The signature of this collection is the crystals encircled by the beautiful metal ring. The chandeliers from this collection are capable of creating ravishing focal points in your decor. They are simply a must for your space. 



Good To Be King Collection: This collection is synonymous with geometric designs, and one glimpse at the lighting designs is all it will take to sweep you off your feet. The chandeliers from the collection flaunt a beautiful blend of crystal and gold, and they add an effortless touch of elegance to your fabulous abodes. This is another collection to flaunt if you’re truly an enthusiast of geometric design style. 


Maximalism Is The Flavour Of The Season 

Minimalism has been quite popular for over a decade now. Everybody fell in love with the idea of flaunting simple yet functional lighting designs in their space and keeping it really light. But now, the design trends have shifted, and maximalism is what people want. With the baton now being passed to maximalism, the larger-than-life decors and the bold and playful colours will be back in the picture. Admit it, we are tired of the overwhelming use of the neutral palette that minimalism introduced. Maximalism is all about throwing in a splash of saturated and vivid colours into your decor and enlivening your living space like none other. It is time to bring back the exuberant and lavish vibe in your decor and make each moment spent there memorable. Oversized lighting designs, colourful lighting designs that create a stunning contrast and mixing and matching design styles are what truly constitutes maximalism. 

Need some ideas about mixing and matching lighting designs? Make sure you give this a read - 

An Artful Touch Of Picture Lights 

Picture wall lights have become the newest craze in the lighting industry, not just because of their functionality, but also because of their potential to accentuate the aesthetic value of your space. Picture lights themselves have an unparalleled charisma due to their linear form, and when they bring the best out of your artwork or a photograph, it simply adds class and poise to your living space. Picture lights put life into your artwork or your photographs and let them speak their stories with ease. Picture lights are perfect for highlighting your artwork and are very safe too. Since most picture lights are LED, you don’t have to worry about infrared rays or UV rays falling on your artwork. And picture lights have a way of emulating the true colours and the most minute details of your artwork and photographs.

The White Teak Company has a gorgeous collection of picture wall lights, and here are some that would be the perfect addition to your space…

On A Roll Picture Light: On A Roll is a svelte lighting design that can add an effervescent touch to your artwork. With its modern yet minimalist design, it is sure to grab a lot of attention in the space. The wall light is absolutely stunning, and the credit goes to its timeless blend of black and gold too. The radiant diffuser does its job well and completes the look with ease. 


Beautiful Lives Picture Light: If art deco design style is what excites you, then this is the pick for your artwork. This sleek and slender picture light adds a distinct touch to your space, and it beautifully highlights every detail of your artwork or your photograph. The shimmering golden finish lends character to this piece and brings the best out of your decor. 

Beautiful Lives Picture Light

Mid-Century Design Is Back In All Its Glory

Mid-Century design style originated back in the 1900s and is considered one of the subsets of modern design style as we know it. The design followed the ethos of “form follows function”, and it still shows in the lighting fixtures that are inspired by the mid-century language. This design language started gaining popularity back in the 2010s, and it looks like this will be one of the most popular design styles in 2023. Mid-century designs are a treat to look at because of their clean lines and curves, and the elegant touch they add to the decor is simply unparalleled. Mid-century lighting designs mostly flaunt a mix of wood, metal, glass and vinyl, and that glitz and glam is bound to show. 

Here are some gorgeous mid-century lighting designs from The White Teak Company that can add an opulent touch to your decor…

Melrose Place Crystal Chandelier: Melrose Place has a beautiful charm and aura that it exudes into your decor with its depth and drama. The chandelier pays homage to the mid-century design style magnificently and captures its true essence with ease too. The chandelier creates a cascading effect, and the fabulous amalgamation of crystal and gold is truly mesmerising. 

Melrose Place Crystal Chandelier


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