If you’re a bookworm, you already know how important it is to light your home up the right way to avoid any potential health hazards related to your eyes. There’s absolutely no excuse to miss out on perfect illumination at your home, and that’s why you need thorough planning before you purchase the lighting fixtures for your home. Now, this part may appear slightly tricky, but we have you covered as we list out the most felicitous and the most efficient lighting designs to turn your home into a bibliophile’s paradise. No matter if it’s the living room where you feel like giving your current book a read, or if it’s the dining area, or if it’s your dedicated reading room, The White Teak Company’s lighting designs hold power to energize and amp up any part of your home. 

All of our lighting fixtures are designed with finesse and are finely crafted to not only give your living space an opulent touch but up the functionality quotient too. When it comes to etching out an optimal lighting layout, you need to consider many things. You have to make sure you figure out all the spots that receive adequate natural light and those that don’t. As a rule of thumb, focus on the parts that don’t receive a lot of natural light. Now, the best way to achieve optimum illumination in your home is to go for layered lighting, which includes three elements - ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. If you get these three elements right, you’ll never have to worry about getting visual fatigue at any nook or cranny at your place. 

Getting the basics right with Ambient Lighting for your reading spots

Ambient lighting is the first step to achieving rich and flexible lighting for your home. These lighting fixtures basically set the tone of your space, and this soft general lighting is versatile enough to accommodate both day and nighttime settings. 

There are a number of lighting fixtures that fall under this category, including recessed fixtures like ceiling lights, wall sconces, floor lamps and certain pendant lights that bounce the light off the ceiling. Now, let’s quickly take a look at our recommendations for this segment -

  1. Dreamer - This exquisite wall light can add warmth to your space as you’d never expect. Dreamer boasts a design that’s easy on the eyes and can light up any desolate corner of your room. The beautiful milky glass shade, along with the chrome-finished base, adds an aesthetic touch to your decor. Dreamer
  2. Lot to Unpack - This ravishing wall light can effortlessly add an opulent touch to your indoors. Textured acrylic paired with a golden frame is a sight to behold, and the functionality this wall light adds to your living space will actually surprise you.Lot to Unpack
  3. Smitten - As the name suggests, this wall light will leave you smitten, and there’s no way you’ll be able to take your eyes off this one. Smitten always stands out in our collection as this beauty can lend a strong aura to a place and add warmth to it. The milky white glass paired with a golden base is as charming as you think it is. Smitten
  4. You Owe Me - This floor lamp is quite capable of sweeping you off your feet. This piece can be a highlight in any room you place it in. Apart from fulfilling its purpose, You Owe Me looks very aesthetically pleasing.You Owe Me
  5. Power Point - If you love going for something out of the ordinary in your decor, then this floor lamp is perfect for you. Practical, efficient, versatile, this stunning lighting fixture checks all the boxes, and the dimmable LED is its second-best feature after the design.Power Point
  6. Finders Keepers - For the perfect ambient lighting, you need slightly softer fixtures and this ceiling light is the best pick for the category. A golden frame with textured glass on the side and a milky white glass below, this fixture looks absolutely enchanting and can set the right tone to your place. Finders Keepers

Adding functionality to your reading spots with Task Lighting 

Unlike ambient lighting fixtures, task lighting fixtures are much brighter, much more intense, and help you carry out tasks like reading and writing much more efficiently. The only thing you have to be careful about is whether the lighting fixture is glare-free or not. 

The most efficient lighting fixtures for task lighting include pendant lights, table lamps, bright ceiling lights, and floor lamps that can create a focal point. Let’s take a quick look at The White Teak’s recommendations from the in-house collection -

  1. Soup for the Soul: The entire bibliophile community is always divided over whether to read under a white light or a yellow light, but with this suave lighting fixture, you can do both. This versatile lighting fixture is equipped with a smart light. Soup for the Soul
  2. Addicted: This smart and sophisticated pendant light is a boon for all the bookworms out there. Efficient design, versatile lighting functions, this lighting fixture can blend into any part of your home seamlessly. The design is neither too loud nor too bland, just perfect enough to complement your reading sessions.Addicted
  3. Bird in Hand: This floor lamp looks as unique as it sounds. This beauty comes with a stunning faux feather shade that absolutely steals the show. And that’s not the only highlight of this piece, it also comes with two exquisite marble platforms that accentuate the look and the gold finish on this piece is just icing on the cake. Possessing such an amazing design, this piece doesn’t compromise on it’s efficiency or functionality at all. This floor lamp can be your perfect reading companion.Bird in Hand
  4. Song to Sing: This ceiling light can energize your entire room and it has been designed in such a way that it lights up every nook and corner of your space. With dimmable LED, this ceiling light not just acts as a good companion to your reading sessions but it can also enhance the look of your living space. Song to Sing


The final touch with accent lighting 

Now, when it comes to your reading sessions, accent lighting might not be instrumental especially if you’ve got the ambient lighting and the task lighting in place. But we have figured out how accent lighting can keep a bibliophile like you happy. Accent lighting fixtures are usually brighter than both ambient and task lighting fixtures and create a highlight in the space.  They more or less create a focal point in your decor, and the best way you can use it at your home is to highlight your bookshelves or any place where you keep your books. 

Accent lighting can add drama to your decor, it can add intensity to space and looking at all the titles you own lit up right when you enter the room is an unmatchable feeling. So let us take you through a brief list of accent light fixtures that can highlight the space you keep your books at. 

  1. Amalfi: This stunning lighting fixture is our foremost recommendation on the list as it fulfils its purpose with ease and it is also capable of becoming a highlight itself in the room. Elegant design, efficient lighting, Amalfi creates two focal points around the room and you can easily use one of those to highlight your library. 


  1. Teramo: This wall washer is similar to Amalfi, but it is slightly more compact and boasts a minimalist design that’s intriguing yet easy on the eyes too. This is a worthy addition to your library or your reading room. 


  1. Meant So Much: This graceful and charming piece is one of a kind in The White Teak collection and this cabinet light is the best fixture to go for if you want to amp up your open or enclosed book shelves. The chrome finish also adds an elegant touch to it. 

Meant So Much