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We have bid adieu to 2021, which brought along its own share of luxury lighting trends. The design space was keenly interested in particular trends like minimalist lighting fixtures, especially minimalist pendant lights. Contemporary porch lighting, crystal lighting fixtures, industrial lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures embellished with marble, retro lighting designs were some of the trends that took the spotlight in 2021. Though all these designs are evergreen, and you can always count on them to accentuate the look and feel of your living space, we already have some new luxury lighting trends waiting for us as we begin 2022 on a high note.  

Everyone has started spending a lot of time indoors ever since the pandemic took over the world and that has given them a lot of time to focus on the spaces they come into contact with every day. And that is primarily the reason why everyone wants to go bold with their lighting choices in 2022. Larger-than-life lighting fixtures are the flavour of the season and there’s this mysterious appeal surrounding them that gravitates people towards them. 

People are craving individuality and are going for designs that stand apart from the crowd. This has been quite visible in the kinds of lighting design people go for - everything bold, unique, and flamboyant in its own way. Everybody is looking beyond design languages, beyond colours, beyond functionality, it’s just the boldness quotient of the lighting fixture that’s roping them in. We did expect statement lighting to go big and it’s finally come knocking on our doors this year. Statement lighting is a fun idea to play around with and you can definitely go for it if you’ve been looking forward to giving your home a much-needed makeover. 

In short, this year is all going to be about larger-than-life luxury lighting fixtures. And when you go for such lighting fixtures, by no means does it mean it’s going to be too loud for your living spaces. These bold lighting fixtures add depth to your homes, create the perfect ambience and you get a living space that’s much bolder, fresher, artsier and flexible. 

The White Teak Company has always been ahead of the curve in the luxury lighting industry and being India’s largest decorative lighting brand, we feel it’s our responsibility to help our clients stay on top of trends. We offer a vivid, versatile and extensive collection of luxury lighting fixtures that challenge your imagination. Now, take a quick look at some of the design trends that the design space will be obsessed with this year and how some of our best lighting designs can help you keep up with the trends. 

Colossal chandeliers to create a highlight in your living space 

According to this new trend, giant chandeliers have been helping people get that intimacy and intrigue in their living spaces. And it’s not just palatial houses with high ceilings that we’re talking about, homeowners with a low ceiling are very keen on accommodating a large lighting fixture too. The large chandelier can add that depth and drama to your space as you’d never expect. A colossal chandelier can also accentuate the aura of your space besides being aesthetically pleasing. Our recommendations for this category include these exquisite pieces from our collection: 

1: Caesar’s Palace: This double-height chandelier is one of our finest lighting designs and if you can afford the space, then you simply have to go with this one. Marble discs suspended by golden chains look absolutely mesmerizing and this chandelier can add enough grandeur to your space. 

Caesar’s Palace

2: Red Carpet: This charming chandelier is an absolute embodiment of luxury and opulence and holds the power to change the face of your home completely. This layered chandelier comes with four rings of textured glass tubes to create an unparalleled enchanting atmosphere. 

Red Carpet

Statement lighting to add drama to your space 

Statement lighting is more than just a highlight for your space, it’s a lighting fixture that lets your home express itself. A statement lighting is an eye-catching piece that can help you effortlessly transform your space. You can add a minimalist touch or a contemporary flair to your space, you can basically play around with many ideas when going with a statement lighting fixture. What’s trending now is a pendant light that stands out and gets all the attention it can get. Check out some of our recommendations for this category. 

1: Waterfront Crystal: This pendant light can add a beautiful vintage look to your space with its chrome finish, crystals and candelabra bulbs. This lighting design looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale and it can definitely sweep you off your feet in just a glance. 

Waterfront Crystal

2: Just Like Heaven: This pendant light helps you get a rustic look in your living space. A beautiful smokey grey glass shade encaged in a frame with an antique gold finish is an absolute treat to the eyes. You can either go with a single piece or purchase multiple to achieve your desired look.

Just Like Heaven

Larger-than-life lighting fixtures to balance the lighting in your living space

It’s also important to focus on lighting designs other than the overhead lighting fixtures. You have to make sure that you balance the light out in any room and don’t overdo it with the large lighting fixtures. You can go with numerous ravishing fixtures to fulfil your purpose but think of something sculptural, think of something contemporary, elemental when you’re choosing something larger-than-life. Here’s a couple of recommendations from The White Teak collection. 

1: Thinking of Forever: This floor lamp is nothing short of a masterpiece. It can blend into any kind of decor and balance all the lighting in your space seamlessly. A beautiful sculpture holding a ring of LED light looks absolutely majestic and it takes everybody’s breath away. 

Thinking of Forever

2:  Megawatt: An oversized table lamp in the incredibly elegant combination of black and gold, this stunner is sure to catch every eye in the room. The black fabric shade gives the room an ambience of luxurious opulence while the simple golden base complements its simple beauty perfectly. 


Marble lighting fixtures to elevate your living space

Marble decor came into the spotlight in late 2021 and it looks like the trend is here to stay for good. Marble is an element that symbolizes purity and immortality and can add an immensely strong aura to your home. These robust characteristics make lighting fixtures embellished with marble a worthy addition to your space. Marble can lend a plush look to your interiors and definitely elevate your living space as you’d never expect. Here are a few bestselling recommendations from the house of The White Teak. 

1: Roman Summer: This beautiful wall light comes with a marble base and an exceptional design that captivates you. Pristine white marble with a matte gold base and an amber-tinted glass shade blend with each other seamlessly to offer a strong aura to your space.

Roman Summer

2: A Star is Born: This floor lamp not just brings its exquisite looks to the table but also ups the functionality quotient of your space. The floor lamp comes with a downlighter LED, a marble base and a marble platform which can house anything that you want it to. 

A Star is Born

Make the switch to opulent flush mounts and say goodbye to recessed lighting 

Flush mounts are the new flavour of the season and recessed lighting fixtures have taken the backseat this year. Flush-mounted lighting fixtures are believed to bring a much more custom and polished look compared to recessed lighting fixtures. They can add warmth and depth to the living space like none other, making them a pretty popular choice for this season. Take a look at our recommendations for this category. 

1: Sunshine: This beautiful ceiling light comes with an exceptional design that can charm your home up. Its exceptional design resembles a sun and this marvel actually changes the light every time it’s turned on. This lighting design can switch between warm white, neutral white and cool white to suit your moods at any time. 


2: Time to Shine: This ravishing piece can add an effortless stroke of opulence to your room. Absolutely breathtaking, this ceiling light comes with eight sets of golden rings with an antique gold finish. This modern chandelier can add a contemporary flair to your space and will definitely steal the show no matter which space it occupies indoors. 

Time to Shine

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Or have something else in mind for your home? Head over to our homepage and feast your eyes on The White Teak Company’s exhaustive range of luxury lighting designs that will completely change your outlook towards lighting. Feel free to visit any of our stores to look at our elegant lighting fixtures and get a much more personalized experience. Shop with us now, be a part of The White Teak’s family, be a part of our legacy.