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  1. How to choose the right pendant light for your living space?

    How to choose the right pendant light for your living space

    Pendant lights are the flavour of the season and for all the right reasons. Pendant lights are those exquisite timeless designs that can never go out of style, and the kind of look and feel they lend to your living space is simply unparalleled. Pendants can lend a flawless stroke of opulence to your space, and these ingeniously designed lighting fixtures can accentuate the energy of your home beyond your imagination. 


    Pendant lights are very convenient because the installation is mostly hassle-free, and they can effortlessly blend into your existing decor, which means you don’t have to worry about giving your home a rejig to welcome this lighting design into your home. Apart from the accentuated aesthetic value, pendant lights also bring an exceptional functionality quotient to the table. With a charming presence and extraordinary practicality, pendant lights become an unmissable part of your home d

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  2. Beyond luxury: Larger-than-life Fixtures Are The Next Big Thing in Luxury Lighting 

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    We have bid adieu to 2021, which brought along its own share of luxury lighting trends. The design space was keenly interested in particular trends like minimalist lighting fixtures, especially minimalist pendant lights. Contemporary porch lighting, crystal lighting fixtures, industrial lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures embellished with marble, retro lighting designs were some of the trends that took the spotlight in 2021. Though all these designs are evergreen, and you can always count on them to accentuate the look and feel of your living space, we already have some new luxury lighting trends waiting for us as we begin 2022 on a high note.  

    Everyone has started spending a lot of time indoors ever since the pandemic took over the world and that has given them a lot of time to focus on the spaces they come into contact with every day. And that is primarily the reason why everyone wants to go bold with

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