Lighting trends

The design space in India has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, and the innovations in the space never cease to amaze us. Smart lighting is one such trend that’s taken the domain by storm and is currently enjoying its own spotlight in the industry. Smart lighting is the new hip as it’s not only very convenient for users, but it’s quite visually appealing too. Practical, efficient, versatile and customisable, smart lighting can be the key to completely revolutionising your living space. 

But being a relatively new concept, it’s quite understandable that people may have their doubts about this particular innovation. And there’s one particular question that is currently looming over the entire design scene of the country, ‘Is smart lighting the way forward?’ 

The question to be answered is simple yet complex at the same time. One thing that we know for sure is that the traditional lighting systems are definitely quite outdated. Ever since the pandemic took over the world and forced people to spend more time indoors, they started giving attention to their spaces like never before. Spending all day at home, working or just relaxing for the day made people realise the importance of lighting. Even the most neglected spots and the most desolate corners of most living spaces were lit up to enhance the aura of the space and add depth to enhance the visuospatial perception of the space. 

Now that the idea of optimal lighting for homes is slowly getting standardised, it won’t be any more challenging to familiarise yourself with the concept of smart lighting. Just like any other thing in the world, smart lighting comes with its own pros and cons, and we list them all out so you can embrace this idea without an iota of doubt in your mind.

Advantages of smart lighting


Smart lighting is a boon for homeowners who like to have an edge in their decor. No matter what kind of lighting designs you like, be it modern, contemporary, rustic or vintage, smart lighting fixtures can add that special touch that can transform your home exponentially. Now let’s take a quick look at the pros of smart lighting. 

1: Control at the touch of your finger 

 Smart lighting can usually be controlled with a touch of your finger. Most smart lighting fixtures can be paired with your phone or tablet and can be controlled with ease. You can switch your light on or off and control various aspects like brightness, colours, and set an atmosphere depending on your mood and occasion. A few lighting designs are offered with a remote control that will help you control the same features mentioned previously. 

 2: Voice control with smart assistants 

 This is another trend that’s been dominating the design scene. Most smart lighting fixtures can be controlled with your voice if you pair them with a smart-home assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. There’s no difference between the features you can control with a touch and voice, it’s only the mode of communication that changes. 

 3: Energy efficient 

 Smart lighting fixtures are primarily LED bulbs or, in a few cases, CFL too, which brings in a significant difference in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs. An LED bulb is proven to use 70-90% less energy than a traditional bulb. 

 4: Longer life span 

 A smart LED bulb can last anywhere between 35,000-50,000 hours, which is quite a lot compared to a traditional bulb’s lifespan of 750-2,500 hours. 

Limitations of smart lighting

Everything comes with its own set of limitations, and smart lighting isn’t immune to it either. It is a relatively new innovation in lighting, and it is definitely not a perfect creation. There can be a few things that you can find a bit troublesome, but the possibility of that happening is very meagre, but let’s take a look at them just in case you find yourself in a pickle. 

1: Getting used to the lesser lumens

 You may not be satisfied if you make an instant switch to a smart lighting fixture, as they are not quite as bright as your traditional LED bulbs. If you’re going to be using a single smart bulb indoors, you may not find it as felicitous as a traditional bulb, but if you’re going to use multiple in a single space, then you might not even complain about the brightness that’s being offered by your smart lighting fixtures. 

2: Not quite useful without WiFi

 Most smart lighting fixtures need a good WiFi connection to function properly. Without it, there might be a significant difference in the way they function. Some smart lighting brands do offer a Bluetooth-only connection nowadays. But considering how the Internet has become quite accessible in India, this will barely be a problem for you. 

 3: Unreliable apps

There are chances that some apps may have a few bugs in them, and that would, in turn, hamper your experience as the lighting fixtures might not function properly. A few glitches can be noticed particularly when you pair your app back with the smart light after a power outage. However, the chances of something like this happening are very meagre.

It’s pretty evident that the advantages definitely outweigh the minor setbacks, and smart lighting fixtures can definitely be the way forward in the domain. Smart lighting can be a worthy addition to your living space as they bring convenience and efficiency to the table and enhance the way people interact or engage with their lighting fixtures at home. And apart from being highly efficient in any given case, they’re also very visually pleasing, which is the key takeaway here.

The White Teak Company offers an extensive range of smart lighting products which have leverage over all the other smart lighting fixtures in the market. Our finely crafted lighting fixtures do come with all the advantages mentioned above but we have also designed our lighting fixtures to overcome all the limitations that other lighting products come with. Take a look at some of our smart recommendations and see how we exactly overcame the challenges…

Felicitous and stunning smart lighting fixtures by The White Teak Company

The White Teak Company offers two kinds of smart lighting designs in their exhaustive collection. The first kind comes with a built-in dimmable LED that can let you control the fixture's brightness, and the second kind comes equipped with smart LED bulbs. You can practically never face any issue with a built-in dimmable LED as there’s zero interference from an app or a smart home assistant. And we use the best smart LED bulbs to go with our lighting fixtures so that they offer an impeccable lighting experience to you. 

 Take a look at some of our charming bestsellers that can literally spice up your decor. 

 1: Three Day Weekend:

This chandelier is absolutely enchanting, and the gold-finished square frames that together create a captivating design will leave you completely mesmerised. This chandelier can sweep you off your feet in just a glance. Three Day Weekend is a statement piece that comes with dimmable LED, which can suit all your moods and occasions whenever required. 

Three Day Weekend

2: Addicted:

If you don’t want your living space to boast an elegant piece like a chandelier and you’re looking for something subtle, then this pendant light is the perfect choice for you. Equipped with a smart LED, Addicted can be an ideal lighting fixture to accentuate the space's look and carry out whichever task you like. 


3: Time Will Tell:

This charming ceiling light is a perfect addition to your space if you can't accommodate a bigger lighting fixture at your home. Time Will Tell comes with a dimmable LED that can be controlled with a remote. The symmetrical design of the piece can lend a strong aura to your place effortlessly. 

Time Will Tell

4: Single Life:

This beautiful wall light comes with a subtle design that is quite intriguing at the same time. Equipped with a smart LED, this wall light is as versatile as it gets. Even when switched off, the milky white globe can enhance your indoors look.

Single Life

5: Hideout:

Just one look at this table lamp, and you'll realise The White Teak's prowess in bringing such intricate designs to life with finesse. This stunning and enchanting table lamp can very well be a statement piece in your decor because of its capability to enhance the look and feel of your living space and accentuate the energy too. It comes equipped with a smart LED that lets you customise the brightness, colour, and create an atmosphere if you like. 


6: Heart on Fire:

Floor lamps can create a highlight in your indoors, but this exquisite piece can definitely do more than that. With a minimalistic design, Heart on Fire can set the tone of your place and create a balance between all your lighting fixtures in a given space. This floor lamp is equipped with a smart LED that can be customised depending on your mood and occasion. 

Heart on Fire

7: Into the Night:

This designer fan is the perfect piece for you if you're looking for a fan that can add grandeur to your home. Besides being aesthetically and visually pleasing, Into the Night is also extremely efficient. It comes with translucent coffee blades with ABS fused with a chandelier that looks absolutely enchanting. Into the Night boasts a dimmable LED that can be customized and controlled remotely. 

Into the Night

You can also head on to our home page to look at our entire range of lighting products and choose the one that suits your needs the best and also the one that is an even better fit for your home. Be a part of The White Teak family, be a part of our legacy.