Spice Up Your Home Lighting With A Tropical Touch

There have been a lot of lighting and decor trends that have taken the spotlight over the years, but nothing is as hot as tropical lighting decor. Tropical Decor is bright and bold and adds just the flavour your gorgeous abodes need. Not only does a tropical decor add a larger-than-life appearance to your home, it adds a fresh touch to your decor with a bright and warm colour palette. Unbelievably comfortable and warm, a tropical lighting layout lends a graceful touch to your home with a heavy use of natural colours and textural elements. This design language is easy on the eyes and is never out of style. 

Tropical design style became a craze in the 1990s and 2000s, and it has continued to stay in the spotlight ever since. Unlike most other design styles in the lighting industry, the tropical style has no particular origin as it takes inspiration from multiple design styles. The tropical design’s roots lie in the exotic Hawaiian design style that was at its peak in the 1940s, and then came the Cuban-inspired touch that was quite the thing in the 1950s. The finishing touch to the existing tropical design style as we know it today was added by the Caribbean design style prevalent in the 1980s. 

The White Teak Company brings to you a mindfully curated list of tropical lighting ideas that would add just the flair and flavour to your gorgeous abodes…

A Classy Touch With Natural Motifs 

Natural motifs are an important part of tropical decor. They can beautifully enhance the look and feel of your home and give your decor an upscale feel. One of the hottest trends in the home decor industry, natural motifs lend a warm and comforting touch to your gorgeous abodes. For a perfectly tropical decor, you can include motifs of a tropical flower, fruits and in some cases, animals too. This would lay a beautiful foundation for your tropical decor, and after that, all you have to do is find other elements to complement the vibe. 

Botanical prints on lighting designs are quite a common sight now, and they aren’t that difficult to find either. They add depth and dimension to your space, and such realistic elements help you give your decor a whimsical touch. 

Feast your eyes on some of the finest lighting designs with natural motifs from The White Teak Company to bridge the gap to your fabulous tropical decor…

In With The Gold Home Decor: In With The Gold is a fusion of florals, femininity and radiance. An unmatched addition to our home decor collection, this beauty is sure to spice up your sideboard or floating shelves. This gorgeous work of art can create a ravishing focal point in any part of your home. 


Magic In Milan Chandelier: Our Magic in Milan chandelier captures the spectacular beauty of evening skies all the way from Italy. Surreal and stunning, the teal-tinted glass is both edgy and elegant. Crafted from a cascading bunch of leaf-shaped elements, this chandelier is a timeless masterpiece. Spectacular in every detail, the grapevines motif ensures your lavish lounge is never lacking in eloquent touches. Get this beautiful chandelier to change the face of your space forever. Complement and complete the look effortlessly with the Magic In Milan wall light. 

Lend An Exotic Touch With Natural Elements 

A tropical decor relies heavily on the use of natural elements. Decorative pieces and lighting designs flaunting rattan, jute, bamboo, reeds and more are becoming quite popular with homeowners, and despite their casual appearance, they can beautifully transform your space into something unimaginable. Natural elements usually come with muted earthy tones, but at times they can be finished in brighter hues too. Either way, they’re simply perfect for your decor.

Natural or organic elements can add an elegant yet subtle vibe to your decor, and it beautifully symbolises the harmony between the artificial and the natural world. They don’t just enhance the aesthetic value of your home but, in some cases, enhance the functionality of the space too. 

Time After Time Table Lamp: Lend a spectacular look to your decor with this gorgeous unconventional design. Crafted meticulously in metal with a glorious avant-garde curve and housed on a marble base. It’s a design that’s set to transform your space and infuse modernistic values with immense creativity.


Say What You Mean Pendant Light: Celebrating the warmth of simple pleasures, the boho-inspired piece mingles with a modern twist in its textural shade. Natural like a pleasant conversation, the shade is crafted with twisted jute threads in neutrals - the classic pair of white and beige. Wholesome and relaxed, this pendant light casts an interplay of light and shadow and is thus the perfect choice for a quiet reading nook or an inviting entryway. Add an effortless beach vibe to your living space with this stunning pendant light. 

Embrace The Earthiness of Ceramic Lighting Designs

Ceramic lighting designs are the new hip in the lighting industry, and you can count on them to add just the right amount of glitz and glam to your tropical decor. There’s something distinct about these lighting designs, which isn’t limited to the clean lines they bring to your space or the earthiness the ceramic adds to your decor. Ceramic lighting designs add that lightness and the warmth to bring the best out of your decor effortlessly. The space not only feels organic with a ceramic design, but it also blends well with the tropical decor and binds all the other elements really well. 

Lay your eyes on these gorgeous lighting designs from The White Teak Company’s colossal Ceramic Collection

Ocean Drive Table Lamp: Ocean Drive teleports you into a different space with its serene design and tranquil hues. With its gorgeous motifs and captivating design, this ceramic lighting design is just the touch your decor needs. The table lamp flaunts a ceramic base finished in pastel blue, which is beautifully complemented by the pale peach fabric shade. 



Maldivian Holiday Table Lamp: Enliven your evenings with the soft glow and nature-inspired design palette of our Maldivian Holiday table lamp. Featuring a ceramic canopy of leaves outgrowing like the trunk of a date palm, the lamp’s base is intricately detailed; and as grey as the monsoon sky. Style these beauties in a neutral palette, in pairs across your bedroom or showcase them on a sideboard to recreate the sea, sand and sunsets from your island getaways.

Add A Splash of Vibrant Colours 

A tropical decor is all about letting your space flaunt that perpetual summer vibe. And it is practically incomplete without a splash of vibrant colours. Think above the muted and tertiary colours for a while and choose all the crisp, vibrant hues you can think of. Be it suave blues to bright pink to striking reds, embrace them all, as this is your chance to turn your home into a holiday paradise. These striking colours will be the focal points of your space, and the idea is to make the look cohesive. Your colour palette can be as vivid and as extravagant as you want it to be, and you can always personalise the shades of your decor just the way you like. Make sure to throw in some neutral shades here and there so that the decor doesn’t become too overwhelming. 

Here are a couple of designs that will add a dash of zest and elegance to your decor with their piquant colour palette…

Tropical Treat Pendant Light: What’s better than a lighting design that has tropical in its name itself? Flaunting a fluted shape, curvaceous silhouette and a vibrant cocktail of colours, this pendant light offers an organic-modern mix. The subtle range in hues in our glass pendant draws inspiration from a tropical beauty full of sun-kissed beaches and soothing breezes. Flaunting a narrow profile and suspended from a circular ceiling plate in a gold finish, this glass pendant promises an ambient glow with the built-in LED. 


Cherry Bomb Pendant Light: Cherry Bomb is as beautiful and vibrant as it gets. Ravishing in cherry-red tint, our Cherry Bomb series is a splash of all freshness styled for your space. Slimline and pretty, this glass pendant houses an in-built LED for a soft pool of light. Suspended from a circular ceiling plate in a gold finish and a shade with a smooth canopy - this is perfect for lounge rooms or kitchen counters. It also doubles as functional art for your homes, with a pleasing union of vibrant hues and spherical silhouettes. 

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