Ceramic Table Lamps
Ceramic Table Lamps
Ceramic Table Lamps

34 Items

  1. Lip Service (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  2. Bahama Blues (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  3. Winter Frost (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  4. Gold Rush (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  5. Smokey Eye (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Smokey Eye (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 7,370.00 Regular Price Rs. 8,200.00
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  6. Rapunzel (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  7. Blank Slate (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  8. Cotton Candy (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  9. Navigator (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  10. Star Gazer (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  11. Summer Skies (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  12. Fish Bowl (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  13. Bold & Blessed (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Bold & Blessed (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 7,840.00 Regular Price Rs. 8,750.00
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  14. Heartthrob (Ceramic) Table Lamp
  15. 34" Forever Zen (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    34" Forever Zen (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 13,150.00 Regular Price Rs. 16,450.00
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  16. Sangria Sunset (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Sangria Sunset (Ceramic) Table Lamp
    Special Price Rs. 8,710.00 Regular Price Rs. 10,250.00
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  17. Cakewalk (Ceramic) Table Lamp

34 Items


Feast your eyes with the Ceramic Collection table lamps from The White Teak Company

Table lamps are usually meant for very personal spaces or to complement the existing decor or lighting arrangement of a certain room in your home, there’s no in-between. And either way, these fixtures can energize the space, light up a desolate corner or even reciprocate your mood without being too invasive. Now, a significant lighting fixture like that does require a graceful touch, and that’s why we bring to you the finest and the most exquisite collection of ceramic table lamps. 

Designer ceramic table lamps that steal the show

Ceramic lighting fixtures were once a treasured inclusion to your decor until the world was introduced to many new design concepts. But the recent trends confirm that the trend is back and ceramic lighting fixtures and decor might make it to the evergreen list. Now, we make sure that you don’t miss out on the trend at all. When you buy ceramic table lamps from The White Teak Company, you take the most sought-after designs and take home lighting fixtures made with finesse that personify luxury. 

Grandeur redefined with our ceramic table lamps 

Our exclusive Ceramic Collection is meant to uplift the aura of your home and also lend a stroke of opulence to every corner of your home. Be it ceramic bedside table lamps or ceramic table lamps for the living room, we have everything you need. They are the best lighting fixtures to amp up your home's ambient lighting and add warmth to the atmosphere. 

Colossal ceramic table lamp catalogue with umpteen designs

We bring to you every design there is, with a good mix of modern ceramic table lamps and contemporary pieces too. If you don’t like your decor to be too edgy, our catalogue boasts several traditional ceramic table lamps that add a simple and minimalist look to your living space. And when it comes to the design of our products, we don’t just focus on beautifying the ceramic bases, but we also design the lampshades with extreme finesse.