Infuse A Rustic Touch Into Your Home With Iron Lighting Designs

Iron lighting designs bring that old-world charm into your abodes, and that rustic vibe is simply out of this world. In the medieval era, lighting fixtures crafted out of iron, especially chandeliers, were a symbol of elegance, wealth and class. And even now, iron lighting designs pretty much stand for the same, as they can add grandeur and opulence like none other. Iron lighting designs make your decor visually rich, and they are capable of adding an alluring touch to your beautiful abodes.

Wrought-iron designs add a rustic yet timeless elegance to your living space. Iron lighting designs are characterised by the use of robust materials and the craftsmanship that goes into crafting them. Iron lighting has been an important part of many design styles that have existed since ancient times. Be it the Victorian era design, the French Renaissance era design, the Spanish Colonial design, the Tuscan design, the Mediterranean design or more, iron lighting has been a significant part of all of them due to its versatility and timeless charm. 

Iron lighting isn’t that difficult to incorporate into your decor. Yes, they do have a rustic charm, and they do set the statement for your space, but they are as utilitarian and ornamental as you can think of. The White Teak Company brings to you a thoughtfully curated list of lighting techniques that would give your home a gorgeously rustic touch. Now, take a look at everything we have for you. 

Creating The Classy Neo-Modern Look

The modern design style has evolved over the years, and so has the way iron lighting designs were used in a decor. Whenever you are the words ‘iron lighting fixtures’, you can immediately visualise a pleasant sinuous lighting design that may be multi-tiered too. Though the idea hasn’t really changed over the years, the neo-modern vibe is what most people opt for. Adding just the depth and rusticity to your decor, the neo-modern look might just be the perfect look for your home this season. 

For a perfect neo-modern lighting layout, consider installing European-inspired iron lighting fixtures. Be it Empire lighting fixtures of French origin, the tiered chandeliers inspired by the early Anglo-Saxon lighting designs, or the classic island pendants, any of them can help you achieve just the flair and fervour for your living space.

If you’re looking for some appropriate suggestions, then feast your eyes on the following iron lighting designs from The White Teak Company that will simply transform your home with their old-world charm…

Moonlight Rendezvous Collection: This gorgeous collection is a beautiful modern recreation of the classic Gyroscope design. A beautiful and fitting homage to the charming Foucault’s Orb, every chandelier and floor lamp from the collection is simply a treat to the eyes. Each and every design from this collection has been intricately designed to lend an effortless stroke of opulence to every nook and cranny of your living space. 

Unrequited Love Chandelier: Regal, resplendent and ravishing is how anybody would describe this rustic beauty. The chandelier flaunts a stunning symphony of form and function and it can add an old-world vibe to your space quite effortlessly. The chandelier comes with a dark iron frame that is complemented by the gorgeous hurricane glass shades with a wispy pattern. This is just the lighting design you need to go all out with that rustic vibe in your space. 



Add An Industrial Flair To Your Living Space

Iron lighting designs are usually associated with the neo-modern, mid-century and ancient European design styles, but we forget about one important design style that makes a heavy use of iron fixtures - the industrial design style. Industrial design is modern enough and rustic enough to give your home a unique look. 

The advantage of an industrial vibe over the old-world decor is that the latter often requires polished and sleek iron lighting fixtures that could often be described as regal and resplendent. But with industrial design, you only have to worry about achieving a monochromatic decor with aged or battered iron lighting designs. There’s something distinct about these lighting designs with earthy accents that can beautifully add a rustic vibe to your space. 

Here are some robust yet rustic industrial lighting designs from The White Teak Company that can help you achieve the rustic decor of your dreams effortlessly. Take a quick look…

Squaretastic Pendant Light: Symmetric lighting designs are underrated, and so is this beautifully designed pendant light. Squaretastic has a zesty yet elegant design that leaves you in a state of awe the more you look at it. Captivating and mesmerising, this lighting design is the one for your space if you want a relaxed industrial vibe in the space. The pendant light flaunts two frames, one crafted out of aged wood and the other of iron. The radiant acrylic shade completes the look and looks ravishing when lit up. 



Filament In Orbit Table Lamp: If you’ve been on the lookout for a perfect industrial lighting design, then this table lamp is just the one for you. Exuding a warm and comforting glow into your living space, this rustic marvel is a rare find. The table lamp embodies the industrial design with ease and pays homage to the sputnik design style as well. The matte black metal frame holding out the Edison bulbs looks intriguingly gorgeous and adds an exceptional functionality quotient to your living space. This table lamp is truly a sight to behold, and it accentuates the look and feel of your decor even when not lit up. 



If the Industrial design style wows you as much as it does us, then take a look at the following lighting ideas - 

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