Soulful Feng Shui Lighting Ideas For A Harmonious Home

If you go by the definition, Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your decor in a way that creates balance and harmony with the natural world around you. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, literally translates into wind and water in the same order. According to the practice, human life is connected to and flows with the natural environment around it. Feng Shui, in recent times, has left everyone in a state of awe and is now considered a tool for spiritual well-being and good design too. Over the years, many people have adapted the way of the wind and water and realised that if these two elements are in balance, then there’s no space for negativity to enter your beautiful abodes. Feng Shui also influences your lifestyle in more ways than you can imagine. It is proven to calm you down, bring more positivity into your life and also enhance the relationship with other people and your own self. In simple words, Feng Shui attracts love, peace and harmony within people. 

There are many ways to create the most positive energy flow and mental state of mind using Feng Shui’s approaches and design principles. The idea is to let your decor connect with the ‘chi’ or the energy of the place. These design principles can be easily implemented, and many experts believe that a free-flowing ‘chi’ can help you achieve a happier life, a more positive outlook and an abundance of harmony, vitality and joy. Lighting is one of the most essential elements of your decor, and it is important to take this into consideration whenever you’re planning your decor. Lighting has been proven to influence our psychological well-being in more ways than one, and when it is paired with the Feng Shui design principles, you could very well fine-tune your home or your workplace to transform your lives for the better. 

The White Teak Company brings to you a mindfully curated list of Feng Shui lighting ideas that would give your home or workplace a balanced touch and enable them to become a tool for your spiritual well-being. Now, take a look at everything we have for you. 

Infuse Warmth Into The Space With Incandescent Lighting 

Incandescent Lighting used to be a very popular choice until the design industry was gripped by the LED fever. Yes, LEDs are definitely cost-effective, and they have a lot more advantages than incandescent bulbs, but many experts believe that the latter is the healthiest choice you can make for your home. And Feng Shui also supports the same. 

Incandescent bulbs generate a warm lighting level, sometimes with a yellow hue and, in most cases, an orange hue. The warm lighting not only accentuates the aesthetic value of your space but also creates an inviting atmosphere in your beautiful abodes. And there’s no other lighting bulb that feels quite natural like the incandescent bulbs. 

When the sun radiates heat, it produces a visible light spectrum, and incandescent bulbs mimic the same thing in the closest possible manner. Our body recognises that too, and that’s why incandescent lighting can have a profound effect on our circadian rhythm. 

Lay your eyes on some of the most gorgeous incandescent lighting designs from the colossal collection of The White Teak Company and enhance your physical and spiritual well-being…

Mykonos Memories Chandelier: Edgy yet elegant, Mykonos Memories flaunts a warm glow in your decor and beautifully illuminates every inch of your living space. The chandelier is reminiscent of the nightlights of Mykonos, and it has its own way of adding serenity to your beautiful abodes. The lighting design flaunts a stunning matte gold frame that graciously holds eight dimpled smokey grey glass goblets. The Edison bulbs add a distinct touch to the lighting design. 


Backstage Glow Chandelier: Flaunting a fine symphony of form and function, Backstage Glow is just the modern refinement your living space needs. Adding just the depth and drama to your home, this glamorous chandelier gives your home a ravishing makeover. The lighting design comes with a coffee-finished frame that is seamlessly complemented by the effervescent textured cognac-tinted goblets. 


Backstage Glow Chandelier


Balance The Yin & Yang With Your Lighting Layout 

Yin and yang is a Chinese concept that describes the two opposite yet interconnected forces. When completely balanced, these energies complement each other and can prove to be beneficial to the occupants of the house in a massive way. There are many characteristics that both forces bring into the picture, but when it comes to setting your lighting layout, only two characteristics of the forces truly matter. 

Yin brings the quiet into the picture exuding a relaxed vibe. In contrast, yang is on the louder side, creating an active atmosphere. The best way to work on the yin of your home is to enhance the ambient lighting. Table lamps with fabric shades help create more yin in the space as fabric softens the lighting beautifully. Some places, like your bedroom, vanity space and your bathroom, can use more yin. 

Yang, on the other hand, is only needed in functional spaces of your home. Your study, dining room, kitchen, and more can definitely use a little bit of yang. The best way to create yang in the space is by installing lighting designs that have metallic or reflective shades. 

Take a look at these designs that can gorgeously balance the yin and yang in your decor…

RSVP Table Lamp: This table lamp balances the yin of your place with ease. Adding a timeless touch to your decor, the table lamp flaunts a sleek marble base that is complemented by the suave golden accents on the body. The white fabric shade casts a soft glow and does wonders for your ambience. 


RSVP Table Lamp


Always & Never Chandelier: A beautiful homage to the Sputnik design, this chandelier is truly a sight to behold. There possibly can’t be a better lighting design to balance the yang of your space. This fabulous lighting design flaunts a gorgeous polka dot-styled metal shades. While the design adds a zesty touch to your decor, the copper finish adds unparalleled elegance to the space. 


Accentuate The Flow Of Energy With Uplighting 

Sharp edges can hamper the flow of energy in the space. Softening the sharp edges with lighting designs like corner uplights, accent lighting, and torchieres can prove to be beneficial in the long term. Uplighting also accentuates the energy flow and gives you a more restful environment. And it’s not just about the chi of the space. Uplighting can influence your visuospatial perception and make the space appear larger and less cluttered. You can use uplighting to highlight the architectural elements of your space too. 

Take a look at these ravishing torchiere-style floor lamps that can beautifully illuminate the corners of your room and soften the sharp edges too…

Golden Cluster Floor Lamp: As far as torchiere floor lamps go, this is one of the finest designs to grace our extensive floor lamp collection. A stunning symphony of modern and contemporary design styles, this floor lamp brings you the best of both worlds. The lighting design flaunts an iron frame finished in an antique coffee hue. The look is seamlessly complemented and completed by the amber-tinted glass hurricanes. 


Golden Cluster Floor Lamp


Old World Charm Floor Lamp: Another subtle and suave torchiere floor lamp from our collection, Old World Charm does absolute justice to its nomenclature. With a charming and elegant design, the floor lamp lends perfect illumination to your space, and it seamlessly blends into any kind of decor. The floor lamp has an iron frame finished in antique bronze, while the look is completed by the bubbled glass hurricanes. 


Channel The Earth’s Energy With Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting plays an important role in balancing the energy of your living space. The basic rule is that lighting adds to the chi of your home, and exterior lighting help rejuvenate the energy effortlessly. Your home can channel beneficial energy from the Earth and bring good fortune if your outdoor space is aptly illuminated. 

Outdoor hanging lights, gate lights and garden lights are just the fixtures you need to light up your outdoor space in an instant. Start with your porch, patio, balconies, driveway and pathways, as they will lay the foundation for your outdoor lighting layout. You can then choose to highlight your treeline or other architectural elements in the space to enhance the aura of your home. 

Take a look at some of the gorgeous lighting designs from our effervescent Outdoor Lighting collection…

Little Bit Longer Gate Light: This warm, zesty and modern gate light pays homage to the oriental design style, and it can simply do wonders for the aura of your outdoor space. This is the perfect addition you can make to your decor and create a remarkably warm and inviting atmosphere. The gate light flaunts a square frame with a top, and it houses four panels of frosted milky white glass. The intricately designed gate light will add a stroke of elegance to your home’s entrance. 

Little Bit Longer Gate Light


Nebula Garden Bollard: When it comes to illuminating your driveways or your pathways, there’s absolutely no better lighting design than this. This beautiful bollard can be very easily installed wherever you like and just the way you want. The lighting design flaunts a blend of  modern and oriental design styles, and it is quite soothing for the eyes. The all-black finish looks absolutely stunning, and the textured glass panels add a ravishing touch to your outdoor decor. 


Nebula Garden Bollard


Looking Away Pendant Light: Another design with a subtle yet sleek oriental design, Looking Away does wonders for your outdoor decor. This pendant light is truly a sight to behold and can simply bring out the best of your porch area. The pendant light flaunts an all-black frame that adds to its mystical charm, while the frosted glass panels look ethereal. This pendant light can be the perfect addition to your patio and your deck too. 


Looking Away Pendant Light

Let Dimmable Lighting Exude Tranquility 

Dimmable lighting is one of the best discoveries in the lighting industry, and you can literally go for them blindly without any recommendations. You can never go wrong with dimmable lighting. There are many advantages of installing dimmable lighting fixtures in your homes, but according to Feng Shui practitioners, these lights can bring a lot of positive energy into your home.

Dimmable lighting designs are customisable, and they can set the tone of your home quite seamlessly. They not only enhance the look and feel of your home but also add an effortless functional touch to the space. 

Savour a look at some of the finest lighting designs from our Dimmable Collection

Keep Her Happy Chandelier: Cascading strings of precision-cut crystal suspended off a circular frame in matte gold give this chandelier an undeniable aura of opulence and breathtaking charm. It's the perfect chandelier to add glamour to your living rooms, lounges, and more. Apart from its dimmable function, this chandelier can switch between warm white, cool white and natural white too. The brightness of the lighting design can be remote controlled with ease. 



Sweet Escape Table Lamp: Suave and strikingly simple in equal measures, Sweet Escape, has been designed to impress anybody who takes a glimpse of this gorgeous table lamp. This table lamp can add a distinct radiance to any room apart from adding dimension to the space. The table lamp flaunts a matte gold body that gracefully holds the deep amber-tinted glass shade. You can effortlessly customise your decor with this extraordinary lighting design. 

Sweet Escape Table Lamp

Nourish Your Chi With Red Lighting Designs

Feng Shui practitioners recommend using a lot of red in your decor, and there’s a reason why. In ancient times, the Chinese would place red lanterns in their homes as it was believed to bring harmony and joy into the living space. Red paper lanterns were and are still considered an auspicious addition to the space as it symbolises wealth, prosperity and fame. 

The modern equivalent of a red paper lantern would be a lighting design finished in red or if it flaunts even a bit of red. A hanging light, like a chandelier or a pendant light, is preferred as it would help mimic the tradition with absolute perfection. 

Add a splash of red to your decor with these stunning lighting designs…

Cherry Bomb Pendant Light: This pendant light can spice up your decor with its distinct flavour and also add the right amount of red your space needs. This gorgeous pendant light is one of the best alternatives to the traditional red lantern in our extensive collection. The pendant light flaunts a golden frame that holds three different glass shades finished in blue, grey and red, in the same order. 


First Dance Pendant Light: This pendant light flaunts a bold contrast of black and red that looks equally zesty and elegant. With a gorgeous blend of form and function, this contemporary refinement brings the best out of your decor effortlessly. The pendant light comes with a matte black frame with red accents, and the look is complemented and completed by the frosted milky white glass globes. 

First Dance Pendant Light

Head on to our homepage to feast your eyes on some of the finest luxury lighting designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Also, keep an eye out on this space for more such tips and tricks to transform your beautiful abodes.