Uber-Chic Industrial Lighting Ideas To Add Panache To Your Space

The industrial design style is more popular than ever, and despite bearing slight similarities to the vintage and modern design styles, this design language has its distinct characteristics and adds an unparalleled edge to your gorgeous abodes. Industrial design is very intriguing and fascinating as it impresses with its rustic, casual, and unconventional old-world charm. Industrial lighting designs mostly use steel, iron, glass, wood and similar materials to create a stunning contrast with their raw appearance. And despite sounding too bland, you can trust us when we say that industrial lighting designs have their own way of adding cosiness to your living space. 

Understanding industrial design style a little more will definitely help you integrate this vivid styling language into your decor with ease. The industrial design style takes inspiration from factories and warehouses from the early 20th century. Back then, bricks, concrete, steel, and iron were all it took to create a sturdy structure that would last for years to come. Fast forward to the late 20th and 21st centuries, most of the factories and warehouses were vacated as the requirements changed over time, and these abandoned places were transformed into really beautiful homes and workplaces. This gave birth to the industrial design style as we know it. Rustic lighting designs against the backdrop of exposed brickwork, ductwork, pipes and concrete became the trademark of this relatively young design style. 

When it comes to getting the industrial design style right, you need to focus on the minor details than the big picture. You may find your decor edgy when you begin the transformation, but it is nothing short of a symphony when all the industrial elements sit together just the way they’re meant to be. The White Teak Company explores various ways to incorporate utilitarian lighting designs to give your home just the panache it deserves.

1. Mixing And Matching Works Really Well 

We understand that turning your home decor into an industrial-styled den can be more than what you asked for. And the good news is that industrial lighting designs look equally well even when you flaunt them in a non-industrial backdrop. Industrial lighting designs have a distinct character, but they can blend into other decor styles seamlessly, probably because of the simplicity and subtleness of the source materials. 

Industrial lighting designs can create a stirring visual in your space, and they stand out even when they’re used in a modern backdrop, traditional backdrop, and they do exceptionally well in minimalist decor. A mixed decor is your answer if you’re not opting for the full package. 

Take a look at the following designs from the extensive collection of The White Teak Company that make mixing and matching a piece of cake…

Slow Winds Chandelier: This modern industrial lighting design transforms your space with its zesty yet soothing design. The chandelier exudes a warm white shade which does wonders for your ambience. And the muted grey shade gorgeously stands out in your decor. 

Good To Glow Pendant Light: This magnificent work of art infuses its distinct charm into your living space with its stunning industrial design. The pendant light gets a clear glass shade that houses a rustic golden mesh chamber. You can use this in a cluster or individually. 

2. Choose The Right Textures And Finishes For Your Decor 

No matter the scale of the transformation, this is one detail that you simply can’t go wrong with. The finish of the lighting fixtures is what will truly lend a convincing industrial look to your home. You also have to be mindful when choosing the lighting designs, as there are very few elements that would actually add a rustic edge to your decor. 

When it comes to picking the right lighting designs, go for the ones that flaunt a metallic structure. Be it steel or iron, the more rustic it looks, the better. A little bit of glass in the mix can go a long way in adding an elegant touch to your space. Metallic lighting designs with wooden accents are something that can be used too. Moving on to the finishes, brass, copper, chrome, and iron go hand in hand with the industrial design style.

3. An Apt Colour Palette For Your Industrial Decor

Without the right colours, your industrial lighting designs might just fade into the backdrop and may not create a rich visual like you’d expect them to. The finishes and the colours of the lighting design are critical to creating the right ambience and giving your space the makeover it needs.

For a textbook industrial decor, go for neutral shades like greys, whites, blacks and browns. These colours would complement elements like wood, steel, iron and brick quite beautifully. Let your primary colours be almost monochromatic, as they can work their magic effortlessly and add an edge to your decor. 

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at these ravishing designs from The White Teak Company…

Cocktails & Cake Chandelier: Let the smokey grey shades with a chrome finish add mystique to your decor. This bold & beautiful chandelier flaunts the perfect colour palette for an industrial decor. The Edison bulbs and the black ceiling plate finish the look with ease. 

Old World Charm Floor Lamp: This floor lamp justifies its nomenclature effortlessly. The torchiere-styled floor lamp flaunts an exquisite antique bronze finish, and that is just perfect for your industrial decor. The floor lamp comes with three clear glass shades housing sleek Edison bulbs that create a stirring visual in your space. 

4. Use Accent Colours Sparingly 

Yes, we do understand that creating a contrast in your space is very important, and that is why accent colours have become quite popular in recent times. While there are barely any restrictions on the use of accent colours in other design styles, you have to be mindful of the colours you use in your industrial decor. 

The rule of thumb to use accent colours in the right manner is to take into account all the colours of your furniture, lighting designs, and the dominant shades of your home decor. What works best with industrial lighting designs is accent shades like rust or wooden tones. And if you’re mixing and matching design styles, then add an edge to your decor by adding a splash of colours like blue, purple or green. But make sure you don’t go overboard with the accent hues.

5. Embrace Exposed Architectural Elements

This is the most important thing to do if you want to achieve a holistic industrial look. Your industrial lighting designs will look beautiful, but you will still find a void in your decor if there are no rugged features to complement the lighting layout. Embrace any exposed elements in your home like brickwork, ductwork, piping or concrete. Industrial design is an acquired taste, and you need to find beauty in the most simplistic elements.

6. Modern vs Industrial: Make The Best Use Of The Dilemma

Modern and industrial design styles are essentially the same in many ways, as they both focus on the materials and the aesthetics of the design rather than the functionality. You can very easily create a modern industrial decor if you get the details right. 

Modern-styled designs incorporate straight lines and brighter lighting, while industrial design style doesn’t really work well with straight lines, and it is more about bringing out the natural unpolished nature of the lighting designs. Industrial lighting designs emphasise more on the curved contours. 

While the shapes are the only area of conflict for modern and industrial design styles, you can use them together without giving it a thought as they pair each other really well and bring out the best of each other.

7. Complement The Lighting Designs With Rustic Decor 

Breathe new life into your decor by beautifully complementing your industrial lighting designs with other rustic elements. Indoor plants are a great idea to let your industrial decor shine, and the natural accent shades they bring into your space does wonders for your decor. 

What also works for the space is shelving, coffee tables, framed photographs and more with a rustic vibe. Wired or metal artwork completes your decor too. Abstract paintings always seem to go well with an industrial decor, so go ahead and try that too. 

Here are some designs that will complement your decor beautifully…

Home & Hearth Wooden Lantern: Bringing the best of both modern and industrial design styles, this wooden lantern is just perfect for your decor. The lantern flaunts a sleek polished wooden body that houses two glass chambers for the candles. The nickel and chrome accents simply look ravishing. 

Wish To Fish Home Decor: This suave and sophisticated work of art brings out the best of your decor with its simple design. The decor speaks volumes with its design and adds an extra dimension to your space. The antique bronze finish works its magic and complements your industrial decor in a way you never imagined. 

Head on to our homepage to feast your eyes on some of the finest luxury lighting designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Also, keep an eye out on this space for more such tips and tricks to transform your beautiful abodes.