Stir Some Romance Into Your Home With Mediterranean Lighting

Whether a design enthusiast or not, there’s no way you wouldn’t have heard about the Mediterranean design style at least once in your lifetime. And whenever you hear the word ‘Mediterranean’, your mind instantly visualises the breezy beaches, the vibrant and exotic coastal towns, the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and the enchanting landscape in and around the vast Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean decor pays homage to the same characteristics, and it came into existence to complement the achingly beautiful and mesmerising terrain of the gorgeous countryside. The Mediterranean region is a melting pot, and that can pretty much be said about the design style too. The Mediterranean style continues to draw inspiration from all the countries around the sea, be it Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco and France too. The Mediterranean design style, or as it was called the ‘Mediterranean Revival’ style, originated back in the 1920s, and it continues to be one of the most sought-after design languages as it has a vibrant, calm and intimate appeal to it. 

If you’re looking for a relaxed yet elegant design style to go with for your home, then the Mediterranean style would just be the perfect pick for you. One important aspect of Mediterranean decor is the colour palette. You need to be very careful with the colours that you pick for your lighting designs, furnishings, home decor, walls and more. For the decorative elements like lighting, furnishings and home decor, it’s better to go with colours like rustic gold and different shades of greens and blues as they’re perfect for a textbook Mediterranean decor. And when it comes to colouring the backdrop, consider sticking to warm neutrals or standard neutral shades like white, ivory, cream, sand, grey and beige, as they can add an effortless stroke of elegance to your living space. 

Another important aspect of Mediterranean decor is the kind of materials that go into it. Sticking to natural elements goes a long way in adding that flair and flavour to your living space. Iron lighting designs can help you achieve just the look for your space, and you can also go with lighting designs that flaunt woven fabrics, ceramic, glass, rattan, jute, wood, stone and more. The nature of these materials, their composition, colour and texture are reminiscent of the breathtaking landscape of the Mediterranean, and they help create an atmosphere that is simply unmatched, evoking a myriad of moods and sensations. The White Teak Company brings to you a mindfully curated list of lighting ideas for each part of your home to turn your home into a Mediterranean paradise. 

A Sublime Coastal Touch For Your Living Room 

The idea of flaunting a Mediterranean-styled decor is reminiscing the sun-soaked and seaside locales and adding a warm yet relaxed touch to your living space. The living room is arguably the most important part of your home as it sets the tone of your entire living space. And being multi-functional in most cases, this is where families end up spending most of their at-home time. A vital aspect of the Mediterranean design style is achieving that symphony between the indoors and outdoors, and you need to flaunt the same in your living room. An abundance of natural light accentuates the expressive capacity of your living room. 

Start with a statement chandelier for the space and make it count. Focus on clean lines and creating a minimalistic lighting layout. Even though minimalism is a priority, try to make your lighting layout appear fuller by complementing the statement lighting with ambient lighting designs like table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights. You don’t have to go too much into the details with a Mediterranean lighting layout. 

Living Room

Designs Featured In The Frame: 

Caesar’s Palace Chandelier: Regal, resplendent and ravishing from every angle, this chandelier is just grandeur redefined. This lighting design can turn your living room into a work of art. Extravagant and effervescent, this chandelier lends character to your living space with the effortless symphony of form and function. The chandelier flaunts a gorgeous metal frame that suspends intricately designed Italian Marble discs with gold chains creating a visually rich focal point. The chains and the discs can be adjusted to personalise your decor just the way you like. 

Gold Dust Table Lamp: Simple yet sublime, this table lamp exudes unparalleled serenity into your living room and leaves you in a sense of bliss every time you’re around it. This table lamp can transform your decor unimaginably with a flawless fusion of modern and contemporary design languages. The stunning table lamp flaunts a decadent black marble base, and the glass shade beautifully complements it with a mild golden tint. As timeless as it is ravishing, this table lamp is the perfect pick for your Mediterranean living room.


Gold Dust Table Lamp


Dazzled Wall Light: Do not let its demeanour fool you. This wall light can beautifully lend depth and dimension to your living space and bring the best out of your living room with its minimalist yet modern design. The wall light lends a distinct aura to your space and flaunts a harmonious blend of tranquillity and effervescence in the correct dose. The lighting design comes with a resplendent matte gold base that gracefully holds two amber-tinted bubbled glass goblets. The design looks as fabulous as it sounds. 

A Relaxed Yet Warm Touch For Your Dining Room

A dining room is the heart of your home in many ways, and it is important to illuminate the space the way it deserves to. Only for this particular space you need to focus on functionality as much as aesthetics. This familial space needs to be as uncluttered and as uncomplicated as possible. ‘Form-inspiring function’ needs to be your mantra here.

An overhead statement lighting design is recommended for this space too, as it can set the tone of your space and provide perfect illumination. At the least, you need a hanging light that illuminates the length of the dining table and enhances the functionality quotient of your dining space. Even in this space, you can use ambient lighting designs to complement the lighting layout. The dining room is one of the spaces where there’s an immense energy flow, and you can definitely accentuate that with significant use of natural materials and natural lighting in the space. 

dining room


Designs Featured In The Frame:

Broken Promises Chandelier: There’s no other chandelier that can illuminate your dining room quite like this. Elegant and appealing, this chandelier is truly a sight to behold. You can never get enough out of this lighting design, and you’ll realise it when you get it for your home. The chandelier comes with a resplendent matte gold frame that houses five gorgeous hurricane glass shades. The hurricane glass shades flaunt a mercury tint that looks absolutely stunning. This is a perfect pick for your Mediterranean dining space. 



Good To Glow Wall Light: This vibrant wall light flaunts a flawless blend of several design styles. It brings that Mediterranean vibe into your space along with a modern, industrial and minimalist charm too. The chandelier comes with a matte gold frame that is complemented and completed by the clear glass shade. If you’re looking for a sleek ambient lighting design for your dining room, then this is the perfect pick. 


Old World Charm Table Lamp: This table lamp justifies its nomenclature beautifully as it brings that old-world charm into your living space quite literally. This design is perfectly Mediterranean and has just the subtle touch that your dining room needs. The table lamp flaunts an iron frame in an exquisite antique bronze finish complemented by the bubbled glass hurricanes. 

An Intimate Beachy Bedroom 

A bedroom is your sanctuary, and this is the place where you seek a soothing respite from your everyday fast-paced life. A coastal-themed beachy bedroom can create a perfectly relaxed yet inviting atmosphere in the space. The bedroom is not a difficult space to decorate. The functionality is definitely not a priority here, but you need to make sure your room is prepped up for any possibility. 

The bed is the centrepiece of this space, and the best thing to bring the best out of your bedroom is to hang a pendant light to exude that warm and comforting glow whenever you need it. For your quiet bedside reading sessions or to enhance the ambience of the room, you can go with a bedside table lamp or a bedside wall light. If you have an armchair in the space or a cosy spot that needs illumination, feel free to add a floor lamp to the lighting layout. 

bedroom image

Designs Featured In The Frame:

Maple Spice Pendant Light: Maple Spice is a contemporary wonder, and it can beautifully change the face of your space. Artistically designed with three rings of shades, this pendant light has a palpable aura of style you cannot miss. Two shades of plastic-reinforced burlap in an off-white colour are placed above and below a central shade of acrylic in a chianti maple-coloured wooden finish to create this gorgeous pendant light that's perfect for a Mediterranean bedroom. 

Maple Spice Pendant Light

Come Clean Table Lamp: Belonging to our exquisite Marble collection, this ravishing table lamp exudes serenity and tranquillity to your living space like none other. With a sleek and slender modern design, this table lamp is all you need if you want to give your decor an effortless stroke of opulence. The table lamp flaunts a beautiful golden body sitting on a beautiful marble base, and the charming fabric shade finishes off the look. Complete your Mediterranean bedroom with this lighting design. 

A Lush Yet Vibrant Touch For Your Outdoors

A Mediterranean-inspired outdoor decor is the easiest to set up as it becomes way easier to incorporate natural elements into the space. Your outdoor oasis won’t need too much planning either if you already have a mild green cover in the space. The only time you’ll have to put a lot of thought into the decoration is when you decide on the focal points of the space.

For your outdoor space, both the aesthetics and the functionality of the area have to be taken into consideration. The lighting should provide apt illumination to the outdoor area but also lend safety to the occupants at all times. Like most other parts of your home, hanging light is the perfect lighting design to make your outdoor space visually rich. Not only does it create a ravishing focal point in the space, but it adds a warm and inviting feeling to the entire area. Focus on the seating space, especially your patio, deck, pergola, gazebo or whatever your space has, as the ambience here can really lend character to your outdoor space. Also, keep in mind the weathering factor, so it’s better to go with cast iron or wrought-iron lighting designs.

Outdoor image

Designs Featured In The Frame:

Top of The World Pendant Light: A true Mediterranean beauty, this pendant light brings a distinct vibe into your living space. A beautiful pendant light for your outdoor spaces, this design is a beauty to behold. Featuring bubbled glass shade for a gorgeous visual effect, this light has a simple metal lattice frame in a coffee finish holding the glass within. It is suspended off a chain in a matching coffee finish, making it a perfect addition to your outdoor spaces for a classy, rustic feel. Get this lighting design for your space now. 

Top of the world pendant light

Gypsy Life Wall Light: Magnificent design with an awe-striking aura, this wall light is just the design you need to complete your outdoor decor. A classic lantern-inspired wall light made with a gorgeous golden metal frame encasing a milky white glass diffuser within, this beauty has a very elegant aura. It's the perfect outdoor wall light to light up your terraces, balconies, gardens, and more. 

Gypsy life wall light

Promised Land Floor Lamp: This Mediterranean lighting design can add a meditative vibe to your space with its tranquil, minimalist design. With a peaceful aura and a magnificent design, this floor lamp is bound to transport you into a different world altogether. The floor lamp flaunts a gorgeous antique gold finish that is fabulously complemented by the pale peach fabric shade. 

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