Enhance Your Well-being With These Biophilic Lighting Ideas

There is absolutely no denying that humans are practically inseparable from nature. We have this innate and irrevocable need to connect with our surroundings, and it shows from time to time. When was the last time you were overwhelmed with joy with petrichor, and when did a gentle caress of a soft breeze bring a smile to your face last, or when was the last time you felt that pleasant sensation when warm sunlight fell on on your skin? If you’ve experienced these moments or something similar, you know exactly what we’re talking about. When we connect to the natural world, we always end up with a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment. 

What we’ll be talking about with you today has a lot to do with nature and how our senses react distinctively to natural elements. Biophilia is a design concept that is slowly beginning to become a common sight in most households, and one of its components - biophilic lighting - is what intrigued and impressed us the most. The word biophilia has Greek origins, in which ‘bio’ stands for life, while ‘philia’ denotes fondness. Biophilia, as a design concept, involves incorporating nature into the indoor environment for our overall well-being and also to feed the deeply engrained love we have for nature. 

Biophilic lighting has many benefits, and it has proven to enhance the quality of life significantly in many cases. As the world continues to urbanise at a rampant pace, we are slowly losing the connection to the natural environment, and the most harmful effects can already be seen due to the lack of it. According to many studies, humans only spend a little less than 10% of their time outdoors and that, as you can interpret, is an alarming figure. While we do recommend increasing the time spent outdoors for your physiological well-being, why not reap similar benefits by bringing nature into your decor itself? 

Biophilic lighting is the best way to ensure your well-being as it can reduce stress and anxiety, stabilise your moods, regularise your circadian rhythm, enhance your immune system and also increase your focus and concentration, among other benefits. Now, if you stand convinced that biophilic lighting will transform your decor and your lifestyle, then here are a few ways you can gorgeously flaunt them in your beautiful abodes. We at The White Teak Company believe that biophilic lighting is the future, and here’s a mindfully curated list of lighting ideas that will add a distinct flavour to your decor and just the glitz and glamour your home needs. 

Mindfully Mimic Nature With Your Lighting Designs 

As we mentioned before, natural elements can add a sense of bliss and tranquillity to our living space. And organic materials add their distinct touch and create an unmatched serene environment unlike you’d ever imagine. When we say mimic nature with your decor, there are numerous ways of doing it. You could do so with the materials you use in your decor, or you could incorporate some plush natural textures throughout your lighting layout, or you could go with the easiest and the most sought-after way - bringing natural and earthy hues into your home. There are lighting designs that take inspiration from trees, flowers, water, and now, you can even find lighting fixtures that resemble the unique characteristics of each of the four seasons. 

If you look for them, you’ll find numerous nature-inspired lighting fixtures that will add an entrancing vibe to your living space. Not only do these lighting designs add warmth to your space but also enable you to cherish nature and embrace the joy it brings to your life. Nature-inspired lighting can bring clean lines and a gorgeous contrast to your decor, and you simply won’t stop admiring your fantastic homes. The best way to start with your biophilic lighting layout is to find a nature-inspired statement lighting design and then slowly add similar lighting designs that complement the theme. It’s completely alright if it’s just your statement lighting that follows the biophilic theme because it will obviously be that one lighting design that sets the tone for the space. 

Seeking inspiration? Feast your eyes on some of the finest and the most exuberant nature-inspired lighting designs from the colossal collection of The White Teak Company…


Poets That Write Crystal Chandelier: Gorgeously resembling a Japanese Wisteria tree, this ravishing chandelier recreates the blooming period of the rare tree quite effortlessly. This chandelier is truly a sight to behold as it adds a sense of bliss to your living space. The chandelier flaunts a sleek matte gold frame that gracefully suspends shimmering strings of tiny clear and amber-tinted crystals. 

Poets That Write Crystal Chandelier

Touch The Clouds Crystal Chandelier: This incredible crystal chandelier beautifully resembles a withered dandelion, and it looks equally breathtaking as a real one. This chandelier evokes a sense of tranquil intrigue in whichever space it adorns. The chandelier flaunts a gold-finished globe between a mesh of crystal-studded strings. The rose gold finish seamlessly adds an unparalleled stroke of opulence to your biophilic decor. 

Touch The Clouds Crystal Chandelier:


Falling For Flowers Crystal Chandelier: This intricately designed chandelier is one of the finest to grace the colossal collection of The White Teak Company. Reminiscent of the colourful and vibrant autumn season, the chandelier resembles a supple maple tree. The graceful blend of crystal and gold is simply a sight to behold. 

Falling For Flowers Crystal Chandelier

Reset Your Circadian Rhythm With Dimmable Lighting


Circadian rhythms are the 24-hour cycles that are part of our body’s internal clock. And that includes all the essential physical, mental, and behavioural changes in our bodies. With a majority of people not spending enough time outdoors, there is a constant rise in disrupted circadian rhythms. And we don’t have to emphasise on the negative effects of a flawed circadian rhythm. 

Dimmable lighting is an effective and efficient way to reset your circadian rhythm, as there are many lighting fixtures that mimic the natural progression of sunlight with their light. Since it’s difficult to make a major change to your lifestyle in an instant, dimmable lighting is an incredible way to start with. It lends beautifully to your biophilic lighting layout and also enhances the aesthetic value of your home effortlessly. There are many lighting designs that can be pre-programmed to dim or change the hues or the intensity of the lighting throughout the day. And it goes without saying that dimmable lighting can double up as seamless mood lighting fixtures too. 

Make sure that you check out The White Teak Company’s elegant Dimmable Lighting collection and find the perfect lighting designs for your gorgeous abodes…

Uncuffed Chandelier: This chandelier is a reminder of the beauty in simplicity. The fluidic design and the exquisite colour palette will leave you in a state of awe every time you take a glimpse of it. The chandelier is finished in gold to boast a stellar look and create a peaceful and warm-lit ambience. The functionality quotient of this chandelier is simply unmatched, as its dimmable lighting panel is extremely effective and efficient.

Uncuffed Chandelier

Mirage Floor Lamp: If you’re looking forward to mimicking the natural progression of the sun at your home, then there’s simply no better lighting design than this. The floor lamp comes with three pairs of rings finished in matte brown metal, while silicone diffusers are arranged on an illuminated beam to cast a warm glow inside the space it adorns. 

Mirage Floor Lamp

Rejig Your Decor With A Splash Of Green

When we say ‘go green’, we mean it both literally and figuratively. For a biophilic decor, you need to choose colours that add a peaceful vibe to your space. You must ensure that the colour palette exudes tranquillity into every nook and cranny of your space. And there’s absolutely no colour better than green to do just the job for you. 

According to many studies, most shades of green have a positive effect on your body. Apart from calming you down, simply looking at green shades is believed to reduce and regulate your heart rate. Green is a versatile colour that symbolises the natural world, and it is an important ingredient for your biophilic decor. Be it the colour of the backdrop, or the colour of the lighting designs you flaunt, or your favourite indoor plants adorning the space, a splash of green is the most essential part of the transformation. 

Take a closer look at some of these gorgeous designs that will add just the right amount of green your decor needs…

Keep My Love Pendant Light: This variant from our exclusive Keep My Love collection personifies style and grace like none other. This pendant light flaunts a flawless modern design that leaves you enchanted every time you take a glimpse of it. The pendant light comes with an intricately designed green-tinted glass shade that looks absolutely stunning even when it’s not lit up.

Keep My Love Pendant Light

Walk On By Pendant Light: This intricately designed pendant light is one of the finest from our collection. Flaunting a leaf-patterned glass shade, this is a gorgeous addition you can make to your biophilic decor. The pendant light flaunts a deep teal tint that is flawlessly complemented by the golden accents on the body. If your decor has a green backdrop, then this pendant light will just fit in perfectly. 

Walk On By Pendant Light

Bring Natural & Organic Elements Into The Mix

Adding natural and organic elements to your decor adds a unique touch to your decor, and it can add serenity to your living space unlike you’d ever imagine. There are many possibilities when it comes to picking the right materials for your biophilic lighting layout. Stone veneer lighting designs, an elegant crowd-pleaser, is one of the best ways to start with your lighting. Stone veneer adds a rustic yet robust feel to your decor, and you can achieve a similar effect by flaunting marble lighting designs. Marble-embellished lighting designs are quite a common sight now, and they add a timeless touch to your beautiful homes. You could also go for lighting designs flaunting a wooden finish or ones with shades crafted out of organic materials like jute or cotton. The possibilities are endless, and it all depends on your taste and what kind of lighting design you want to go with for your decor. 

Savour a look at these magnificent lighting designs that add a beautifully natural vibe to your fabulous abodes…

Mean What You Say Pendant Light: Made to elevate the every day, Mean What You Say flaunts an airy, statement-making silhouette. Celebrating the warmth of simple pleasures, the boho-inspired piece mingles with a modern twist in its textural shade. Soothing like a pleasant conversation, the shade is crafted with twisted jute threads in neutrals - the classic pair of white and beige. Wholesome and relaxed, this pendant light casts an interplay of light and shadow and is thus the perfect choice for your decor. 


Slate Abate Floor Lamp: An incredibly beautiful floor lamp with a black-and-gold base and frame, this stunner features a shade made using a veneer of actual natural stone. The golden accents on this shade enhance the beauty of this design beautifully. Daytime or nighttime, this fine lighting design will complement your biophilic decor on all occasions. 


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