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If you have more space in your bedroom than you know what to do with, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Large bedrooms are lavish and opulent, but only if they’re decorated well. In the absence of adequate furniture, lights, and decor, large bedrooms can look sparse or empty. But having too much space is always better than having too little, because you have a significantly greater variety of lighting, decor, and furniture combinations to play around with. 

In this article, we will discuss six different combinations of incredibly gorgeous lighting fixtures that can entirely transform your bedroom. Whether you have a furniture set in place or not, these lights will give your large bedroom a distinct aura of luxurious classiness and opulence at once.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these inspiring ideas!

Decor Ideas for Large Bedrooms with Abundant Natural Light

In accordance with modern standards, newer buildings with large bedrooms tend to have abundant natural light. This can be in the form of large windows, skylights, glass walls, French windows or sliding glass doors leading into a balcony, or any combination of these. It’s been proven that an abundance of natural light has a powerful positive effect on mental health, so this is a huge plus point.

However, when it comes to decorative lighting, working with natural light can get a bit tricky. You need pieces that look equally beautiful even when they’re turned off, and the colours need to be in sync. Otherwise, your space can end up having a distasteful look with a rather scattered vibe.

Decor Idea #1

For a large bedroom with white or light-coloured walls, a combination of a large chandelier with a pair of wall lights and a table lamp will do very well. We recommend suspending the large version of the Queen’s Necklace chandelier in the exact centre of the room — it has 18 bulbs, and the visual effect of the precision-cut crystal shades is nothing short of breathtaking. The White Diamond single-head wall light pairs up perfectly with this chandelier. They will look incredibly perfect on either side of your bed, at waist height or according to the height of your bed, however you prefer. 

If your room is large enough to warrant it, you can install the White Diamond ceiling light or its pendant light version in addition to this chandelier. We don’t recommend doing this unless your bedroom is truly massive.

In a large enough room, you can add a coffee table with a pair of armchairs or a work desk as well. Bare tables look odd in large rooms, so we strongly recommend placing the Slow Burn table lamp atop the table or desk to complete the look flawlessly. 

Decor Idea #2

Large bedrooms with dark walls can look incredibly majestic when decorated with the right set of lights. Dark walls make any space appear more inviting and cosy whereas bright walls give it an open and airy feel.  For dark-walled bedrooms, there’s nothing quite like LED chandeliers to enhance that cosy feeling and dial it up to an aura of luxurious majesty.

We recommend installing the Rewrite the Night Grand LED chandelier in the centre of the room. It is a large, dimmable chandelier that comes with a remote control which allows you to control its brightness as per your convenience. You can embellish your space with two Running Late table lamps, one on each side of the bed. If you have a tabletop or desk space in the room, Prized Possession is an excellent choice of home decor artifact to go with this look.

Decor Idea #3

A problem people often forget to consider in large rooms is air circulation. You may have an air conditioner that cools the room effectively, but this does not usually take care of circulating fresh air in large rooms. In the absence of a fan, you could quickly develop a stale smell in the room. So a fan is a necessity even in air conditioned rooms. Regular fans are typically too small; they’re not usually designed for large spaces. Besides, a regular fan could really kill the vibe you set up so painstakingly in your bedroom.

The White Teak Company has several gorgeous ceiling fans that are specially designed for air circulation in large, air-conditioned bedrooms. One of these is the Granada ceiling fan, which is made of wood and has a massive diameter of 58” that makes it perfect for large bedrooms. It comes with a remote control, making it a very convenient and stylish addition to any space. 

Granada pairs beautifully with classic-styled pendant lights like Moonlight Rendezvous. You can hang two small versions of these beauties on either side of the fan to get a bright and glittering light through their crystals. To finish the look perfectly, just add one Play the Game wall light on each side of the bed. 

Decor Ideas for Large Bedrooms with Regular Windows

Classic Indian bedrooms come with regular windows that don’t always allow for much natural light, making it necessary for you to add sufficient artificial light within. We always recommend using two layers of curtains in rooms like this — one wispy layer for use during the day, which allows natural light in while still protecting your privacy; the other a set of blackout curtains to use at night or whenever you want to block daylight and let your decorative lights shine.

With this in mind, we highly recommend using chandeliers or a pair of large pendant lights along with smaller, localised lights like table or floor lamps, or wall lights. Similar to the previous recommendations for large rooms with abundant natural light, one of our decor ideas for rooms without a lot of natural light will also include a large ceiling fan. 

Decor Idea #1

If you have a room with light-coloured walls and mostly bright-shaded linens, then the lighting fixtures should go along with this theme as well. For such a space, the Games People Play chandelier in cognac glass will be absolutely perfect. It’s a majestic piece available with 8, 10, or 12 heads, so you can pick the one best suited for the size of your room.

For the best effect, we recommend picking one that’s slightly smaller than the largest one your room can accommodate. This is to ensure that you can also add the Games People Play wall light on the wall opposite to your bed or on either side of the window, without seeming too over-the-top. A pair of Ablaze table lamps in amber glass on the bedside tables will offer the perfect finishing touches to this ensemble.

The best part about all three of these lights is that they’re also available in smokey grey glass variants. So, you can use whichever set matches your design and preference more closely!

Decor Idea #2

Bedrooms with light-coloured walls and dark furniture or linen will look truly stunning with the One Step Ahead chandelier right in the centre of the room. Its amber glass has a mesmerizing visual effect, making the entire space glow. With twelve cylindrical shades held together by a tastefully designed metal body in matte gold, this piece brings out the best of the light-shaded walls as well as the dark furniture.

A pair of Caramelized Sugar pendant lights with one on either side of the bed will go swimmingly well with this chandelier. Extendable down to 63.5” from the ceiling, these pendants can be used as the perfect bedside lights in this combination. 

Placing a solitary Old World Charm floor lamp on the other side of the room, perhaps next to a small coffee table or an armchair, will complete the look with impeccable style.

Decor Idea #3

This decor idea is centred around a large and gorgeous ceiling fan - Solano Summer. With this absolutely stunning wooden fan right in the middle of the room, you can add two Controlla hanging lights on either side of the fan. The dark bronze finishing on these lights along with the three bulbs in each one make it a fantastic pairing with this fan while also adding a beautiful, warm glow to the room. 

No large room look is complete without bedside lights — and the perfect piece to complete this set is the Edison Caged table lamp. One on either side of the bed, perched atop your bedside tables, these lamps will finish the look like nothing else!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and that they inspire you to go ahead and redecorate your large bedrooms!