Interior Design: Entrancing ways to glam up your living room

Tired of looking at the same living room over and over again? Have you been looking for that makeover for a long time and planning to get rid of your outdated decor and grotesque lighting fixtures? Then you’re at the right place at the right time. 

While many consider the kitchen or the dining room to be the heart of the home, it is the living room that has slowly been reclaiming the title. A living room boasts a high functionality quotient, and it is used to carry out a lot of tasks. Ever since the world started spending a lot of time indoors due to the pandemic, a living room's purpose has completely been redefined. 

Many elements go into making a perfect living room, yet the one that should always be your priority is lighting. Lighting is one of the essential elements that can either make or break your living room decor. The lighting fixtures you decide to flaunt in your living room can set the tone of your space, so it is important to pay extra attention to the lighting designs and their placement too. 

The best part about designing the lighting layout of your home is that you can personalise it as much as you want and let the entire theme of the space be in line with your thoughts and preferences. 

Now, there are countless ways in which you can lend some much-needed grace and charm to your living room, but there are a few things you need to get right. And that’s why The White Teak Company brings you the best combinations to give your living room an effortless yet beautiful makeover. 

However, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you go and plan your lighting layout. 

1. What is the purpose of each lighting design? 

2. Which part of your living room needs the most illumination?

3. Do you need to focus on the ambience more or the functionality?

You need to figure out the purpose of each lighting design before installing it, as it can determine a lot of things in your decor. You need to get familiar with a lighting concept known as Layered Lighting. Layered lighting consists of three elements - ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. While ambient lighting adds to the general lighting of the space, task lighting is much more focused and helps you enhance the functionality of a given space. Accent lighting, on the other hand, enables you to highlight different features of your space, be it your art, furniture, or home decor, by creating a focal point around it. Now that you are familiar with this concept, you need to think about it before purchasing and installing your lighting designs. 

Another overwhelming factor in designing your lighting layout could be deciding which design style to choose. There are a plethora of options out there, and you could choose from modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage, transitional, traditional and basically anything that suits your tastes and needs. 

Well, you don’t really have to worry too much about it, as The White Teak Company brings you the ultimate cheat sheet that you can use for times to come to turn your living space into your dream home by adding an unmatched flair with your lighting designs. Now take a look…

Option 1: An overhead lighting design paired with two wall lights and table lamps 

Ambient lighting: Overhead lighting design and wall lights. 

Task lighting: Table lamps 

Accent lighting: Wall light (optional) 

This is one of the best and easiest ways to go about with your lighting layout, especially when you’ll be using opposite walls. The idea is as simple as it sounds. Go ahead with a central lighting design like a chandelier or a ceiling light, as these designs will set the foundation for perfect illumination in your living room. Chandeliers have a way of adding depth and drama to your space, and they can significantly change your space's visuospatial perception, making it look bigger and more spacious, considering the light is evenly spread throughout the living room. 

You can get wall lights to complement this primary lighting design as there are no better ambient lights that serve the purpose better than them. Wall lights placed over your seating space will simply add magic to your living room. We suggest placing at least one or two table lamps in the space for the functionality part. You can personalise this layout as per your convenience, and it can suit all your moods and occasions quite beautifully. 

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at these designs…

Shooting Star Crystal Chandelier: This resplendent chandelier can create a stirring visual in your space, and given its build and structure, you can say goodbye to shadows in your living space forever. The precision-cut crystals paired with a stainless steel frame look absolutely ravishing.

Shooting Star Crystal Chandelier


Roman Summer Wall Light: This wall light exudes its effortless elegance and charm with ease. Get a pair to adorn your space and forget all your woes forever. The wall light flaunts a suave fabric shade with a matte gold frame and a stunning marble base. 

Roman Summer Wall Light


Stepping Stone Table Lamp: Add a modern flair to your living room with this beauty. A flawless symphony of form and function, this is a must-get for your space. A tantalising fabric shade complements an intricately designed metal body placed on a timeless marble base. 

Stepping Stone Table Lamp

Option 2: A pendant light paired with a floor lamp and a table lamp 


Ambient lighting: Floor lamp and table lamp

Task lighting: Pendant light 


This again is a simple lighting layout, and it can be a perfect fit for compact spaces as well as bigger spaces. The biggest advantage of this lighting layout is that you will have an uncluttered living space at your disposal. You may question that a pendant light might not suffice, and you may be very right about it. We suggest going with an oversized pendant light or a pair of pendant lights if one won’t be enough for your space. The latter is a much better option as it can give you an exceptionally symmetrical living room.


A pendant light is just perfect for your living room as it can accentuate the aura of your space by a significant margin. The enhanced functionality quotient is just a bonus that makes it a must-buy for your space. The floor lamp can be used to eliminate shadows or simply light up an entire corner of your room. Floor lamps are usually quite bright and can enhance the ambience of your living room flawlessly. A table lamp completes the look by adding that final touch of functionality. The table lamp offers a mid-level light balancing the light of the room and setting the tone of the space too. 


Recreate this layout with these gorgeous designs…

Quiet Storm Pendant Light: This stunning pendant light is just perfect for your living room as it creates an ethereal effect in your living room. This beauty in black will be even better in a pair as it will balance the lighting in the space effortlessly. 

Quiet Storm Pendant Light

Game is Done Floor Lamp: Complete the contemporary vibe with this fabulous floor lamp. With two sleek and slender columns of LED lights, this beauty can amp up every nook and cranny of your living room.

Game is Done Floor Lamp

Bright Side Table Lamp: Why just choose functionality when you get a great touch of aesthetics too? This gorgeous table lamp flaunts a blown glass body that exudes elegance and tranquillity unlike you’d ever imagine. 

Bright Side Table Lamp

Option 3: A designer fan paired with a floor lamp and a table lamp 


Ambient lighting: Designer fan and table lamp

Task lighting: Floor lamp 


If you’re already tired of including chandeliers, ceiling lights or pendant lights in your living room, then add an edge to your decor with a designer fan. You could go with a designer fan embellished with an LED panel, or you could straight away go with a chandelier ceiling fan. A designer fan has its own distinct aura, and given the trends in the design space, it absolutely stands out from the crowd. 


The floor lamp in this layout has to be slightly more functional than the ones in the previous layouts. The table lamp serves the same purpose as before, adding mid-level light to the room and adding to the ambience of the space.


Take a quick look at these alluring designs…


Finishing Touch Designer Fan: This suave ceiling fan sweeps you off your feet right at first glance. The sleek and slender teak-finished blades beautifully complement the gold-plated body and the 5-head chandelier. 

Bright Side Table Lamp

Talk The Tango Floor Lamp: This stunning floor lamp is as functional as it gets, and you’ll never ever feel the need to add another lighting design to carry out any tasks in the space. The design comes with three LEDs, and the sleek glass shades add to the modern vibe of the space. 

Talk The Tango Floor Lamp

Sugar Rush Table Lamp: Since the idea is to go with unconventional yet elegant lighting designs in this layout, this table lamp perfectly completes the decor. An effervescent amber-tinted glass shade paired with a matte gold body looks absolutely stunning in your living room. 

Talk The Tango Floor Lamp


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