The Suavest Lighting Trends For Your Fabulous Abodes In 2022

People often underestimate the kind of effect lighting can have on their decor. Saying that lighting adds life to your beautiful abodes is definitely an understatement. Lighting is a crucial component when it comes to designing your space, and while the design styles and the build of the fixtures were previously key priorities, people are now inclined to focus on the functionality quotient too. 

To understand the current trends in the Indian design space, we talked to a lot of lighting experts who have turned to many new concepts that add a distinct flair to all the spaces they design. We also got in touch with our clientele to understand what they expected when it came to planning their lighting layouts. Now, we have a clear picture of what is trending in the design space and how these lighting ideas can amp up every nook and cranny of your space. Sit back and take a look at everything you can do to get breathtaking decor. 

Statement lighting is a must 

Statement lighting started trending last year, and while we thought it was a fad that would fade out quickly, the trend has actually stayed and struck the right chords with homeowners. Statement lighting is all about flaunting larger-than-life lighting designs that are dramatic, elegant, oversized and bring their eccentric aura and charm to your living space. 

It is a common notion that statement lighting only has to be overhead lighting designs. But there’s absolutely no restriction to what your statement lighting can be. While statement chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendant lights do stand out from the crowd, cluster wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps have proven to be quite beautiful statement designs too.

How to create this stunning look?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, then there’s no better place than the extensive and vivid collection of The White Teak Company. Here are our best picks to give your living space an effortless touch of elegance. 

Somewhere in Barcelona (Glass Chandelier): This effervescent chandelier is meant to be a statement piece that adds ample depth and drama to your living space. Reminiscent of the ethereal Catalan city, the chandelier exudes an extraordinary aura with its bedazzling glass petals finished in Mediterranean pink.

Somewhere in Barcelona


Welcome To Beverly Hills (Pendant Light): You may not always prefer a chandelier, and that’s perfectly fine because this pendant light is the finest one from the house of The White Teak Company. With its unparalleled glitz and glam, this pendant light takes inspiration from the larger-than-life nature of Hollywood. This LED chandelier is as functional as scintillating it is. 

Art Deco designs for that nostalgic touch 

Art Deco style originated back in the 1920s, and even a century later, the design language has barely faded out. While Art Deco lighting designs come with their own charm and flair, it is primarily the nostalgic element that gets to the people. Over the years, the definition of Art Deco has evolved as people kept tweaking the design style for their convenience. 

What has stayed constant over the years is the geometric and angled patterns associated with Art Deco since the beginning. The design style also boasts a significant use of reflective surfaces like mirrors, chrome or lacquer. Jewel tones and shimmering metallics work well as accents in this design style. Simply put, Art Deco is the finest blend of what’s new and what’s old. 

How to create this beautiful look?

Shooting Star (Crystal Chandelier): This ravishing chandelier is the textbook definition of the Art Deco design style. The shimmering precision-cut crystals embellished on the resplendent stainless steel frame are just a sight to behold. The stainless steel accents embedded between the crystals add a distinct flair to the chandelier. 

Shooting Star


Running Late (Table Lamp): This beautiful table lamp can effortlessly complement the Shooting Star chandelier and make your decor feel complete unlike you’d ever imagine. A classic Art Deco design, the table lamp stands out because of the beautiful contrast of white and gold that is an absolute treat to the eyes. The marble base of the table lamp adds a timeless elegance to the table, further accentuating its aesthetic value. 

Running Late

Matte Black designs for that unmatched sophistication 

This trend stormed into the design space and is very unlikely to fade out soon. Black is a colour that has a timeless aura to it, and no matter what, this colour will always symbolise elegance, power and prestige. Matte black, similarly, adds class to your decor unlike you’d ever imagine. A  matte black lighting design might just be the modern refinement you’ve always been looking for to turn your living space into your dream home. 

There’s no limitation to the lighting design you want to flaunt in your beautiful abode. You could go with a chandelier, a pendant light, a floor lamp or even a table lamp. All you have to ensure is that you take the best advantage of the contrast matte black designs will create in your space. 

How to achieve this gorgeous look?

Black Tie (Crystal Ceiling Light): Taking inspiration from the flamboyant dress code, this beautiful ceiling light is an absolute showstopper. With a beautiful matte black base, the ceiling light suspends mesmerising clear and amber-tinted crystals creating a stunning contrast that will transform your living space. 

Black Tie


Dazzled Black (Wall Light): Complete the look with this enchanting wall light that flaunts a beautiful matte black base. However, the highlight isn’t the matte black base but the resplendent bubbled clear glass shades that exude absolute serenity and tranquillity into your space. 

Dazzled Black
Stone surfaces for that robust look 

Stone surfaces add this robust, rustic look to your living space which looks absolutely magnificent if you take our word for it. People did flaunt stone surfaces in many parts of their homes in many different ways, but lighting was one domain missing out. Stone veneer lighting designs are what exactly you’ll be looking for if this idea has wooed you already. 

Many lighting designs flaunt a stone veneer surface, but you have to ensure that they aren’t too loud for your space or don’t look very disproportionate. While it won’t be a significant inconvenience, you must ensure that these designs blend well with the furnishing. 

How to create this stunning look?

A Date With Slate (Floor Lamp): This stone veneer floor lamp is a treat to the eyes, and one look at it is all it needs to sweep you off your feet. This rustic elegance flaunts a gorgeous stone veneer body that is flawlessly complemented by dark fabric shade. Getting this floor lamp is a no-brainer if stone surfaced designs are what you’ve always wanted. 

A Date With Slate

Touch & Glow (Pendant Light): With a stone veneer floor lamp on the ground, all you need is an overhead lighting design to complement it and complete the look beautifully. This pendant light is just what your decor needs to boast an effortlessly modern look. The pendant light comes with a stone veneer shade exuding a warm hue that adds a distinct look to your living space. 

Touch & Glow

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