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Every part of your home deserves to be the centre of your attention, and yes, that includes your bathroom and vanity space too. Bathrooms and vanity spaces are truly your sanctuaries if you think about it, and ignoring these spaces while designing your lighting layout can be a blatant mistake. Bathrooms and vanity spaces are used by everybody, and they can speak a lot about the way you actually decorate your living space. 

When you go about decorating your living spaces, it is essential that the entire theme or design style resonates with your personality. Lighting plays a key role in giving a space its true character, and it is essential to choose the right fixtures for your bathrooms too. While people usually splurge when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for the rest of their homes, bathroom lighting is something that doesn’t really attract much attention. However, that is slowly changing, and now most of us want a dynamic bathroom that strikes the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. 

You can choose to infuse a little modern charm into your bathroom and play around with textures, elements, and design styles to give your space the best look that you’ve dreamed of. The White Teak Company brings to you an array of bathroom lighting ideas that will change the way you’ve looked at that space ever before. 

Find the right balance between mood lighting and functional lighting 

The best way to decorate your bathroom or vanity space is to start with the ambience. While it may sound peculiar that ambience is a key factor in decorating your bathroom, it really defines your space and sets the tone too. And believe it or not, your bathroom is a very personal space, and it sometimes becomes your escape from everything there is. 

Your bathroom is a highly functional space, and you would require a lot of task lighting, more than you can even think of. But that shouldn’t let you shy away from adding mood lighting to the space and creating a warm atmosphere in your bathroom or vanity space. 

If we go by the usual layout for a bathroom, then your space can be split into three key zones that will require optimum lighting - the vanity space, the bath and the shower area. Now, your vanity area will require task lighting, and you can go for some intense lighting designs to surround the mirrors. Make sure that your vanity lights are placed vertically on either side of the mirror, unlike the usual placement that is above the mirror. That not only accentuates the aesthetic value of your vanity space but also gives you perfect illumination with very few shadows. 

The next part is the overhead lighting design. Go all out with the overhead lighting fixtures, as they will add character to your space and also lend some drama to your bathroom. You would definitely want your primary lighting design to be crisp and have enough illumination to make your bathroom seem spacious. You can also layer the lighting designs to add intimacy to the space and create a much softer atmosphere. Add a few dimmable lighting designs to add versatility to this personal space. 

Here are a few designs from the extensive collection of The White Teak Company that can add a distinct flair to your bathroom…

Tipping Point Vanity Light: There’s no other lighting design that can complete your vanity space quite like this beauty. With an effervescent stainless steel finish, this stunning vanity light adds the right kind of depth and drama to your space and enhances the aesthetic value of your bathroom unlike you’d ever imagine. 

Tipping Point Vanity Light

August Night Pendant Light: This pendant light exudes unparalleled warmth into any space it graces its presence with. And this could just be the perfect primary lighting design to adorn your bathroom. Not only does this beauty create an elegant focal point in your bathroom, but it effortlessly makes it much more functional too. 

August Night Pendant Light


Create effortless focal points with spotlights 

If you are sorted with your mood lighting, it’s totally up to you if you want to create an even more dramatic ambience in the space. Spotlighting not only makes your space more functional but creates exceptional highlights that enhance the visuospatial perception of your bathroom.

Spotlighting can beautifully complement your vanity area, and you can even create a stunning focal point above your shower area. Unlike your regular ceiling lights or other flush-mounted fixtures, spotlights are much more versatile and can create ethereal visuals in whichever space you place them. 

Stratosphere downlighter: This little beauty can create surreal focal points in your bathroom while adding a beautiful modern touch to your space. These lights are just intense enough to elegantly amp up every nook and cranny of your vanity area. Creating an exquisite contrast with white and gold, this downlight is just a treat to the eyes. This particular downlight is adjustable, making it extremely handy and versatile to light up your bathroom.

Stratosphere downlighter

Take The Lead Vanity Light: If you’re not looking for something as intense as Stratosphere, then this beauty is just the pick for you. If your space is a little compact, then this is the perfect alternative to the downlight. The vanity light flaunts a bold stainless steel base that is complemented by the frosted milky white glass goblet that exudes a warm yet tranquil white shade in the space. 

Take The Lead Vanity Light
Go all out with statement lighting

If you’re looking forward to sporting that edge in your bathroom, then statement lighting is the answer you’re looking for. Statement lighting has its way of beautifully refreshing your space effortlessly. Statement lighting can completely change the dynamics of your space, and it becomes really important to choose the right design as it can make or break your vanity area. 

You can use statement lighting to create a symmetrical look in the space and also balance out the light beautifully in your bathroom. Selecting the texture or the elements is totally up to you, but something with glass or crystal in it is bound to do the magic for your space. Your statement lighting can be larger-than-life too. Large lighting designs have a way of making a bold statement, and they can add to the entire theme of your bathroom without stripping the space off its appeal. 

Through The Fire Crystal Chandelier: This sleek and slender beauty can be the perfect statement lighting for your bathroom. Not too little and not too much, this crystal chandelier exudes an unparalleled charm into your vanity space and energises it like none other. The beautiful chandelier flaunts a matte gold metal frame that is complemented by precision-cut baguette crystals. This chandelier can accentuate the aesthetics of your vanity space even when it’s not lit up. The icing on the cake is the dimmable feature that lets you adjust the brightness of this chandelier. 

Through The Fire Crystal Chandelier

Bring A Friend LED Chandelier: If you’re looking for something with a bit of contemporary flair, then this is the perfect choice for you. This LED chandelier adds the right kind of panache that your bathroom requires. The chandelier creates a beautiful cascading effect with its two halos crafted out of metal finished in matte gold, complimented by the sleek acrylic diffuser. The chandelier is truly a sight to behold, and its dimmable feature is a blessing in disguise. 

Bring A Friend LED Chandelier


Apart from all this, you can also work on integrating natural light with your lighting fixtures as much as possible. There’s nothing quite like some natural light to bring the best out of your bathroom. And if there’s no possibility of doing that, then you already have an array of stunning lighting designs at your fingertips. 

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