Soothing ambient lighting ideas to add a calm glow to your living room

The ambience is one of the most important factors, if not the most, that can define the lighting layout of your living space. One of three elements in the layered lighting design concept, ambient lighting can really change the way you or anybody looks at your space. Ambient lighting is essential for a lot of different reasons, but the most important one is that turn your home into a sanctuary. At the end of the day, your home is your refuge, and the way you light up your home can heavily influence your mood. Ambient lighting should infuse that calm and cosy vibe into your space and give you a warm embrace every time you enter your living room. 

It is said that ambience can make or break your decor, and that’s very true. The ambience of your living room is essential in setting the tone of your home and determining the warmth that your beautiful home exudes. It is very important to choose the right ambient lighting designs, as one simple mistake could completely strip your living room of all its glory. But this excruciating process is totally worth and you have to trust us on that. The lighting space is always bustling with new trends and fads, and while there is a lot you can pick from them, there are certain elements that don’t really require your attention. The White Teak Company brings to you a list of evergreen ideas that can completely transform the ambience of your home, and you never have to worry about your decor going out of date and out of style. 

A touch of sheer resplendence with statement lighting 

You can make statement lighting and ambient lighting go hand in hand and jazz up your decor quite effortlessly. If we would’ve been discussing the same thing a couple of years ago, then statement lighting wouldn’t really have made it to the list. But with changing times and the frequently evolving design scene, statement lighting finally makes it to the list. It might be a little surprising for you to see statement lighting here, but if you actually think about it, you’ll find a lot of similarities between statement lighting and ambient lighting in the space, and you can definitely bend the rules a little and tweak things a little too to give your space a distinct flavour like never before. 

Statement lighting designs can be anything from a chandelier to a pendant light to a ceiling light to literally anything. But, we’ve usually seen that overhead lighting designs have a much more impactful presence as statement lighting compared to others. Statement lighting designs can beautifully set the tone of your space and also balance the light in your living room too. While choosing the lighting design, you can really play around with the textures, elements, and design styles and just find the one that lends a warm glow to your space. Dimmable lighting designs are quite a big deal in the design space now, and they enhance the functionality of your living room quite significantly. A dimmable statement lighting design for your living room would simply be the icing on the cake. 

Feast your eyes on a few extraordinary dimmable LED chandeliers that not only accentuate the aura of your living room but also let you customise the ambience just the way you want it to be. 

Meant For Me LED Chandelier: This gorgeous chandelier flaunts a charming blend of crystal and gold and personifies luxury like none other. This lighting design is just the modern refinement your space needs, and it can beautifully light up every nook and cranny of your living room. The chandelier comes with a matte gold ceiling plate that gracefully suspends fabulous metal balls finished in matte gold. The look is complemented by intricately textured crystals. 

Meant For Me LED Chandelier

Start From Scratch LED Crystal Chandelier: This lighting design infuses a distinct aura into your living room, lounges and much more. The most prominent feature of this chandelier is the stunning array of black tinted crystals that are beautifully placed in the matte gold frame. 

Start From Scratch LED Crystal Chandelier

Warm lighting is an absolute must for that cosy glow

In the evening hours, there’s nothing more appealing than warm lighting. As the nomenclature clearly implies, warm lighting can add unparalleled warmth to your space and make your living room much more comfortable. And the more customisable your lighting layout is, the better the aesthetic value of your space becomes. Warm lighting can help you relax and unwind, and they are an absolute blessing in disguise. Many believe that warm lighting makes it difficult for you to carry out your tasks, and there might not be a lot of truth to it. It is definitely true that cooler colours are good for tasks that require focus and concentration, but warm light is easier on your eyes when you are spending a lot of time reading or on screen. 

Also, cooler lighting designs can be slightly uninviting and appear a little sterile when you sport them in your decor. You can up the ante by going with lighting designs that have tunable colours and let you flaunt an edge in your decor. These customisable lighting designs are quite difficult to find, but they can charm your decor both in the daytime setting and at nighttime too.

Here are a couple of designs from the extensive and vivid collection of The White Teak Company that can beautifully light up your living room. 

Memory Lane LED Chandelier: This chandelier is a perfect addition to your living room if you’re looking forward to adding that contemporary flair to your living room. The lighting design flaunts four ravishing panels of matte gold that gracefully sport sleek and slender acrylic diffusers. The chandelier comes with a 3-light setting that can beautifully illuminate your gorgeous abodes. 

Memory Lane LED Chandelier

Keep Her Happy Crystal Chandelier:  This crystal chandelier redefines royalty, and it is truly a sight to behold. The lighting design comes with a matte gold frame that suspends shimmering strings of crystals that look absolutely stunning. Like the chandelier above, this one also comes with a 3-light setting and is remote controlled. 


Make good use of side-lit or backlit LED panels 

Side-lit or backlit LED panels have taken the design scene by storm, and they are one of the most efficient and effective ways to accentuate the ambience of your space. These beautiful lighting designs exude even lighting into your space and leave no chances of leaving shadows in the living room too. 

You can get pre-manufactured LED panels or use LED strip lights to adorn the panels of your living space. You can beautifully conceal this lighting design, and it brings the best out of your decor quite effortlessly. 

If you’re looking for an efficient LED strip light, then look no further as you can find one right in the architectural lighting collection of The White Teak Company…

Iris LED Strip Light: This is one of the finest offerings from our architectural lighting collection, and the efficiency and efficacy of this strip light are simply unmatched. Intense enough, this strip light can lend perfect illumination to your living room. 

Iris LED Strip Light

One last thing that you will have to look at is the colour scheme of your living room. Don’t use colours or hues that are too dull or too vibrant, as they can completely overshadow your lighting designs. The best shades for your living room are muted or neutral tones. White or light-toned neutrals shades like cream, off-white or taupe will just be perfect for the space. Alternatively, you can flaunt mix pale tan, gold or faded yellow, as white can sometimes make your decor too sterile.