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Explore The Hyderabad Banjara Hills Store In 3D

The White Teak Company

Banjara Hills

D. No. 8-2-293/82/L/294A, 1st Floor
MLA Colony, Banjara Hills, Road No.92,

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Store Timings:
11 am - 8 pm
Open on all days

Explore The Hyderabad Gachibowli Store In 3D

The White Teak Company

Gachibowli Store

1st Floor, Unit 1-B, G Square, Pan Maktha
beside Raidurgam police station
Raidurgam, Gachibowli Hyderabad,
Telangana 500032

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Store Timings:
11 am - 8 pm
Open on all days

Elegant Homes With The White Teak Company

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Experience Our Premium Collection Of Home Lighting & Decor.

The finest decorative lighting and home decor store in Hyderabad

The White Teak Company has established itself as India’s Largest Decorative Lighting Brand and it’s definitely not an easy feat. Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with luxury and elegance, and it has completely transformed the premium lighting industry of the country. The City of Nizams houses one of the most effervescent luxury lighting markets, and The White Teak Company brings its finest and the most exuberant lighting collection to the city that takes you on an unforgettable and remarkable journey of opulence unlike any other.

The best decorative light shops in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a unique city with a distinct taste in luxury lighting. And that is precisely why it has become one of our strongholds in Southern India, with an enormous clientele. We landed in the city to offer a luxe and lavish experience that the consumers could not find in the existing lighting and home decor brands in Hyderabad. And one of our finest experience centres is located in one of the hottest addresses in the city, which also happens to be one of the best decorative light shops in Hyderabad. The store located at Banjara Hills houses one of the most exhaustive collections of chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, outdoor lights and floor lamps in Hyderabad.

A resplendent and extensive collection of decorative lighting in Hyderabad

Luxury lighting has to be one of the things Hyderabad loves the most, but the city has a keen interest in chandeliers. And that is why we offer the most exemplary chandeliers in Hyderabad, be it LED chandeliers, glass chandeliers, metal chandeliers or dimmable chandeliers. We design each of our lighting designs with a lot of passion and finesse so that they can lend their unparalleled aura to your beautiful homes. While all our designs are simply out of this world, our crystal chandeliers just stand out from the crowd. Pay a visit to our store if you want to lay your eyes on the best crystal chandeliers in Hyderabad.

What makes our luxury lighting fixtures stand out in the market?

There’s a reason why millions of people have entrusted us with turning houses into dream homes. We understand the vivid emotions that go into decorating your homes, and that is precisely why we wanted to offer one of the most splendid decorative light shops in Hyderabad. Each of our designs is conceptualised by our exceptional in-house designers who take inspiration from each and everything in the world and don’t limit themselves to a particular design language. These designs are then brought to life by our artisans, who work tirelessly to perfect every little detail so that these beautiful lighting fixtures create a stirring visual in your space. And that is exactly why you find one of the best chandeliers, lamps or ceiling lights in Hyderabad at The White Teak Company.

Why choose The White Teak’s luxury lighting and home decor in Hyderabad?

The White Teak Company came into existence to eliminate the dire need for luxury lighting fixtures in the country and make luxe and opulent home decor and lighting much more accessible in India. Our founders realised that the home decor items in Hyderabad that were put up on the market were highly overpriced, and the quality too was not at par with the international standards. Most home decor shops in Hyderabad, or any other city for that matter, have a very meagre collection to offer when it comes to luxury lighting and after we countered that challenge with our colossal collection in the domain, we pretty much became a brand that was on the back of the mind of everybody.

The inception of luxe & lavish experience at The White Teak Company

The The White Teak Company picked its name up from a very exquisite and exotic teak of the same name. White teak originates from India, and the wood and the artefacts made from it symbolise luxury, elegance and opulence in most parts of the world. This was precisely the idea we wanted to embody in our brand. The White Teak Company has successfully become synonymous with luxury lighting and home decor. Visit our stores in Hyderabad or any other city to experience our expertise and skill-set in person. Our collection outshines almost every home decor shop in Hyderabad, and you just need to pay a visit to realise why.